A falsehood has been recently brought to our attention.

It is claimed that the late Bishop Louis Vezelis OFM had raised a certain "Fr. Gustavo de Jesus, OSB" to the episcopacy on December 24, 2010. in the "Sedevacantist Ukrainian Uniate Chapel of the Patronage of Our Lady" located in Temperley (Partido de Lomas de Zamora) Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is a complete fabrication.

May God have mercy on the demonic instruments promoting this deception.

+Bishop Giles OFM (2018 April 23)


Her Doctrine and Morals

Fifth Sunday after Easter

6 May 2018


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friends,

All that Jesus said and did was for our instruction and our benefit. We learn what to do and how to do it by examining His life and Words. His life was one of prayer. He came to glorify the Father and to teach us how to honor God. Our lives, in imitation of His, are to be prayers and offerings to God.

Whatever we ask the Father in the Name of Jesus, He will give it to us. Yet, God is a loving Father, and often refuses unworthy prayers or prayers that are not beneficial for us. Just as an ignorant child may beg and plead with his parents to be allowed to play with a dangerous object, yet the parents refuse the child's pleading; so too, it is with God. Whenever we pray for something that is harmful to us, He will refuse, because He is our Loving Father.

It is important in our prayers to know what to ask for. Jesus tells us this: "Ask that your joy may be made full." Our joy is made full not in the pleasures of this world. The pleasures of this world cannot fill us, they are empty and vain in themselves. True joy is in living in the grace of God. True joy is indifferent to the pleasures and pains of this mortal life. True joy is in living in and maintaining the grace of God in our lives. True joy is in loving God always — in all situations and circumstances.

This is to be our prayer, this is the prayer that God wants from us and the prayer that He desires to give us. We need our daily bread, but even more importantly we need His forgiveness. And to obtain this forgiveness we need to forgive one another. This is what He has taught us to pray when He gave us "The Lord's Prayer." Here we also pray that our joy may be made full. We can rejoice in the want of material food (things) as well as in the receiving of them. Even more so we are to rejoice in the Spiritual Bread that we pray for — the graces and sacraments. In these, our joy is truly made full. Filled with the love of God we have true joy.

This true love and true joy necessitate our desire to be forgiven for all our offenses. As a requisite to our forgiveness, God has stipulated that we must forgive one another also. Again, our joy is made full when we can freely forgive all who have offended us in any way, and thus confidently ask God to forgive us as we have forgiven.

St. Basil says that: "Each word and deed of Our Savior Jesus Christ is for us a lesson in virtue and piety. For this end also did He assume our nature, so that every man and every woman, contemplating as in a picture the practice of all virtue and piety, might strive will all their hearts to imitate His example. For this, He bore our body so that as far as we could we might repeat within us the manner of His Life. And so, therefore, when you hear mention of some word or deed of His, take care not to receive it simply as something that incidentally happened, but raise your mind upwards towards the sublimity of what He is teaching, and strive to see what has been mystically handed down to us."

We pray not only with our tongues but with our whole bodies. Our very lives, like the life of Jesus, are to be a prayer. There is a time when we must pray like Martha and be very busy about material things in our service of God. There are other, more precious times, when we must pray like Mary, Martha's sister, sitting quietly at the feet of our Lord. They give us two examples which we must combine into our own lives. This is also a reflection of the very life of Jesus. There were times when He prayed by being busy in feeding, healing, and caring for the bodies of men as well as their souls. Then, there were times when He went off alone to pray. His Life was a mixture of activities and contemplation. This is the example of living and praying that He has given us.

We must sanctify our daily work and turn it into a prayer and offering to God. We should seek and beg of God to make our joy full in this work. We are principally seeking eternal joy in Heaven, but He also gives us true joy in this world. We can find joy in our labors, our crosses, our pleasures, and our pains; when they are all turned into prayers and offerings to God after the example given us by Jesus. We need also to add to this, times of quiet and reflective prayer when our bodies are still, but our hearts are very much active in loving God.

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