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Easter Sunday

16 April 2017


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

Jesus Christ, our Sacrifice, has been offered and has risen — just as He said He would. We come together for the Sacrifice of the Mass, which is one and the same Sacrifice of the Cross — the only difference is that the Mass is unbloody, while the Cross is bloody. It is the same Sacrifice, the same Jesus in both times and places. The bread upon our altars is no longer bread and the wine is no longer wine — they have become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is truly present (Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity) upon our altars, just as He was upon the Cross. We do not have a corpse upon our altar, but rather the living God — Jesus Christ.

In receiving Him in Holy Communion, He is not consumed, diminished, or decreased. On the contrary, in receiving Him, He is increased and expanded. Instead of The Holy Eucharist becoming part of us, we become part of Jesus Christ. In this, we allow Jesus to come and dwell within us — we carry Him about with us in our daily lives. He lives on in this world through us. If we are to keep Him alive within us, it is important that we frequently renew His Life within us through the reception of Holy Communion. It is necessary that we do all that we can to receive Him well — we must strive to be free, at least, of all mortal sins.

The bread that becomes Jesus, through the miracle of Transubstantiation, is made from many grains of wheat. Each grain is ground into flour and is mixed with other grains; to this is added water and heat. Then, is added the sacred words of Consecration spoken by a true priest of Jesus Christ and the Church. In a similar manner, all the true Christians throughout time are, each and everyone, ground through self-denial and sacrifice as they renounce the devils, the world, and their fallen natures. They are brought together in the Mystical Body of the Church, when the waters of Holy Baptism are administered to them — just as water is added to the wheat flour. Next, heat is added to the mixture of flour and water — and in a similar manner, the heat of the Holy Ghost is added to us through the Sacrament of Confirmation. All of these things gradually and surely transform us as we receive them, or submit to them, in consecrating ourselves to Jesus. We — just like the grains of wheat — become One with Jesus. We have become One with God. What is left for us to do is simply to remain One with Him; and to advance day by day in His Life and Grace.

We must also, caution everyone to not receive Jesus unworthily. It is the Living God that we receive in Holy Communion and He will not be mocked. Many have, throughout history, abused Him in this humble, but Sacred Presence. While they may appear to have "gotten away" with this, or to have not suffered any harm from their evil deeds; we know that there is an all-encompassing and just judgment at the end of this life. In short, there is Hell to pay, for any abuses of the Holy Sacraments — especially of that of the Sacred Body of Jesus.

In celebrating the Resurrection today, we are reminded that Jesus is alive. He died once and for all, but now He lives forever. When we receive Him in Holy Communion, we are receiving the Living Jesus. His Life within us, transforms us into Him. We become one with Him. This transformation remains hidden in true and faithful Catholics, just as His true Presence in the Holy Eucharist remains hidden. We must strive to never drive Him from us — the moment He leaves us, is the moment that the life of our souls leaves us. It is only in Him that we live, without Him we die — we die, not just a temporary death, but an eternal one.

This past Lenten season, we have done penance, we have made our confessions — we have died to ourselves and have been ground into the flour that will become Him. On Holy Saturday, we have renewed our Baptism vows and have welcomed the Holy Ghost into our lives once more — water and heat have been added to us. We have risen from the death of sin to a new life in Christ. What is left for us now, is to increase His Life within us, and never to return to death and the grave of sin.

May God give us this grace of remaining in His life for the rest of our earthly existences and on into the eternal mansions of His Glory in Heaven.

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