Her Doctrine and Morals

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

23 July 2017


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

Humanism and Materialism come to us today as false saviors of mankind. Among the many deceptions that are presented to us is that of equality. God never intended for there to be equality. He made us each very unique. We have been created to complement one another — each of us receiving what we lack from others, as well as supplying what they are lacking from ourselves.

The Holy Ghost has given His gifts to those whom He wills. Some receive one talent others different talents. To some are given one talent to others several talents are given. While fairy tales may present it as being noble to steal from the rich and give to the poor, this is an evident injustice and an insult and attack against the Divine Will.

There is not supposed to be an economic equality. Jesus has told us very clearly that we will always have the poor with us. The economically rich have a great burden that they will have to give an account of on the Last Day. When they take compassion upon the poor and distribute a part of their wealth to the poor, they lessen the burden upon themselves. The grateful poor should pray for their benefactor. In this manner, what is lacking in the one is supplied by the other. The rich give material goods and receive spiritual ones in return. The poor receive material possessions and give spiritual ones in return.

This complementary inequality extends to every aspect of our lives. There is, and never can be an equality of the sexes. God made women (Eve) from man (Adam) as a helpmate to him. There was something missing in man, so he was given his complement to fill up what was lacking in him. Likewise, women are not complete or perfect, but need men to complete themselves. Only when they come together according to the Will of God will they find completeness in one another. There is no equality in their physical build or attributes, nor is there equality in their emotions or reason.

Even though, man was placed at the head, this does not make him more important than the wife. What good is a head without a body? Nor, are women more important than men, for what good is a body without a head?

Our modern world has even attempted to reverse the roles of gender, in another abhorrent insult and mockery of God's Will. It is God's will that men live as men and that women live as women. Saint Paul makes clear to the Romans and to us that: the perversity of homosexuality is the result of the punishment of blindness that we have brought upon ourselves due to idolatry and the lack of true Faith.

The gifts and the talents that we have were meant to be shared with one another. Where one abounds, he is to take of his abundance and supply the needs of others. Our bodies, gifts, and talents have not been given to us to provide illicit, or immoral pleasure to others. Women were not made for the pleasure of men, nor were men made for the pleasure of women. Each was made for the other to fulfill the Will of God in helping one another — in bearing the physical burdens of this life and bringing forth children for God — but, even more importantly, to help each other, as well as their children, obtain the blessings of eternal life in Heaven.

The blessings of material wealth is not meant for the pursuit of illicit or immoral pleasure, but rather to offer help and support to those who are in need. The great intellects of this world must not hoard and seek vain pleasure in their knowledge, but must seek to use their knowledge for the benefit of others — for the greater good. When we begin to be pleased with ourselves, is when we become most dis-pleasing to God. Such self-pleasure or independence from others is vain and empty. While we may excel or have an abundance in one area, we are always lacking in another. We must always remain humble and recognize our need for one another and seek to supply this freely of ourselves to each other.

This is the Will of God. What we do to the least of His brethren, we do to Him. In supplying from our abundance to the needs of others, we give of ourselves to God.

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