Her Doctrine and Morals

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

17 June 2018


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friends,

Today we read of Jesus entering the boat of St. Peter. From this boat, Jesus sat and taught the people. There was calmness and peace, in spite of the eagerness of the people to see, hear, and touch Our Lord. Holy Scripture also records another time when Jesus was in a boat with St. Peter, but on that occasion, there was a storm. The winds and the waves were causing a peril for both the boat and all who were onboard.

St. Peter's boat represents to us the Catholic Church. The Church, as a boat, experiences times of peace and tranquility, and at other times She suffers the pounding of the wind and waves. It is from the Catholic Church that we hear the teachings of Jesus. She is the protector and administrator of all that Jesus has said and done. She is also the administrator of the Sacraments and the, therefore, the fount of grace that we so desperately need in our lives. There are many attempts throughout history to create other churches — churches that are similar to the Catholic Church but are always lacking in one or more essential qualities. It is only within the True Church (The Catholic Church) that we find valid and fruitful sacraments and the grace that comes from them. It is only in the Catholic Church that we have the guarantee of fidelity to the Word of God (Jesus Christ). Hence, it is only in the Catholic Church that we find Salvation.

The demons in their hunt for souls have created a seemingly endless number of decoy churches. Those who are deceived by these decoy churches do not receive valid and fruitful sacraments or their graces. They maintain a semblance of the Holy Scriptures that they have carried away from the Church, but in removing them from the Church, they have lost their true meaning and efficacy. Even after many have discovered the emptiness of the decoy church that they have entered, they choose to remain. It is, perhaps, pride and vanity that keeps them there. (Maybe pride has created an unwillingness to admit that they were deceived by an empty decoy.)

The empty decoy churches also allow anyone to enter, without ever having to change their lives. The adulterer can remain in his adultery within the decoy church without fear of reproach, admonition, or correction. It is even suggested that God blesses and approves his life, or that God accepts him just the way he is. The god of these decoy churches is not The One True God but is none other than Lucifer and his accomplices. With false churches comes false gods. The demons are ever eager to help anyone establish a decoy church that caters to one or more damnable "lifestyles."

If we desire to hear the unadulterated Truth given us by Jesus Christ, we must listen to Him speaking from the boat of St. Peter — the Catholic Church. If we want the true sacraments and graces necessary to heal our souls and lead us to the eternal happiness of Heaven, we can only find them in the Bark of St. Peter. All others are decoys and are therefore defective.

There have been many dangerous storms that threatened the True Church throughout history, and our own day is perhaps the worst of them. The decoy Churches abound, and the recent demonic "creations" are ever more realistic looking and sounding. This is in keeping with the foresight of Jesus when He told us that in the end days, even the elect would be deceived — if that were possible.

There are many that abound with some teachings of the Church and many beautiful encyclicals of the popes. They have beautiful and elaborate services that are reminiscent of the true Mass. They build beautiful churches, have magnificent choirs, and many "good" people have joined them. Who could possibly object to this? The decoy is so realistic and lifelike, it must be certainly acceptable now? Yet, they are still decoys if there are no true priests within them. If the rite of ordination that was used is invalid, these men are not priests — despite how well intentioned, or talented, or even how "good" they are. They are actors (sometimes very good ones) and the church that they lead is a demonically deceptive decoy.

As we rejoice in the Word of God speaking to us from the Bark of St. Peter today, let us not be confounded by the waves and storms that are raging about us. Let us always examine and reject the decoys, while we cling ever closer to the True Church. May we not be so eager to condemn others who have been led astray or deceived by the demonic decoys. Without the grace of God, we will all be led astray. Instead, let us call out to God in our prayers and in our lives to save us — to have mercy upon us as well as upon those led astray by the decoy churches. Even in the storms and attacks, they bring against the Church, let us with Jesus pray for them: "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

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