Her Doctrine and Morals

Second Sunday in Lent

8 March 2020


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

"This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased: hear ye Him."

God the Father is speaking to Moses and Elias who were longingly waiting to see and hear the Son of God, and/or He is speaking to the Disciples. In either case, we are also to hear and understand through the Evangelist that Jesus is the awaited Messiah and that we must hear and follow Him if we are to be pleasing to the Father and thus enter into Heaven. The Holy Ghost is present in the form of the Bright Cloud that overshadowed them.

The Apostles wished to build a material shelter — tents — but The Holy Ghost, in The Cloud, is their shelter, their abode, and their protection. The Trinity is manifested before them and is revealed to us in the Voice of the Father, in the Cloud of the Holy Ghost, and in the Humanity of the Son.

The Holy Ghost dwells in the true Church. He is our spiritual shelter and protection. The Holy Ghost watches over the Church (the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ) and all those who have been incorporated into the Mystical Body of the Church. We are instructed by God the Father to understand the Jesus is truly His Son and that The Father and The Son are One. When we hear Jesus, we hear the Father. The Holy Ghost is the Love that binds Father and Son as well as us creatures with our Creator. It is through the shadow of the Cloud — the Holy Ghost that we are able to see and hear God.

All has been fulfilled in Jesus — the Triune Divinity is revealed to us. The Old Testament represented in Moses and Elias has obtained its desire in Jesus Christ the long-awaited Redeemer. The New Testament represented in the Apostles is given a New Law and a New Life. Our freedom is at hand but there are conditions that we must follow. Jesus is revealed to those who are able to hear the testimony of the Father and who abide under the protection of the Holy Ghost as well as closely follow The Son of God.

It is not enough for us to accept one or the other Persons of the Blessed Trinity. It is truly all or nothing. We must recognize and love the Father; we must hear and follow the Son; we must be guided and protected by the Holy Ghost. It is not enough to only pray to the Father in Heaven. It is not enough to just accept Jesus as our personal Savior. It is not enough to enter under the shelter of the Holy Ghost in the True Church. We must do all of these.

God is all goodness, He is all truth, He is all justice, He is all beauty, etc. We must seek Him in the completeness of the Trinity and in the completeness of the Divinity. We must know, love, and serve God the Father. It is through Jesus Christ that we see and hear the Father. Jesus shows us how to know, love, and serve. The Holy Ghost — the God of Love — gives us the graces to hear and understand Jesus as well as the ability to closely follow Him through this world into eternity. Now that Jesus has returned to the Father, we must intimately turn to the Holy Ghost Whom the Father and Son have sent to us. We find the Holy Ghost — the Bright Cloud — or spiritual tent that we are to dwell in, in the true Holy Catholic Church. It is in the Church that we hear the Word of God. It is in Her that we develop and nurture true love of God, and it is in Her that we receive the very Body of Jesus Christ as food for our bodies and souls.

Within the true Catholic Church, we find the living Son of God in the Holy Eucharist. We find in Her the guidance and protection of the Holy Ghost. In Her, we find the very love of the Father.

The demons have made countless deceitful duplications of the True Catholic Church in various denominations (Including even the "non-denominational" denomination). There are many that have one or more truths, beauties, goodnesses, etc. but the fullness or completion of these attributes is only found in the Triune God, living in His Mystical Body the Catholic Church.

Only under the Shadow of the Holy Ghost in the True Catholic Church do we hear the Voice of the Father and behold the Divine Glory in the Humanity of the Son. The true Catholic Church is not the physical buildings or material tents. The Religion and Church given us by God abides only in the Holy Ghost — in the Faith, Worship, Sacrifice, and Discipline of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. When we are in the Spiritual abode of the Church the physical abodes are very secondary and minor. Who cares for material tents when we can so easily enter into the spiritual mansions of the Holy Ghost — the One True Church of God?!

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