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Sunday after the Ascension

28 May 2017


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

The Apostles have been commissioned by Jesus to continue His mission of preaching — giving testimony of Him. To be able to accomplish this He has promised to send the Holy Ghost to fill them with: understanding, knowledge and wisdom. The fear that once enfeebled and made them timid and afraid was to give way to great love and fortitude so that they could preach Jesus even in the face of all manner of worldly pain and suffering. They would become able to suffer all things, even death, for the love of Jesus Christ.

The Apostles have been warned that they would be hated by the Jews, they would be put out of the Synagogues, they would even be killed. Not only would they be killed, but those who kill them will think that they are doing God's work in killing them. They were a little flock, and were sent out as lambs among wolves. They were, therefore, constantly humbled and saw clearly that the good that was done through them, was not of their own doing — but, was truly the work of God. It was God who entered in and softened the hearts of His enemies. It was not the wisdom of the Apostles, but was truly the wisdom of God. It was not the eloquence of the Apostles, but was the eloquence of God Who spoke through them. Truly, it was the work of God that did all things in them and through them.

St. Augustine explains to us, that it was not only that the Jews excluded the Christians from the synagogues, but the Christians themselves abandoned the synagogues. The two had nothing in common. Though they both claimed to be worshipers of the One True God, it was obvious that Christians and the Jews had two very different deities that they honored and worshiped. The Jews, in rejecting Jesus Christ, turned to the worship of demons. These demons presented themselves as angels of light and gods. Jesus made this clear when He told them they were the children of the devils.

This difference of deities demanded differences of beliefs as well as differences of modes of worship. With the death of Jesus on the Cross, the Jews lost the temple, the priesthood, and the sacrifices that were made to the true God. All they were left with were the synagogues instead of temples; and rabbis instead of priests. The Apostles were given the Church, the Priesthood, and the Sacrifice. The Jews and the synagogues had nothing for the Christians. Therefore, the Jews not only excluded the Christians from the synagogues, but the Christians themselves, began to see that there was nothing in the synagogues for them, and abandoned them as they turned to the True Priests, True Sacrifice, and True Church. They were forced into the underground tombs of the catacombs, but they held on to all that Jesus had given them.

The persecutions that they had to suffer, actually made them stronger and made them grow in numbers. It was through the blood of the early martyrs that the seeds of faith were sown, and God gave an increase to the Church. The greater the persecution against the Christians the stronger and more numerous they became.

It seems that the devils, soon learned this lesson and many of the physical persecutions are no longer felt by the Christians of today. The devils now seek to infiltrate and destroy from within as a fifth column, or a "Trojan Horse." The true Christians are not mentioned or physically fought against. There is a kind of passive-aggressive assault today. Through silence, corruption, and insinuation Christians are destroyed without sowing the faith for others. As today's "Christians" become more materialistic they become more pagan than Christian. The devils succeed more-so than they did through open hostility.

Aware of this tactic of the devils, we must strive to be ever more receptive and cooperative of the graces of the Holy Ghost. We must faithfully hold on to the Faith given us by the True Church, and reject the Modernism, Humanism, and worldliness that has been condemned by God through His True Catholic Church. The temptation of worldly success is the tactic of the devils and the Jews against the Church today. As men bow down to mammon and turn away from God, the devils succeed. The temptation of numbers works in their favor. The larger the number of followers the more appealing it becomes to those who are weak in faith. This is why the devils and Jews have set up many false Churches that present worldly success and large memberships.

The true followers of Jesus — true Catholics — have once again become "a little flock." Let us not fear, but filled with the love of God and cooperating with the graces given us by the Holy Ghost, may we join with the Apostles and be willing to suffer all things for Jesus. It may not be the physical suffering and death of our bodies; it appears to be more along the lines of a psychological assault of our hearts and minds. We have been warned, may we beg of God the Holy Ghost, the weapons and grace to defend ourselves in these attacks.

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