Her Doctrine and Morals

Twenty-Seventh (Last) Sunday after Pentecost

25 November 2018


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Dear Friends,

This last week of the Ecclesiastical year reminds us of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem that was prophesied and then took place around the year 70 AD. In a parallel manner, today's Gospel reminds us of the end of this world and the returning of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the Old Testament, we witness a material or physical understanding of faith, religion, and God. When Jesus came, He established a greater Law than the law of Moses, He established a greater faith and religion. The Old was fulfilled in Him and He set us on a higher or nobler path to salvation. The Israelites focused upon the letter of the law of Moses and set about observing in the minutest details the physical prescriptions of this law. For example, the law forbids murder, but Jesus goes further and forbids, not only the act of physical murder but even the hidden spirit of anger. The Old Law forbids adultery, and Jesus improves upon this by forbidding the lustful desires that lead to physical adultery. Again, He tells us that unless our justice exceeds that of the Scribes and Pharisees, we shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. We must know that the Scribes and Pharisees prided themselves on the exact observance of the letter of the law — hence, we must observe not only the letter of the law but even the very spirit of the law.

Before the destruction of the Temple, the people witnessed the physical placement of that which was foretold — the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place. With the destruction of the Temple, there necessarily followed the destruction of the sacrifices in the Temple. With the end of the sacrificial offerings came the end of the priesthood of the Temple. The bloody sacrificial offerings and worship of God came to an end with the Temple.

A new priesthood was established by God. This priesthood is not a material or physical priesthood that is handed down in a familial manner from father to son but is a priesthood according to the order of Melchizedek. It is passed on through men chosen by God for their spiritual qualities rather than their hereditary qualifications. These true priests offer The unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass to God. The old sacrifices that prefigured the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the cross have been done away with in the destruction of the Temple. They have been replaced by the true Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross and is daily renewed in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Just as the Old Law was principally material and the New Law is principally spiritual, we see that the destruction of the Temple was principally material and therefore, the attack upon the Church in the End Days is spiritual. We do not see the Church buildings completely razed to the ground, but it is the faith, morals, and doctrine that are broken down and demolished. What signs are given to us? 1) The Sacrifice has been taken away. It has been replaced by a memorial meal or a celebration of remembrance of the Last Supper. Without sacrifice, there is no worthy offering to God. The altar for sacrifice has been demolished and a table has been set up for a meal. 2) The doctrinal teachings of the Church forbidding the false worship of Pagans, Protestants, and heretics have been forgotten as they are incorporated and encouraged through a false spirit of ecumenism. The welcoming and inclusion of non-Catholic beliefs and practices is damnable heresy. 3) Each of the Sacraments has been modified to be less offensive to non-Catholics and thus try to welcome them in a false ecumenism. 4) The sacrificing priesthood has been taken away replaced by a "presider," "president," or "leader." All of this has taken place to please men — regardless of how offensive it is to God.

There have been many examples of physical destruction of once Catholic buildings, but the principal destruction that has taken place is a spiritual one. Having changed ceremonies, words and meanings, they have destroyed and replaced the True Religion with a demonic one — the True Faith with a false one. The modern abomination of desolation is not a physical idol, but rather a spiritual one. The remnant of the True Church has been forced from the physical buildings in an effort to preserve the True Faith and Worship, in much the same manner that the early Christians fled Jerusalem to escape the destruction.

From our places of refuge, we wait for the promised return of Jesus Christ. We must not allow ourselves to look for His return in secret or hidden places — as tempting as this may be. When He returns, nothing will be hidden. He will come visibly for all to see. Until that time, it is our duty to humbly and meekly keep the Life of Jesus alive in our own lives. We must build up the Mystical Body of the Church by advancing our own spiritual lives and then inviting and encouraging others to enter in and further advance the building of the Body of Christ. We must do whatever is in our power to preserve and build up the True Mass and Sacraments, as well as True morals and teachings. In this manner, we may have true hope that He will be pleased with us upon His return.

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