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Cardinal Pie of Poitier, writing on the evils of Naturalism wrote: Naturalism is more than a heresy: it is pure undiluted antichristianism. Heresy denies one or more dogmas: Naturalism denies that there are any dogmas or that there can be any.

Heresy alters more or less what God has revealed; Naturalism denies the very existence of revelation. It follows that the inevitable law and the obstinate passion of Naturalism is to dethrone our Lord Jesus Christ and to drive Him from the world.

This will be the task of Antichrist and it is Satan's supreme ambition....

The great obstacle to the salvation of the men of our day, as the Vatican Council (Ed.note: the true Catholic Council of 1870) point out in the first Constitution on Doctrine, what hurls more people into hell nowadays than at any other epoch, is Rationalism or Naturalism..

Naturalism strives with all its might to exclude our Lord, Jesus Christ, our one Master and Savior, from the minds of men as well as from the daily lives and habits of peoples, in order to set up the reign of reason or of nature.

Now, wherever the breath of Naturalism has passed, the very source of Christian life is dried up. Naturalism means complete sterility in regard to salvation and eternal life." (The Kingship of Christ according to Cardinal Pie of Poitiers)

What we call "Naturalism" and "Supernaturalism" were viewed by St. Augustine in more concrete terms. He wrote brilliantly of the "two cities." He no doubt refers to Naturalism as that "city" or community of like-minded individuals. This "city" is the "City of Satan" whom all the citizens worship under various forms.

Then, there is the "City of God" which incorporates all those who believe in Jesus Christ its Founder. St. Augustine is specific when he says that not all the those who are citizens of the City of God remain faithful. Instead, they pass over into the City of this world which is ruled by Satan.

The City of God is, in reality, the Roman Catholic Church. For, when speaking of the Founder of the City of God, Jesus Christ, St. Augustine clearly understands the supernatural as opposed to the natural.

It is not by accident that St. Augustine speaks of `humility' and `pride' in the very first pages of this great Catholic Classic. He writes: "I know, of course, what ingenuity and force of arguments are needed to convince the proud men of the power of humility. Its loftiness is above the pinnacles of earthly greatness which are shaken by the shifting winds of time - not by reason of human arrogance, but only by the grace of God. For, in Holy Scripture, the King and Founder of the City of which I have undertaken to speak revealed to His people the judgment of divine law: `God resisteth the proud and giveth to the humble'(James 4,6;I Peter 5,5).

Unfortunately, the swollen spirit of human pride claims for itself this high prerogative, which belongs to God alone, and longs and loves to hear repeated in its own praise the line: `Be merciful to the conquered and beat the haughty down.'"

St. Augustine then states that he will be forced to write about the "earthly city" which, he says "lusts to dominate the world and which though nations bend to its yoke, is itself dominated by its passion for domination."

When Paul VI went to the United Nations and said to this body of Freemasons: "You are mankind's last hope," he spoke his own true "profession of faith", so to speak.

He acknowledged the universal supremacy of an natural organization founded for the most part by a known and convicted Communist: Alger Hiss.

Could Paul VI really have been `misinformed' about this organization seeking not world betterment, but world domination? Most certainly not! Paul VI proclaimed to the whole world his apostasy from the Roman Catholic Church with those words: "You are mankind's last hope!"

Paul VI proclaimed the beginning of the reign of Antichrist with those words because he was signaling to these disciples of Naturalism, and therefore, Satanism, that the throne of Peter has been overthrown and is now powerless because they now have all earthly power. Remember, it was Jesus Christ Himself who told His apostles: "All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me." Matt. 28, 18).

Jesus Christ gave this power to the Apostles when He commanded them to "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; ..." (Matt. Ibid. 28, 19).

And then He added: "and behold, I am with you all days, even unto the consummation of the world." (Ibid. 28,20).

Because Jesus Christ is the Supreme High Priest and Supreme King, having received "all power in heaven and on earth" He is the Founder of the City of God. This city is supernatural and supranational.

The citizens of the City of God are in a constant struggle with the citizens of the City of Satan.

Most Catholics have forgotten that there is a divine order established by God for the governing of human affairs. This divine order is the City of God of which the Founder is Jesus Christ.

It is the failure of Catholics to be concerned with their duties as privileged members of this supernatural and supranational City that has made it possible for the citizens of the City of Satan to easily gain control of the daily lives of all people.

