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Pentecost Sunday

31 May 2020


The Sunday


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The Sunday Sermon Archive

Dear Friend,

On Good Friday we saw the fulfillment of the Old Testament sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb. The blood of the lamb was sprinkled upon the transom and doorpost of the Israelites and spared them from the Egyptian punishment of the death of the First Born. The Sacrifice of Jesus is the fulfillment of what the animal sacrifices prefigured.

On Easter Sunday we saw the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead as the fulfillment of what was prefigured with the Israelites escaping the slavery of Egypt. Israel was set free by crossing the sea on dry land. Through the Resurrection of Jesus, we have received the promise of resurrection from death.

Today, on Pentecost Sunday, we see the fulfillment of the receiving of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament. Fifty days after the Israelites left captivity in Egypt, God gave them the Ten Commandments through Moses. The Law of God written in stone gave us an indication of the Will of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God (The Holy Ghost) was given more completely on Pentecost Sunday in the New Testament. The Law was written in stone but the Spirit was written in the hearts of men.

On Holy Thursday, we were given the Body of Jesus in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. On Pentecost Sunday, we are given the Holy Ghost to dwell in our hearts and souls and transform us ever more completely into children of God. In our physical creation, we were given bodies and souls. In our spiritual creation, we are transformed through the Body and Soul of God. The Body of God became one with us, so that we may become one with Him. The Holy Ghost came to us so that we may become one in spirit or one in our wills with God.

God's Promises throughout the history of the Old Testament have found their fulfillment and completion in the New Testament. The Redeemer, Jesus Christ, has come and remains with us in the true Holy Eucharist. The Holy Ghost dwells within the Church and remains with Her forever. The Holy Ghost lives within all the members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, as long as He is not driven out by mortal sin.

The degree of the Holy Ghost living within each member does vary and is manifested in various ways according to the Will of God. Some are given the power and authority to sanctify, govern, and teach according to their position in the Church, others have received the grace to be sanctified, governed, and to learn. Some are given wisdom, others understanding, etc. The graces and manifestations of the Holy Ghost dwelling within each of us is different and varied. When we are all united together, we find the completeness of the Holy Ghost.

It is the demons that try to make us all the same, preaching to us a false "equality." God wills that we are all complementary to one another. As the left-hand complements the right hand and does not compete with it, so the members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ complement each other. The graces of one member benefit the entire Body. The blessings received by one member benefit the entire Body. We should learn to rejoice in the good of others and to weep over the failure of others as if their successes or failures were our own. Truly in the Mystical Body, we rise and fall together.

In the end, the Mystical Body is pruned and purified and will rise complete and glorified in Heaven as the beautiful Bride of Jesus Christ. Until that time, we find members of the Church wither up and fall off from the Body as leaves or branches on a tree. Sometimes they must be pruned off as the diseased branch is removed lest it further damages the entire Body. At the same time, other branches are being grafted into the Body. Each loss is painful, and each ingrafting is pleasant. We find there is always a cause for both rejoicing and weeping.

We are not secure in this Body until we are securely in Heaven. A good and strong branch may become diseased and severed tomorrow. There is no sin that anyone else has committed that we might not succumb to if we do not co-operate with the Holy Ghost. We never have occasion to boast or to become vainly proud.

There is no competition needed. No one needs to be lost so that we may be saved. Nor is it necessary for us to be lost so that others may be saved. Jealousy or envy are completely unnecessary and are contrary and destructive to the Body. There is room in the Mystical Body for everyone willing to receive and cooperate with the Holy Ghost.

May we all cooperate with the Holy Ghost and work to build up the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ here on earth so that She may have even greater joy in Heaven. We can do so by cooperating with the Holy Ghost in avoiding sin and the occasions of sin as well as by praying and working for the salvation of others.

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