Her Doctrine and Morals

Third Sunday In Lent

27 March 2011


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friends,

Today Our Lord exposes the devils and their evil ways. The Jews have questioned His veracity and suggest that He is casting out devils by the power of devils and not the power of God.

After Jesus exposes just how ridiculous a claim that is, He teaches something of the ways of the devils. The Jews when they were in Egypt participated in many of the pagan Egyptian practices. They were brought out from this and had this devil driven out from them by sacrificing a lamb and sprinkling its blood (symbolic of Christís sacrifice). The Jews were then given the Law to follow so that they would be preserved from falling into this same misfortune again. While they were pretending to follow the letter of the law, they allowed the spirit of the law to be neglected.

The one devil that was cast out of them then returned with seven others worse than him. There are now eight (a number of fullness or completeness) so that they are worse off now than they were before.

So now these poor souls that are completely possessed make bold to accuse Christ (God Himself) of using the power of the devils. Their blasphemy could not get any worse. These devils promote such a hatred for God that we see them constantly plotting of how to destroy Jesus. In their plotting they do manage to coerce the Roman authority to crucify Jesus but they boldly take all the responsibility upon themselves Ė ďHis blood be upon us and our children.Ē What a frightening curse they have called upon themselves and their children! This could only be done by those who are truly and completely possessed by evil spirits.

This hatred for Christ could only come from Hell. This curse could only have come from Hell. It is not a plea for the mercy of God, but is rather a mockery and ridicule of God. They consider Christ to be of no account and therefore they consider His murder of no account and with great boldness think nothing of taking full responsibility for it.

The fullness of demonic possession is what has led them to do this and continues to this day to fill them with such hatred for the Catholic Church (The Mystical Body of Christ).

They have set out in many different fields their attacks upon Christ and His Church. We find them influencing many heresies and sects; supporting directly or indirectly false religions that are in opposition to the One True Church. We find them wielding great influence in: the economy, politics, education, and even the entertainment industry.

In countless ways Christ, His Church, and Godís Laws and morality are everywhere ridiculed, derided, and insulted, both directly and indirectly. This is not the work of mere mortals, but is rather the work of mere mortals possessed to the fullest by evil spirits. We are reminded once again that our fight is not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities (fallen angels). While this power and influence may be within human beings it is not from them but from Hell.

The same misfortune awaits each of us individually if we allow ourselves to fall into the same trap as the Jewish people fell into. We have had one demon chased out of us when we were baptized. If we let down our guard, or fill ourselves with a foolish pride and vanity thinking that we are safe because we have been baptized we are open for many more devils to enter into us.

Our only safeguard is in humble obedience to God. We must love God more than anything else in this world. The measure of our love of God is in our obedience in keeping His Word.

We need to strive every day to love God more and more, and to manifest this increasing love with increasing humility and service to Him. In this way the Holy Ghost will come and dwell within us in an ever increasing manner. We are temples of the Holy Ghost and our goal is to reach the fullness of this love and dwelling in God. This was Godís plan for us from the beginning of time. The devils seek possession of souls in a poor imitation of the union of God with His creatures that love Him. Let us flee from the evil spirits and run to God.

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