Her Doctrine and Morals

First Sunday of Advent

2 December 2018


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friends,

St. Augustine suggests that we look for a spiritual interpretation of today's Gospel. "I consider that these things should be better understood in the Church, lest the Lord Jesus may appear to be foretelling, as extraordinary events which shall foretell His Coming, things which have happened in this world even before His First Coming, so that we may not be laughed at by those who have read of even more extraordinary events in the story of mankind. For the Church is the sun and the moon and the stars, to whom it was said: Fair as, the moon, bright as the sun (Cant. vi. 9), and she then shall not be seen, as her persecutors rage against her without measure."

What takes place in the spiritual realm is reflected in the physical realm of this world. The earth is shaken because souls have faltered or trembled. The sun, moon, and stars are darkened because the true faith has grown dim. Rather than focusing on the physical destruction of this world, we should consider even more intently the spiritual destruction that is taking place in the Church and in souls. Let us seek out the causes rather than focus all our attention and efforts on effects. The cause of physical evils is spiritual evils.

Jesus has proposed the question of whether He will find faith on this earth when He returns. (St. Luke 18:8) This passage suggests to us that the true faith will be very rare and hard to find. Charity will have grown cold. (St. Matthew 24:12) These are the signs of warning that tell more accurately of the return of Jesus. When these signs of the Great Apostasy are firmly in place, it naturally follows that the physical bodies of creation reflect the disorders of souls.

The workers of evil shout loudly of peace as they make war upon souls. They proclaim that anti-Christs are the true Christ and through various physical wonders tempt and lead many away — even the elect if that were possible. (St. Matthew 24:24)

The Modernist have taken over once Catholic physical structures. They are in the places that were once only occupied by Catholics and they openly proclaim a false ecumenism, a false Catholicism, a false faith, and a false Jesus. They give outward appearances of material success but they are spiritually dead. They are as whited sepulchers — clean and white on the outside but filled with death and corruption on the inside. (St. Matthew 23:27)

The recent clerical scandals within the would-be Catholic Church are visible evidence of souls that are spiritually dead. The leaders and guides of the souls of others are dead and have nothing to give but death and destruction. The death and decay from within are showing through into the physical world as the evils and scandals are made known and openly broadcast. St. Paul tells us that the sexual perversions of men are the logical consequences of idolatry. (Romans 1:20-27) Hence, we conclude that the true worship of God is not in these men. They are anti-priests destroying souls and this destruction is brought forth into the material realm as physical lives are wrecked. The outward buildings and the social structures appear to be intact, but there is a serious spiritual vacuum within.

The beauty of once Catholic structures combined with the glories of the Church's past has become tools to tempt and lead away many intelligent and even pious souls. They hold onto all the outward appearances unable or unwilling to see that they are empty of the spiritual substance that once was there. They cling desperately to the illusion of peace as demonic advances are made day after day.

What is left for us, is to humbly and meekly pray that God will protect us and allow us to discern the truth from all the manifold deceptions of the demonically inspired world. We must study, work and pray always mindful to never lose what has been given to us. Let us pray for ourselves, the True Church and her clergy and religious. No one is secure in this war as even the elect may be shaken. Our only hope is in the mercy and grace of God. We should not lose heart and despair just as we should not follow the deceivers in their apparent successes and glories. With meek and humble hearts let us do penance and make reparations for one another, as we fill our hearts with ever-increasing faith, hope, and charity.

This Advent season let us lift up our eyes to heaven eagerly awaiting the return of Jesus Christ as we better prepare our souls to be received by Him, and pray with St. John: "Come Lord Jesus. Come." (Apocalypse 22:21)

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