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3 January 2016


The Sunday


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Dear Friend,

When we call upon the Name of Jesus we call upon God. To speak of the Son, is to speak of the Father and the Holy Ghost also. The Three are One. We place the specific Name of Jesus before us today, but we are reminded that His Name is not only intimately united with the Father and the Holy Ghost; but is One with Them. To call upon Jesus, is to call upon the entire Trinity. It therefore follows, that to insult or deny the Holy Name of Jesus is to insult and deny the entire Trinity. Those who reject Jesus Christ, have rejected God. The other "monotheistic" religions that have rejected Jesus Christ, have rejected the entire Trinity. We do not worship the same God as they do. Even the alleged "Jews" of today have rejected God. They are not the religion of the Old Testament; they have rejected the God of Abraham, Israel, Moses, etc. when they rejected Jesus Christ. The patriarchs of the Old Testament pointed to Jesus Christ, those who reject Jesus Christ have, likewise rejected the God of Abraham and all the other patriarchs. They may claim to hold to the religion presented in the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament); but in truth they do not. In rejecting Jesus they have embraced demons; and have fallen into idolatry.

As we consider the many different and varied forms of "Christianity" that all claim to believe in Jesus, we find that their beliefs and understanding of Jesus are so vastly different, that we cannot conclude that they all believe in the same Jesus. Therefore, we must conclude that they do not believe in the same God. For example: many Protestants believe in a "Jesus" that promotes a dissolution of the bonds that God has joined together, when they allow and promote divorce and re-marriage. Many Protestants believe in a "Jesus" that did not demand of us to eat His Body and drink His Blood. We could give many other examples demonstrating that non-Catholics worship false gods, simply because they have rejected Jesus Christ. They may use this Holy Name of Jesus and pretend to worship Him, but the one they worship is an imposter and a deceiver. Their gods are truly idols, or worse yet, demons. Devils present themselves as gods; much like Lucifer, in the beginning, when he rose up pretending to be equal to God.

The devils delight in this deception and blasphemy that many have fallen into. This demonic deception of Protestantism and imagined calling upon the Holy Name of Jesus is even worse than that of the atheist. The atheist is a fool (Only the fool says in his heart there is no god.) A fool may have an excuse, but willfully blind or deceived who have the Scriptures and the Church have no such excuse. They have taken the Word of God and twisted It; they have rejected the Church; and in doing so created their imposter god and false religion.

We must all guard against the worldly temptation and deception of believing that "we all believe in the same god." The true Catholics believe in the true God, the others do not. Jesus Christ is not a schizophrenic God who changes personality and doctrine to suit His various hearers. There is only One Jesus Christ, the rest are all impostors. They use and abuse His Name, but that does not make them His followers, on the contrary, that makes them His enemies.

Perhaps this will help us explain and understand how the "Christian nations" have fallen to such depths of moral perversion. We witness almost daily the frequent profanation of the Holy Name of Jesus — even by so called "Christians." We also see the proliferation of every moral perversion: abortion, fornication and adultery, divorce, homosexuality, euthanasia, etc. To the extent that we witness these evils abounding, we must conclude that we are not "Christian nations." The bandying about of the Protestant watered-down and neutered "Name of Jesus" in no way turns evil into good or makes us a truly "Christian nation."

The time has come for us to follow the direction of the Apostles and begin everything in the Holy Name of Jesus, and end everything in the Holy Name of Jesus. All that we do: all our thoughts, words and deeds need to have Jesus at the beginning and at the end; and even all through them. It is only in this way that we "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ." It is only in His Name that we can live the life that God has called us to. We must not seek the coddling and effeminate false Jesus; but rather the strong and virtuous true Jesus Who demands of us a life of: repentance for our sins, penance in reparation for our sins — a daily carrying of our crosses; respecting the bonds that He has joined together, as well as the lives that He has given; etc. The false "Jesus" coddles his followers into a comfortable lethargy and demands little or nothing from them. The true Jesus clearly demands: "Take up your cross daily, and come follow Me."

Those who promise a fast and easy path to heaven are of the devil. The path of virtue, the path of heaven, is steep and rocky, narrow and difficult, because it is filled with self-denial, and self-sacrifice. May we always be blessed to see this distinction and always choose to follow the true Jesus in the true Church.

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