Her Doctrine and Morals

Sexagesima Sunday

19 February 2017


The Sunday


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Dear Friend,

God has distributed His Word upon all men so that none should have a complaint of being shortchanged or not being given an opportunity. Those in the parable that were as the highway, or the rocks, or among thorns each received the Word of God with various, but unproductive, results. They received the same Word as those who were as good ground and produced fruit a hundred fold, or sixty fold, or thirty fold. There is nothing lacking on the part of God for these souls (soils). What is lacking or missing is the fault of the various souls not of God.

Even though these souls were undeserving and unworthy of receiving the Word of God, He gave it to them nonetheless. He has done more and gone further than any sower of seed would ever do. The man who goes out to sow seed, is careful that the seed not be wasted. He seeks to ensure that the seed does not fall on the road, or on rocks, or among thorns. His goal is to only put the seed in well prepared soil so that it will be most productive for all his efforts.

Jesus Christ has been exceedingly generous and abundant with His graces. All those who do not receive an abundance from His Word, have only themselves to blame.

We are also instructed that Jesus spoke in parables and therefore the hidden meaning of His words was not to be discovered by those who were unworthy. Thus we learn that we must not cast pearls before swine. Again, we wish to show that the meaning was hidden from them due to their own fault. If they were better prepared, or more receptive to the Word of God, then the meaning of the parables would be open to them also. All are given a super-abundance of opportunity. God's grace is there for those who will prepare and receive it. These souls are not lacking because God was lacking toward them. They are lacking because they have not cooperated with Him.

Sin and evil are not positive things, but are rather the lack of grace that should normally be present. When we sin we effectively close our eyes, and turn our backs to God. God's grace is all around us, yet It proves ineffectual for us because we have blocked Its entrance into our hearts and souls. The seed in today's parable was spread everywhere, it was all good seed. However, much of the soil that should have been receptive was not. What is required of the sinner, is not so much the removal of obstacles, but rather the opening of our hearts and minds to the voice of Christ — to hear His Word — to let His grace enter in.

If we will only imitate the Centurion's words: "Lord, only say the Word and my soul shall be healed." God can remove the hard pavement, the rocks, the thorns; if we will ask Him. We only need to open up our eyes to see, or to turn around. Instead of looking into darkness and shadows, if we only turn 180 degrees and face the Light, we will see, we will understand, we will fruitfully receive the graces that He so generously has spread all around us.

God does not intend that the sinner should return of himself. He knows very well that sinner can do nothing to save himself. So, God is willing to soften the soil of our souls if we ask Him. The only thing that is required of us, is that we stop resisting Him. Turn to the light and open our eyes and we will see. The brightness of the light may hurt at first, but we will soon adapt to the Light. Seeing the Light, we will see the empty spaces or voids in our souls, with His help we will beg of Him to fill them with His grace and He has promised to do so. "Ask and you shall receive."

If we accept this pain that the Light first inflicts upon our souls, that is, if we take up this cross for the love of Him; He will not only make it light, sweet, and a joy, but He Himself will help us to carry it. The truly difficult part He will do for us, if we will only allow it.

It is God's will and intention to lead us into the eternal happiness of Heaven; and He will accomplish this, if we will stop turning away from Him. His grace abounds all around us, let us turn to Him with open hearts and minds, and then it will take root and produce many-fold fruit.

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