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Easter Sunday

27 March 2016


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

The joy that is ours due to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, is more than our weak minds and souls can fathom. Since the beginning of time, all of creation has looked forward to this day in history. It is related, that the fall of Lucifer and the other demons was due to their rejection of the Son of God. It was revealed to them that they would have to worship God in human form; and it is from this that they rebelled. As pure spirits they are above man, with his physical body, and so they rebelled thinking that they are above God made Man. From all of eternity, it has been the Will of God and His delight to be with the sons of men.

The fallen angels that were cast out of Heaven have made it their mission to destroy the souls of men, and they have never ceased since the creation of Adam. The sin of Adam has taken away our would-be inheritance of eternal life. However, this did not change the will of God to be with the sons of men. He, therefore, has come to save us from the snares of the devils, and to restore our status as sons of God as well as return to us an inheritance of eternal life. He would have come to us in glory and honor, but this work of Redemption must come first. It is for this reason that the Son of God humbled Himself and took upon Himself our miserable and weak flesh; to die for our sins. It is necessary that the reparation be made by men, hence He became Man. It is necessary that the reparation be of infinite value, hence He remains God.

The price of our redemption has been paid, the Gates of Heaven have been opened, and we are once again invited to become true children of God. There is good reason for us to be joyful and to celebrate this feast with great pomp and ceremony. The path to our freedom and happiness is opened to us.

We not thereby without any concern. There is still much that we must do on our own part. We have bodies, just like the animals. The wild animals may appear to be free. They can come and go as they like, and do as they like; however they are led by their instincts and lower nature. They are very often the playthings of the devils. Their are many hardships and troubles in the wilds of nature. In a very similar manner, the devils present to us a freedom in the passions and lusts of the appetite. Those poor souls that follow this false freedom, must suffer much at the hands of devils, and in the disordered rebellion of nature.

Christ has suggested to us a different kind of freedom; a true freedom. It begins, as we might suggest, with our domestication. We must bridle our passions, lusts, and appetites. We allow God to harness us, and put us to work for Himself, rather than for ourselves. He is not in need of our services, but it is in serving Him that we are truly made free. The domesticated and trained animal is no longer a slave to his lower nature, nor is he an easy prey or plaything of the devils. Those who serve God find that in His service is true freedom.

We have just passed through the season of Lent, and have mortified ourselves. We have disciplined and brought our unruly natures into submission or domestication to God. In taking up our daily cross to follow Him, we see that there awaits us a glorious resurrection and true freedom.

We must not return to that wild state, but must seek ever to become more and more tame — docile to the Will of God. Just as domesticated animals find true peace and pleasure in serving their masters; so too, men find true peace and pleasure in serving God. Domesticated animals that return to the wild and become feral, are truly in a very sad and painful situation. Likewise, men that have been baptized and brought into the service of God and then return to their previous sinful life make themselves extremely sad and miserable.

At first, God must use strong methods to bring us to Himself. The bridle or rope, seems harsh and painful, but once we submit to this, we find that it is not so terrible, but is often a source of joy to us. We often see a dog pick up his leash and bring it to his master so that he can be led by it. This is what Catholics should be seeking in their relationship to God. But, as the trust and confidence builds between the pet and his master, we often see that the leash, the rope, or the bridle, is no longer necessary. The animal knows his master and the master knows him. He hears the voice of his master and obeys. He even obeys without even being commanded. He forms a will that is one with his master. This is what Jesus has invited us to, this is our goal as Catholics in this world.

The reward for allowing ourselves to be domesticated and trained by God, is that we become one with Him. We will rise up free of all the restraints of this physical body and world, and will walk side by side with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven — sharing in His delights as He delights in us.

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, may we never lose sight of what is needed for us to follow Him. Society may say it is too hard or it is too much, but when it comes to serving God and obtaining the rewards and joys of Heaven, we can never do enough, we can never give enough of ourselves to Him.

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