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Sunday after the Ascension

2 June 2019


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friends,

In order for our faith to become whole or complete, it was necessary for Jesus to Ascend into Heaven and thus be out of our physical sight and touch. "It was because of this the Lord said to Mary Magdalene when she, representing the Church, drew near to touch Him: 'Do not touch Me, for I am not yet ascended to My Father' (John 20, 17); that is, 'I do not wish you to approach Me in a bodily manner, nor that you should know Me by the feel of My Flesh; I would have you wait for what is higher; I am preparing for thee what is greater. When I have ascended to My Father then you shall touch Me more perfectly and more truly, for you shall know what you touch not, and believe what you do not see.'" (St. Pope Leo the Great)

It is for us who are weak in faith that God gives the physical manifestation of Himself to us in various miracles and apparitions. These are given to strengthen us so that we can reach the point of belief and faith that we do not need to see or touch to believe. Jesus said to St. Thomas "blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe." Our faith and trust in God is only complete when we hold on to Him in faith, in His Word, in the Sacraments, and in His Mystical Body — the Church, while living in the darkness of all the evils of this world. Our faith is made perfect when we no longer rely upon the physical senses in order to believe.

The true Faith leads us away from the world, its riches, and away from our physical senses — all that is material. We gradually put off our physical bodies as we become ever more spiritual. It is a blessing to be put out of the synagogues (churches) and be deprived of the consolations of a physical building, because in this manner we truly become like Jesus — The Son Man Who has nowhere to lay His head. St. Augustine asks us: "But what harm was it that the Apostles should be put out of the Synagogues of the Jews; for were they not about to cut themselves off from them even if no one should put them out of them? But by this, He wished to warn them that the Jews would not receive Christ, Whom they themselves would not abandon. For as there was no other people of God than this seed of Abraham, if they should acknowledge Christ, we should not have here the Churches of Christ, there the Synagogues of the Jews. But since they would not, what is left but that continuing apart from Christ they should put out of the Synagogues those who would not abandon Christ?"

It is often said that history repeats itself. There is generational amnesia where the current generation forgets all that the previous generations had learned and thus repeat the same mistakes and history of the past. This is similar to the caged rodent running endlessly on its exercise wheel but never getting ahead. The early Apostles were cast out of the synagogues or no longer even desired to be in them because those in the synagogues had turned away from the true Faith and from the true Christ. Today, true Catholics are not welcome in the very buildings made by their ancestors in the Faith, because the Modernists in control of these buildings have turned away from the true Catholic Faith and from the true Jesus Christ. As the early Apostles did not even desire to enter into the synagogues any longer, so the true Catholics advancing in faith no longer desire to enter into these once Catholic buildings.

Many of the Modernist churches have been revolutionalized to remove the rich heritage of art and culture designed to keep alive the faith of the weak. The faith of those frequenting these places is soon lost without any physical aid or support to their weak spiritual lives. It is not hard for true Catholics to walk away from these. Some places, however, hold on to certain physical ornamentation so as to deceive those who have not yet spiritually grown enough to realize that the Church is not these physical things, but is rather the living Faith in the living Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. These poor souls are often led to believe that attendance in these places with all the ornamentation makes them Catholic. It is not the buildings that make someone Catholic. It is not the beautiful artwork and ornamentation that make us Catholic. It is not the elaborate ceremonies or music that make us Catholic.

A Catholic is one who believes and seeks to live up to all that Jesus Christ has taught us through the Catholic Church. We must always seek the higher and nobler spiritual life as the sacrifice of the rich physical heritage that was once held by the Catholic Church is forced upon us. We should let go of the physical and the material, but hold on ever more tenaciously to the true doctrines, practices, and sacraments that are primarily spiritual in nature. May we know Jesus spiritually and truly rather than by deceptive physical sight or touch.

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