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Third Sunday in Lent

3 March 2013


The Sunday


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Dear Friends,

“Blessed are they who hear the Word of God and keep It.” We often forget that it is not enough for us to have been associated with Jesus in this life. To have carried and nurtured Jesus is not what entitles Mary to be called blessed. Too often we are led to believe that once a place has been consecrated to God that it will be forever His. Our once Catholic buildings have been desecrated and God has been driven out. These houses are no longer blessed. Christ has left these places not only physically but also spiritually.

When physical things are dedicated to God the Church begins with an exorcism. The consecration of Churches is in this manner much like the baptism of a person. The devil is first driven out. Then that which was once profane is made sacred. The Church buildings were preserved from any source of profanation or desecration, and any that had the misfortune to have been desecrated in some manner had to be cleansed again.

As the Modernists took over once Catholic Churches they began by first gradually watering down the doctrines and then the form (words) of the Sacraments, so that eventually transubstantiation and sacrifice no longer took place in these once Sacred Places. The Word of God was corrupted in the moral and doctrinal teachings and the Physical Christ was driven out of the Sacrament. At this moment the devils that were exorcised when the building was consecrated re-entered; and brought along seven others that were worse. The sad state of these buildings much like the sad state of human souls was worse than before.

The blasphemy is that now they allege to have and speak of Jesus Christ, but the spirit within them is not the Spirit of God (the Holy Ghost) but is rather the spirit of anti-christs (the devils). Because the kingdom of Hell is not divided in the attack against God and the Church we see that the devils are not cast out any longer by this Modernist church. The office of exorcist has been thrown out with the other minor orders. The Modernist baptisms have been robbed of exorcisms.

The houses that are swept clean are not clean in the sense that they are free from sin or corruption. What the Scriptures refer to can be best understood when we understand some simple yet profound philosophical concepts. Evil and sin are not something positive. They are the absence of some good that should be there. In speech we speak of these negations as if they were something positive or tangible. We speak of sins that we have committed as if they were positive, but in reality they are the negations of what we should have done. For example, darkness is not a positive thing, but is rather the absence of light; and a hole is not a positive thing but rather the absence of something that would normally be in that place. All sin is the absence of some virtue or grace and ultimately the absence of the most important virtue of charity. So when we read that the houses were empty and swept clean, we are to understand that all virtue and grace have been removed. There is now a void of darkness or emptiness; and into this void the devils enter readily, quickly and easily.

It is foolishness for us to look upon these houses as blessed now just because God once physically resided there in the Holy Eucharist or He was once there spiritually when the true doctrines of Jesus Christ were preached there. Houses are only blessed if they receive and keep both Jesus and His Word. The same is true with human souls. It is not enough that we have been baptized and once received Jesus, in the Holy Eucharist, we must keep Him and His Word with us at all times. If we fail to hold on to Him, our house becomes empty and swept clean of all grace and virtue. Any semblance of grace and virtue is only that, a semblance, and therefore it is an illusion and deception of the devils, because without the Holy Ghost living within we are empty shells.

We can readily see the emptiness of the Modernist churches that have been stolen from the Catholic Church, and if we are astute we can see the works and effects of the eight devils that now dwell therein. What we must be even more concerned about is our own souls. Our souls are much more important to God than these physical structures. God wants our hearts not the inanimate buildings.

The end of creation and time is drawing nearer to us each day, and just as Noah warned the people of his day but was ignored by the majority so today the True Church through Her True Bishops warn us again and are similarly ignored by the majority. Let us not be among that majority when Jesus returns, but rather let us already have Him living within us and find our souls not empty and swept clean but rather decorated and filled with His graces and virtues.

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