All the dire and bitter fruits for society flow from the fact that the citizens of the earth have pushed out the citizens of the kingdom of heaven from their rightful places.

The bloody revolutions are nothing more than Satan's agents using immoral means to restore the influence of their leader - Lucifer - in all of society. Their goal is to dethrone Jesus Christ and to enthrone the enemy of Jesus Christ: the rule of Satan.

This is the essential difference between the Catholic Church and all other Churches and natural organizations: The Church is supernatural and all the others are natural. A Christianity that has been deprived of its supernatural character is no longer representative of the City of God whose Founder is Jesus Christ, but is a natural falsification of the supernatural.

Who are the visible leaders of the City of Satan, that is, the promoters of Naturalism which is opposed to the divinely established order of Supernaturalism?

We need not look far. We need only take the time to read the ample directives of the Church in Her legitimate Popes.

The visible agents of the City of Satan are the Freemasons and those who call themselves "Jews" but are not. These two visibly organized forces against the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ have made a religion of Naturalism. Borrowing from the Old Testament and Egyptian religions, these two organized forces work to dominate the world and to proclaim in the very near future their Luciferian king, the Antichrist.

What is the rôle to be played by the followers of Jesus Christ in all this?

There is only one divine plan for world order. There is only one "one world government" willed by God and which is super-natural and supra-national. This one world government is a theocratic government as opposed to the one world government shaping the world by its intrigue, planned revolutions, murder and carnage.

If you were to ask almost any "Jew" what he thinks about `heaven,' he will tell you "It all ends here." The well-known television celebrity, Zionist-Atheist, Larry King stated to an inquirer after having made a remark to the extent that he obviously did not believe in God, that he "believes in the Jewish people." What does such a statement, aired into millions of American homes, imply?

It implies that Mr. Larry King not only does not believe in a Supreme Being, but that he has divinized the so-called "Jewish people" so that they are god!

This, of course, is pure pantheism which makes everything created a kind of on-going `emanation' of the `divine.'True Popes have incessantly insisted on the fact that the Catholic Church is the ark of salvation for all. The right order of the world requires the acceptance by all men of the Supernatural Order which is a participation in the inner life of the Blessed Trinity. So many Catholics today have fallen for the fine-sounding errors of the Talmudic-Masonic Naturalists. These last advocate in public a "pluralism" in religion and morality. Their true purpose is to destroy genuine religion and morality so that they can replace these with their own Satanic dogmas and morality. We, as Catholics, must ever be alert to distinguish clearly the difference between "Jewish Naturalism" and what is perceived as a "Jewish race." The first is what we are obliged to oppose as Catholics and genuine patriots. The second is what we are obliged to respect. As a `race' (It has never been reasonably proven that these people are a distinct race), these people have a natural right to respect just as any Arab, African, Oriental or European.

Besides, there are very grave reasons for doubting the veracity of the claims these people have been making for centuries. Claims, one might add, that have been blindly and unquestionably accepted by the majority of people on the sole basis of constant repetition.

It is to these people that should be attributed the saying "If you tell a big enough lie long enough, people will believe." It was not Hitler who invented this idea. We had already inherited this peculiar attitude long before Hitler or any similar scapegoat had entered the pages of human history.

A Rabbi who had converted to the Catholic Church had written in French some years ago the following observation. "The Pharisees, who formed the dominant sect in the last years of the political existence of our nation brought about a veritable religious revolution amongst the Jews who followed them. To the Church of Jesus Christ, which is the development of the historical Synagogue of Israel, to that Church which had its origin in Jerusalem and had at first no adherents other than the descendents of Abraham, the proud and perverse Pharisees set up in opposition a false foreign Synagogue, founded on traditions of their own fabrication and on arbitrary interpretations and hair-splitting decisions, dictated by their hypocritical zeal ( cfr.St. Mark, 8, 9, and St. Matthew 15, 9). This has been for our unhappy nation `a root bringing forth gall and bitterness' (Deut. 29, 18) " ( De L'Harmonie entre l'Eglise et la Synagogue by the Catholic ex-Rabbi Drach).

The truth has been obfuscated by the fanatical shouts of "Anti-Semitism" whenever anyone would attempt to point out the objective facts, whether that person be considered by these people as "Jew" or "Gentile."

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