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Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

20 June 2021


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Dear Friend,

Today's Gospel reading shows us Our Lord preaching from St. Peter's boat followed by a great catch of fish. St. Peter's boat represents the Catholic Church, and the great catch of fish signifies the great number of souls that enter the Church.

There is one problem. We read that the net broke, and the great catch began to sink the boats. St. Cyril says: "That the nets broke, and the ships filled with a multitude of fishes, so that they were almost sinking signifies, that so great will be the numbers of carnal men in the Church, that it would be torn by the disruption of Her peace through heresies and schisms."

Heresy and schisms are necessary. These are the instruments that God uses to separate the good from the bad. Devils or evil minds inspire these evils, but it is God Who allows them. He allows them so that He can give us ever greater good. Our love for God is never as good as it can be until it is tried and tested. It is easy to love when everything is comfortable and pleasant. True love is manifest in trials, tribulations, and suffering — our crosses.

When we speak to our fellow men, we usually can consider many of their words insignificant or unnecessary. When God reveals Himself to us, there is nothing trivial or unnecessary. Every word is precious and sacred. Heretics attempt to deny something that God has revealed or attribute something to God that He did not say. In this manner, they break the spiritual net that gathers souls into the Church and Heaven.

Our modern world and our modern communications are often filled with inconsequential words. We lack precision and exactness in our speech and writing. When we delve deeper into the study of a subject, we begin to see strict definitions, understanding, and use of terms. When we deal with Sacred Scripture and Catholic dogma (teaching), we must remember that every word is essential. The salvation of our souls is so important that we must speak precisely and not carelessly.

For example, it is crucial whether we believe that the Holy Eucharist only symbolizes the Body of Jesus or if we believe that the Holy Eucharist is Jesus. Likewise, it matters whether we are convinced that Jesus was a good and holy man, or that Jesus is the Son of God and, therefore both God and Man. Our eternal salvation hinges on the correct understanding and belief of these teachings as well as upon all the others. We must not toy with these teachings as if they are matters of indifference.

If we attempt to change Jesus' words, we essentially call Jesus a liar, and we create a different Jesus — a false Jesus (an idol) — that we believe in. This is dangerous for us and others that we may influence. False beliefs break the net of doctrine and our salvation. Jesus' words — the Catholic Church's teachings — draw us up like a net into Heaven. The deliberate or careless abuse of these doctrines opens up the pit of Hell for us to fall into.

In the Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 26, verse 28, we read: "For this is My Blood of the new testament which shall be shed for many, for the remission of sins." St. Luke and St. Paul, instead of "many," say for "you." Both are joined in the Canon of the Mass. In the Catholic Canon of the Mass, we read: "In like manner, after He had supped, taking also this excellent chalice into His holy and venerable hands, and giving thanks to Thee, He blessed and gave to His disciples, saying: Take and drink ye all of this, FOR THIS IS THE CHALICE OF MY BLOOD, OF THE NEW AND ETERNAL TESTAMENT: THE MYSTERY OF FAITH: WHICH SHALL BE SHED FOR YOU AND FOR MANY UNTO THE REMISSION OF SINS."

The Modernist (heretical) transformation of Christ's words replaces "many" with "all." This is not only an abuse of Christ's words but is a denial of Jesus. If Jesus had meant "all," He would have said, "all." The clever heretics will argue that Jesus did not speak in English, Latin, Greek, etc. What we have are translations and not the actual words (sounds, syllables) that Jesus spoke. We are concerned with meaning and intent not particular sounds. The heretics want us to believe that the Catholic Church has approved and used faulty translations for over two thousand years. This thinking is also heretical because Jesus has promised that the Holy Ghost will abide with the Church until the End of Time. It is a direct assault upon the doctrine of infallibility.

In the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Body and Blood are offered for the Apostles (you) and for those who believe and worthily receive Him (many). The Body and Blood of Jesus is not offered to heretics and unbelievers. It is not for everyone (all).

If we accept the false Protestant teaching that the bread and wine only symbolize the Body and Blood of Jesus, then the bread and wine can be offered to everyone (all). The teaching of the Church, and therefore the teaching of Jesus, is clear — in the Mass transubstantiation indeed occurs. The bread and the wine become the actual Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Only Catholics may be given Holy Communion. Unbelievers are forbidden access to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

The careless use or deliberate abuse of doctrines destroys the net of St. Peter, making it impossible for us to be brought into the true Church and Heaven. Let us pray to the Holy Ghost to protect us from the evils of our day and guide us safely into the authentic Bark of St. Peter and from there through the eternal Gates of Heaven.

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