A falsehood has been recently brought to our attention.

It is claimed that the late Bishop Louis Vezelis OFM had raised a certain "Fr. Gustavo de Jesus, OSB" to the episcopacy on December 24, 2010. in the "Sedevacantist Ukrainian Uniate Chapel of the Patronage of Our Lady" located in Temperley (Partido de Lomas de Zamora) Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is a complete fabrication.

May God have mercy on the demonic instruments promoting this deception.

+Bishop Giles OFM (2018 April 23)


Her Doctrine and Morals

Sunday after the Ascension

13 May 2018


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friends,

Our Lord has foretold that the Apostles would be put out of the Synagogues. The Jews had already decreed that anyone professing belief in Jesus Christ should be put out. They feared the suppression of the Old Law and also that they would personally lose their own place of significance. Every effort was put forth to silence and destroy the rising belief in Jesus. When the expulsion or exclusion of the Apostles from the community proved ineffectual, they turned to the same tactic that they used against Jesus Himself — putting them to death. In their belief that the Old Law was from God and New Law was not, they deemed it right and proper to put to death anyone who was promoting the New Law of Jesus. They believed that it was pleasing to God to put the Apostles to death.

The Jews had all the material property and wealth of the Chosen People that was accumulated over hundreds of years. They held control over the richly ornamented Temple and Synagogues. The early Christians had nothing in the way of wealth, power, or worldly status. The poverty of Jesus became the poverty of the Church. Our Lord turned away from the wealth and prestige of the world. His followers must also learn to despise these things.

It is good and proper to adorn and embellish the House of God with the best that men have to offer. We offer the finest material, workmanship, design, and architecture in all that pertains to the House of God and the Divine Worship. This is done for our benefit, not for God's benefit. God has no need of these things. They are already His. It is necessary for us to offer God the best we have. The best is offered as a testimony and proof of our love for God. It is a fulfilling of the requirement to give to God the First Fruits or the tithe. To offer God anything less than our best is insulting to the honor and dignity of God. It also suggests that we love ourselves more than Him.

Tragically over time, men tend to take more pride in the work of their hands, than in God. The House of God is made into a testimony to the great works of men, rather than to the honor and glory of God. The gold of the Temple became of more value than the altar or the sacrifice, even of more value than God. The House of God became the House of men. Little thought was given to the honor and glory of God as men sought to impress each other with their own works and offerings. Thus the presence of God left these places — driven out and unwelcome by men.

God and His Church were not welcome in these beautiful and richly adorned places. The Church was once again in the desert as the Israelites were when they fled from Egypt. In the utmost poverty and even forced underground to worship God rather than men, the Church was built up by God and not men. It took great faith to believe in Jesus and the Church in such poverty and lowliness. It was very hard to turn away from the relative worldly success, beauty, system, and order of the Temple and Synagogues. Yet this is what was required of the early Church, and to aid them in this the very rulers of the Temple and Synagogues excommunicated them from their society and even sought to put them to death. Thus necessity aided them in rejecting the worldly allure of the dying Synagogues.

It has been pointed out many times that history repeats itself. There does seem to be a lot of similarities between the Temple and Synagogues, and the Catholic Churches. The faith of our ancestors embellished and adorned our Churches with the best that the hands of men could provide. This was often done with great sacrifice and faith. These were truly offerings acceptable and pleasing to God. However, we too often see that the children of these self-sacrificing Catholics began to rest on the laurels of their ancestors. Rather than imitate their love, devotion, and sacrifice; the children grew confident in the works of others, rather than in their own works. Rather than imitate their fathers' works, they imagined that they were worthy of the recompense of their fathers' works without having done anything themselves. They gloried in the past and in the works of men, doing nothing themselves and simultaneously forgetting God. In the end, the true faith is gradually lost, and the House of God is transformed into the house of man. The worship of God is forgotten as the worship of man replaces it. The change is so subtle and surreptitious that the majority never see it as they slip from the worship of God into the idolatrous worship of man.

Those clinging to the true faith and worship are now excluded from these places and by these people. While they think they are pleasing to God they reject Him and those who strive to hold onto the true Faith and worship that He has given us.

Let us not fear this separation, isolation, or even the threat of death. The true Faith and worship of the True God are not in the houses of men. The glories of men are not the glories of God. God is more pleased with quality rather than quantity. He is more honored by simple humble worship in poverty, than in the luxurious richness of human pride and vanity.

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