Modern Hedonism and Murder

Fr. Giles O.F.M.

Recently I saw on the news a small segment about a pro-life "anti-abortion" web site that was being sued for inciting violence against abortionists. I visited that web site _ "The Nuremberg Files" _ and did not see what I was led to believe was there. From the bit of news that I saw, I expected to see a site that said, "go out and find these people and teach them a lesson, by threatening them, wounding and/or killing them." I did find a list of names, but the context in which these names were presented was not what the news would have lead me to believe. The ideas presented did appear to be a little naïve, but were not in my estimation in any way criminal.

From what I understood by reading this site, they believe that one day society will turn around and will declare that abortion is murder, and at this time it will be necessary to bring these murderers, "abortionists" to trial. To do this it will be necessary to have evidence in order to prove a case against them. And having learned from the history of the Nuremberg trials, that after the fact information is often not available, they were just trying to secure information while it is available. Whether the Nuremberg trials were just or not is a topic for another time. These people believe that information was destroyed and justice was frustrated, and they wish to prevent the same thing from happening again. They logically compare the murder of 46 million unborn children a year to the alleged "holocaust". And just as one day the alleged perpetrators of the "holocaust" were brought to trial so one day the abortionists murderers will be brought to trial.

Therefore this website encouraged the collection of facts concerning all those who promote and perform abortions, so that complete dossiers will always be available. I did not see anything that suggested that individuals should take the law into their own hands and physically harm these people. On the contrary I saw an attempt to work within the legal system, even though the legal system is obviously corrupt for making murder _"abortion" _ "legal" in the first place.

I logged on to this website in the morning, and by that evening when I wished to study this matter more, I could not access the site. It seems that evil has won out again. There was also another site "The Nuremberg Files: Visualize Abortionists on Trial." According to "REUTERS", Horsley (the man who created "The Nuremberg Files: Visualize Abortionists on Trial") said that His site was not the same as "The Nuremberg Files" site that was the subject of the federal court case. Yet, this site too was no longer accessible. It seems that the provider just discontinued the site without any explanation.

Horsley's site contained pictures of unborn baby parts, and was not for the faint of heart, but it showed the entire issue in its naked truth _ this is nothing short of the murder of unborn children (human beings). Horsley is looking for a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) now, and the web site should be back up in several days.

What I find most baffling is: one web site's publishers lose a suit against them because they publish the names of these murderers and places where they work, yet another site that is "pro-choice" _ anti-life can publish the same information legally with no repercussions. All this information is publicly available elsewhere. I have come across sites on the Internet that are "pro-choice" _ anti-life that openly list the addresses of places in every state where one can have her child legally murdered. And there is a ton of legal advise for minors on their "right" to murder their unborn children, and lists of the steps they should take to commit this dastardly deed.

When I try to imagine 46 million murdered infants a year, it is most sickening. How can people do such things? What can these people possibly be thinking? I know the murderers will come forth with many "reasons" _ "over-population", "unwanted children", poverty, disease, unwed mothers, etc. _ and they will say that I just don't understand. It's not that I don't understand, it is just that their arguments are not logical. I understand perfectly, they just don't want to admit the truth.

It basically all boils down to the fact that we are self-centered hedonists. We do not know the meaning of love, we only lust. We live beneath our dignity as human beings made in the image and likeness of God. We want to forget about God and all morality. We only want what gives us pleasure and we refuse whatever causes us difficulty or pain. We refuse to accept a child that God gives us as the result of our own sinful lusts. And as an expression of this hatred of God and of the ways of God, and essentially of ourselves (who are made in the image and likeness of God) we murder and destroy all that He has given us, and all that should be sacred to us.

Granted the situation of an unwed mother is not a pleasant one, but neither is the situation of fornication or adultery. The problem is not the child, the problem is the self-centered hedonistic pursuit of pleasure. God's laws and natural law are the only safe and reasonable ways to follow. Children need two parents _ a father and a mother. It is obviously sinful therefore to have sexual gratification outside of marriage. Just think about it for a minute, what is the purpose of sexual intercourse?
Obviously the purpose is procreation, having children. Children need a stable home with a father and mother who will always be there for them, if they are to develop in this world in a healthy manner. So therefore even before children are brought into this world (conceived _ not born) this stable environment of a family must be established. There must be a contract (marriage) which binds the man and woman together, before the children are conceived, or more correctly before the pleasures of married life are exercised.

The world will have us believe that it is perfectly normal for any "healthy" person to indulge in sexual intercourse, whether he or she is married or not, because it is "natural". And the so called "nobler" among the world will tell us to "just practice safe sex." What do they mean by "safe sex"? In short they are referring to "birth control" and if that fails "abortion." What is this "birth control" other than ways to frustrate the natural functions of our reproductive systems? Think about how illogical this is. What would happen if we sought out ways to frustrate the natural functions of our digestive systems? Or our circulatory systems? Or our nervous systems? Or our skeletal systems?

People who abuse their digestive systems by enjoying the pleasure of eating and then frustrating the digestive process, are sick _ unhealthy _ or unnatural. We do not seek to have everyone live this way, on the contrary, we try to help these people, and discourage others from making the same mistake. Why do we act so contrary to natural law and right reason when it comes to our reproductive systems? Everyone is expected to frustrate their reproductive systems, both the married and the single. And when you frustrate God's plan there are consequences to pay, both in this life and in the next. The hedonistic Epicureans, the anorexic and the bulimic, suffer terribly in this world, both physically and morally. Physically their bodies are deprived of the nutrients they need, so they become weak, morally they know they are not living correctly and become disgusted with themselves, they begin to lose self-esteem and start to hate themselves and many will often become suicides. If we open up our eyes and look objectively we will see that the same thing occurs to those who frustrate the other bodily functions that God has given us, especially those of the reproductive organs.

Those who practice self-abuse, and birth control, know that they are frustrating nature's _ i.e. God's plan. Their consciences, if they will listen, will not fail to rebuke them. There is a sense of shame that overcomes them, even though the world and the demons tell them that what they are doing is perfectly normal. Instead of listening to their consciences, which are so painful to them, they seek to silence their consciences by diving deeper into their lustful self-gratifications. And with this attitude it naturally follows that if nature takes its course and a child is conceived then he/she must be killed and forgotten as soon as possible.

Society encourages sexual gratification, while at the same time it discourages the consequences of it. This leaves us in a very difficult position of "damned if you do and damned if you don't" This is the devil's trap not God's. Those who fall into this trap are very unhappy, despite whatever they may tell you. The proof is all around us. Young and unmarried people turn to drugs, alcohol, rebellion, and suicide to avoid their unhappiness. Married people seek divorces and extramarital affairs, trying to run away from their misery. Broken families, spouse abuse, child abuse, drugs, alcohol, crime, and suicide, all are running rampant in the world today because we are constantly trying to frustrate the natural consequences of our actions and are therefore unhappy, because we are sinning against God.

We must stop being hedonists _ seeking only self-gratification at any cost. This has only brought us misery and despair. It is not wrong for us to enjoy the natural pleasures that God gives us, as long as we do it according to His plan. On the contrary when we follow Our Lord's plan we will not only enjoy the natural pleasures He gives us, but also a peace and contentment that comes from a clear conscience.

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