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Septuagesima Sunday

24 January 2016


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

There are many different mansions in Heaven. If there is any truth that we should be able to understand from the world we live in, is that we are all different. Material as well as physical equality is more fantasy than reality. The same is true, to a very large extent, in the spiritual realm.

The parts of the body are each different and unique. Each part has its own particular design and purpose. As each part of a body does that which God has willed it to do, all things work well and harmoniously. When the foot decides that it wants to be the head, there is disorder and confusion. The head is not the only one to suffer from the loss of his position, the entire body suffers. What is necessary is that the foot be and act as a foot and that the head be and act as a head. In this, is right order and harmony.

Catholics are all members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. We are not all called to the same place or position in the Body. God has called us to various places in the Church and therefore in the Body. The Holy Ghost has given various graces to us: some in ruling, guiding, and sanctifying, others in understanding and teaching, some in dedication to prayer, some in various labors, some in marriage others in virginity, etc. In every case, however, we have been called to become incorporated into the Church (The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ). We will find our true purpose, peace and happiness in this Body, when we strive to fulfill the Will of God; and in doing this the entire Body is healthy and happy.

It is the devil that suggests to us an absolute equality of things — after all, we know his sin was trying to be equal to God. Men are not women, and women are not men; children are not the parents, and the parents must not take the place of their children. However, we are all called upon to labor in the Kingdom of God. Here on earth our labors are different as to time, duration, quantity, and quality. However, the reward is, in a sense, the same for us all — eternal happiness in Heaven. Each will receive a felicity that is full and complete, according to each one's capacity. The entire body rejoices in the perfection of each of its parts, and each of the parts are completely happy in their own perfection, as well as the perfection of the other parts. It is not necessary that each part be equal to the other, nor is it necessary that each receive an identical reward as the other. The equality in Heaven is in the fact that everyone is completely happy in the presence of God; it does not mean that each one sees or understands or loves or is loved to the same measure. The measure is full for everyone whatever our individual capacities may be.

While we are here on earth, we cannot expect the spiritual labors of the laity to be equal to those of the clergy. Nor, can we expect the labors of the laity and clergy to be equal to those of the religious. What we do hope for is that each one, through faithfulness in his vocation, obtains that perfection of soul that will merit an eternal reward in Heaven. There is thus, not equality of persons or of labors, but there is an equality of reward in that, everyone is united in One Body and when that Body is in Heaven, everyone that is a member of the Body shares in this glory. The foot is completely happy, and the head is completely happy; in this they are equal. The relative positions they have allows for differences of happiness (There are many mansions in Heaven.), but they are all completely happy.

The Gospel today shows us that we are all called to labor in the Church. Some are called earlier in life, and some are called later in life. The Gospel does not directly say, but it implies that there were many different jobs or tasks that were needed to be performed in the vineyard. Perhaps some picked grapes, others carried them, some prepared them, or some pressed them, etc. The entire process can only be successful when each does the part that is assigned to him. When the entire job was finished each was able to rejoice and receive his reward. The reward was the same for all because they acted as one. In the Church, we must each hear the call of God to enter the Church, and we must each seek perform our respective duties. At the End of Time, the entire Body will enter into eternal happiness. Every part will receive its reward of complete happiness. There is no need to be envious or jealous of others. The work of salvation will have ended, and it does not matter who did what or how much or for how long; what is important is that the labors are over and the reward has begun.

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