Her Doctrine and Morals

Third Sunday in Lent

23 March 2014


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

The situation of those souls that were given grace and then subsequently turned away from it, is a most disturbing one. There is given us in today's Gospel an image of what takes place.

The image Our Lord portrayed in today's Gospel principally applied to the unbelieving children of Israel. This nation once received the grace of God — through the Law given to Moses upon the mountain. They received grace and the devil that was in them was run out. As long as Israel remained true or faithful to the Law that was given them, all was well. Sadly Israel did not remain faithful and the devil returned with seven others that were worse than himself. The state of the soul of Israel then was much worse than it was before they were given the Law through Moses.

The devil returned to Israel to find their house swept and clean. Israel had the Law and practiced externally the prescriptions of the Law, but their hearts were not in it. They only honored God with their lips and not with their hearts, minds, or souls. The house was clean of the many external evils, but it was also devoid of any good things. There was created a vacuum of sorts that drew the devil and his companions into it.

In the spiritual life, it is not enough to refrain from the grosser evils, we must nurture and grow sanctifying grace in our souls. The spiritual life has been compared to being in a paddle boat in the middle of a river. If you desire to move upstream you must exert effort constantly. The moment you stop laboring, the boat will begin moving down stream once again. Likewise, we can never let off our efforts to advance in the spiritual life. We must constantly be laboring for grace.

The fallen nations of Israel felt secure in the Law, and did not seek anything more. The devils entered in. They therefore, were unable to recognize Christ. Having rejected Christ, they have rejected everything.

This holds a very profound lesson for us today. The successors of the chosen people of Israel are the members of the Mystical Body of Christ — The Catholic Church. The majority of the members of the Church in the past century had the devil chased out of them. They over time began to grow complacent in the Faith. They had the true Faith, but did not see the need to labor any more. They stopped striving for Grace — They stopped rowing upstream. The natural consequences followed. They spiritually began to drift down river. Their souls became empty and swept clean (not only of the grosser vices, but even of the virtues and graces of the Faith).

Materialism and Modernism crept in and the devil that originally left returned with seven others. The state of these fallen Catholics became worse than the first. The visible manifestation of this change was made with the false Vatican II Council. Like the fallen Israelites, the fallen Catholics believed or pretended that they still had the true Faith. Unable to see that the Novus Ordo was just a shell of the Church, the devils re-entered and began to have a field day. And this demonic possession continues to show itself in the anarchy of the Materialist, Modernist, Novus Ordo Church, its "clerics" and laity.

The deceived Israelites possessed by demons were unable to see Christ or the Truth. The deceived Novus Ordo is now likewise possessed by demons and are unable to see Christ or the Truth in the Holy Catholic Church. They pretend that they have Him, but they do not. They have devils instead, who appear to them as angels of light.

The method has been the same throughout history. What Jesus shows us with the nations of Israel, we see has happened with the Protestant Churches; we see it in the Novus Ordo Church; we likewise see it in the "Traditionalist" sects.

The devil that was driven out when they were members of the true Faith has now returned with others worse than himself. These poor souls are empty shells of what they should be. Outwardly they imagine that they are still members of the True Faith, but that Faith is gone and they cannot or will not see it.

The same tragic fate awaits all those who grow complacent in the spiritual life. We must pray to God but we must also do our part. We must constantly strive with all our being to draw nearer to God and Truth. Our souls must not become swept clean and devoid of grace. We must never be satisfied, but must always hunger and thirst for more. Satisfaction or satiation is reserved for us only after this life in eternity.

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