Her Doctrine and Morals

Sunday after the Ascension

16 May 2021


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

"They will put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think that he doth a service to God."

The devils have succeeded in creating a lot of confusion among men. Their goal is to lead as many people away from God as possible. The most clever tactic is the inspiration of so many different and varied false religions. The military concept of divide and conquer is clearly seen in the realm of religion.

Just as there are men who will willingly die for God and the True Faith, there are men who are willing to die for their false god or false belief, and they convince themselves that they are doing good. Many are willing to kill those opposed to them, believing that they are giving honor and glory to God.

Jesus Christ came seeking the conversion of sinners, not their murder and damnation. God has forbidden murder in the Ten Commandments which He gave us through the hand of Moses. It is a false god that seeks the death and destruction of our fellow men. Jesus has taught us that we must seek the conversion and salvation of non-believers. We must forgive our enemies and love those who hate us.

It seems incomprehensible that those we love and have sought only to do good to would turn on us and hate us or harm us. However, we have been warned. Jesus has clearly told us that this is the case.

The places of worship that were once Houses of God now openly forbid the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The spirit of reparation and expiation are nearly foreign concepts in these places. Heretics may not have physically driven Catholics out, but spiritually they have been made unwelcome. Jews drove the early Christians out of the synagogues, but their consciences would have forced them to leave those places anyway. The Jews were no longer the "Chosen People of God." The Old Law was fulfilled and supplanted with the coming of the Redeemer and the implementation of the New Law.

As Jesus fulfilled the Old Religion and instituted a New Religion, the devils have acted similarly in our time — rejecting the True Religion and forming a new one. Modernists have changed the Catholic Faith with its rich traditions and doctrines and gradually implemented a new religion in conformity with the many and varied Protestant errors. As God set aside the synagogue in favor of the Catholic Church, so the devils have set aside the Catholic Church in favor of religious indifferentism and pantheistic acceptance and worship of every god or teaching -- true or false.

The devils cannot create anything original, but they are very clever at twisting and contorting good things for evil purposes. They appear to be succeeding today, but we know (through faith) that they will not succeed in the End. Jesus will return and make known the Truth as He exposes all errors as the manifest lies of devils.

We must not fear being cast out from our former social circles, or having our loved ones, family, and friends turn away or even turn against us. With the grace of the Holy Ghost, we can hold on firmly to all that Jesus Christ teaches us through His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

The Modernist desire of returning to ancient beliefs and practices is wholly opposed to the New Testament of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ set aside the Old Covenant with the Israelites, and God has always hated the polytheism of the Pagans. No matter how popular or acceptable they may be, the desire to restore or return to these things is obviously demonic.

We should pray to the Holy Ghost to come to us and enlighten and strengthen us today as He did the Apostles so that we may not fear the devils, the world, or social pressures. When we stand with Jesus, we stand with the True Church, and we are never alone — even if the whole world and all of Hell is against us. With the grace of God, let us stand bravely but humbly against every evil in our days — the many and various heresies both new and old, the murder of humans from those in the womb to those almost in the tomb, the unnatural confusion, and abolishment of the two sexes created by God, etc. While we hate and detest every demonic evil of our day, let us not seek the death and destruction of others but rather pray for their conversion and salvation. As they seek to undermine us, destroy us, or even kill us in this world, let us not despair or retaliate in anger or kind, but rather with the help of the Holy Ghost let us pray with Jesus as He hung upon the Cross: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

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