Her Doctrine and Morals

Third Sunday in Lent

11 March 2007


The Sunday


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He that is not with me, is against me. _ Luke 11:23.

These are serious words that our Lord gives us for our consideration. These words divide all of mankind into two groups. Those that belong to Him and love and serve Him and those who do not love and serve Him. These later are obviously the adversaries of Christ. Let us consider the different types of souls that are opposed to Christ and consequently will be lost for all of eternity. Let us not be deceived by the many who will use the name of Christ but nonetheless remain His enemy.

First there are the indifferent. These poor souls wish religion to be a matter of indifference. They have some very catchy phrases such as: "Go to the church of your choice", "We all believe in the same God.", or "As long as you are honest and sincere, it does not matter what you believe." This is very pleasant sounding indeed, but it flies in the face of all that Christ said and did.

Next, there are the "innovators or Church reformers" They are constantly trying to modernize the Church and bring Her up to date. All who wish to change Her mode of worship or, as they think, to simplify and to amend it, are against Christ.

Then there are the so called enlightened persons who get all their knowledge from the newspapers, television and radio. These as Bishop Louis would say, "speak from the fullness of their ignorance." They are all to eager to repeat as true all that they read or hear coming from the publishers of anti-Catholic material.

Closely related to these are the rationalists. These deny the necessity for a divine revelation. They will only believe what they can grasp with their limited understanding. They refuse to accept that Christ has come and revealed a doctrine that is above the capacity of our reason. Catholics must have the faith to accept all the Christ has revealed through His Catholic Church because Christ has revealed it and He can neither deceive nor be deceived. To accept only what we can understand is to reduce the faith to a purely natural or human one which has no value before God.

Now we come to the atheist, or unbelievers. These are the ones that are fools. Only the fool says in his heart that there is no God. These adversaries of Christ stand below the ancient pagans. The pagans at least held that there is a supernatural being and that the soul lives on after this world.

The revolutionaries who wish to turn everything upside down are next in the line of the enemies of Christ. These are most liberal and lead an immoral and loose life. All the standards of living that Christ has given us are despised and looked down upon. These cannot wait to destroy any innocence that may be left in the world. They wish to indoctrinate everyone into their loose and immoral ways even the young. They cannot wait to teach the children about sex and strive by every means to get this taught in our schools and to have this funded with the taxpayers' dollars.

Perhaps the pinnacle of these adversaries is those who call themselves Jews. These from the beginning have been the most bitter enemies of Christianity. History teaches us that they were always ready to injure the Church in any way they can. In our days these people edit the most bigoted papers, that continually attack and misrepresent the Church's doctrines and ordinances; they disseminate the basest lies and calumnies against priests and religious. And now-a-days they are active in all the relations of civil life, an dpossess great riches, they have powerful influence and are able to oppress the Church and injure her in many ways.

I have named the principal enemies of Christ in our days, and have hinted at what they are and what they aim at. Be prudent and circumspect, and guard yourselves against falling into their snares and rendering yourselves miserable for time and eternity. Stand firmly by your holy religion, and by the Church of God, whose children you have become by your baptism, for where the Catholic Church is, there is Christ, and they that hold with the Church hold with Christ. If you hold with Christ and serve him faithfully, He will give you His love, protect you from the enemies of your salvation and invite you to enter into the joys of eternal life. Amen

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