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Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

10 July 2022


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Dear Friend,

We should always strive to obey the Spirit of the Law and not simply the letter of the Law. Human languages are inept in conveying the depth of God's Will for us. We are too inclined to imagine that we have kept the Fifth Commandment because we have not physically killed anyone. Jesus tells us that this is not true justice. He expects and demands much more before Heaven will be opened to us.

There is a saying, "If looks could kill…." What is implied by our countenance is also true of our words, actions, thoughts, and desires. God looks to the heart of the matter. Sin and holiness are not confined to words or actions, but they find their root deep in our thoughts and desires. This is where we must enter if we are to become pleasing and acceptable to God.

We find it difficult to understand the minds of others in the world today because of the fluidity of language. The meaning of words is in constant fluctuation. When the truth is clearly defined and understood, the devils seek to change the very essence of the words in the definition of the truth and indirectly attack the clearly defined truth.

For example, we can define marriage as the loving union of body and soul between a man and a woman recognized by men and blessed by God to bring children into this world to become saints in Heaven. What we see today is an attack on the truth of marriage, not by direct denial of marriage but rather an attack upon the heart of the matter — the spirit of marriage. There are many kinds of unions, but they are not all marriages. Adultery is a union but a contaminated or polluted union. Adulterers may claim to have a union of love, but it is not true love. It is lust, not love. God is not called upon, nor does He bless this union. Adultery is the violation of a vow or oath made to God. The pollution or adulteration of the marriage with an outside element is worse than civil perjury because it is lying to God. According to the Spirit of the Divine Law, adulterous unions are not true marriages. The laws of nations may redefine marriage and accept a slavish letter of the law's interpretation, but this takes us far from God.

The same can be said of fornication, sodomy, pedophilia, and bestial unions. These unions may claim to be loving unions and be recognized by human societies; they may even claim to be blessed by God. However, they are never actual marriages because they oppose the union's very purpose (spirit). Far from God blessing these unions, He has forbidden and condemned them.

God does not hate those who have committed these crimes against nature and Himself. God hates the sins and seeks the humble and contrite repentance of the sinner so that he may be saved. This is proven by the Sacrifice of redemption He made on the Cross. The woman caught in adultery was forgiven not so that she could continue on in sin and offending God but so that she could abandon the sin and follow Jesus instead of the evil.

It is a pharisaical/demonical spirit that wishes to redefine sinful unions as marriage. The letter of the law tries to confuse the spirit of the law when we "redefine": lust as love; murder as abortion; males as women; females as men; children as consenting adults; animals as persons; sodomy as natural; etc.

Our society has become overly sensitive so as not to offend any sinful perversion, delusion, or obsession. We play games with words to affirm people in their errors and sins, as we forget God and ignore the very spirit of the Law. This coddling of sin and vice is not pleasing to God; it is not natural — no matter how common it becomes. The delusions of men and the approval or approbation of society cannot make evil good no matter how we twist and turn the letter of the Law. This is why Saint Paul tells us that the letter of the Law kills (II Cor. 3:6).

Only when we obey the Spirit of the Law can we become pleasing to God and find the gates of Heaven opened to us. It is not loving our neighbors when we affirm them in their rebellion against God. If we genuinely love one another, we must admonish sinners and help them rise and overcome their sins. We must strive to remove the blindness in which demonic perversions have trapped so many. Yes, it will cost us dearly in this world. Those who genuinely love their neighbor will be labeled as haters, bigots, homophobic, trans-phobic, backward, unintelligent, etc. Under the guise of the letter of the Law, good is labeled as evil, evil is labeled as good; light is darkness, and darkness is called light. The demonic is loved and served, and God is denied and hated. If we love God and seek to obey Him, we must take up this cross and follow in the steps of Jesus and The Spirit of the Law.

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