Her Doctrine and Morals

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

15 October 2017


The Sunday


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Dear Friends,

Many are called but few are chosen. In today's Gospel, we see that God sent out His servants to call in everyone. He first called upon those that were invited, but they were too busy with the cares of this world to be bothered by Him or the wedding feast of His Son. In these, we see the many Materialists in this world who will not be bothered with God or His bride the Catholic Church. There were others among this original group of invitees, who abused the servants and killed them. These miserable souls were handed over to the soldiers to be likewise slain. "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword." The Materialists were not given over to the devils to be destroyed because, they did not kill the servants; but also, because they went that way of their own free will. They traded their souls for material advantages or pleasures. Such it was among the original invitees, none of whom were found to be worthy.

Those who were invited were thus found to be unworthy — some because of their love for the world (Materialists) others because of their hatred for God and His servants (Satanists). Our Lord then sent His servants to bring in everyone else, so that the wedding feast may be filled. They were instructed to bring in both the good and the bad. We also saw this symbolized in the apostles' catch of many fishes. They were brought to land and the good were gathered into vessels while the bad were cast away. The one man that was found without a wedding garment represents the majority of those who entered the wedding feast. We know this because Jesus explains that "many are called but few are chosen."

We find that the number of those to be saved in the end will be very few compared to the number that will be lost. Though the number of the elect is great, it will actually be few when compared to the number that is lost. To become numbered among the few that are saved, we need to understand what it is that causes so many to be lost and thus avoid the same mistakes. We have already stated that the Materialists and the Satanists are lost and this group takes in the majority of those in the world. What causes the rest to be cast out into the outer darkness? We do not have to search far for the answer. The commentators tell us that Charity is the necessary wedding garment — without this, we will be lost.

Charity is the first and the greatest commandment. Charity is the virtue that surpasses all others. "the greatest of these is charity." Charity actually encompasses all the other virtues. True charity is lacking in those who divide the Church (heretics or schismatics). They may have a demonstrable love for the world, themselves, even others; but this is an evil love and not true charity. The love of criminals for one another is not true love. The love of partners in sin is not true love. The materialistic love of the world and creation is not true love.

Because charity is so essential, the devils have developed many counterfeits (and false churches) to lead us astray. True charity places God first and foremost. We love Him more than anything or anyone else. We then, love ourselves and others in Him and through Him — because He made us and He loves us; we thus, love what He loves and in the manner that He loves it. This is true charity.

There is simplicity and oneness in true charity, there is complexity and multiplicity in fake charity. The origin of mankind is one. We have one parent in Adam and of course, Adam came forth from God. All the other animals have come forth from the earth in multiplicity. St. Augustine tells us: "Remember the order of the Creation. God spoke, and the waters brought forth living things and swimming things, great whales, fishes, winged things and such like. Did all birds come from one bird? All vultures from one vulture? All goldfish from one goldfish? All sheep from one sheep? It was the earth that brought forth all these kinds of creatures at one and the same time. " Our love and affections, therefore need to be one. Our hearts must be focused upon God, any love or affection rightly given to anyone or anything else must be subordinate to and in conformity to the love of God. The evolutionists may believe that they came forth from the earth in a multiplicity as did other creatures and they may disperse their love across their "mother earth," but, in doing so they turn away from the True God and from True Charity. The false churches may love the multiplicity that they have made, but they have lost the One Charity, One Church, One Feast, One God.

Adam was not brought forth from the waters as other living creatures but received life directly from God. Mankind was not brought forth as many at once to reproduce, but all of mankind came forth from Adam. Eve came forth from Adam, and we are all children of them. Our affections have been multiplied and scattered through sin. Through true charity, we bring all our love together and unite them in One — Jesus Christ, God.

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