The Bishop Speaks


It has taken thousands of years for the followers of Antichrist to prepare his throne. Ever since that momentous first act of disobedience when Lucifer hurled his defiant scream at Truth and Love: “I will not serve!” - hell was created and so was the first ‘computer virus.’

St. Peter was not yet born, nor were his words echoing down the pages of time when man’s adversary, the devil, was already thundering like a roaring lion or slithering like a sneaky snake - seeking whom he may devour. He has devoured milliards (billions) of men during all that time and it is upon their bones and souls that he establishes his kingdom.

Whom would Lucifer not serve? Obviously, being the highest of the Seraphim there was only the Supreme Being, the Divine Trinity, above him. Whom, then, could he have possibly refused to serve? In order to understand the present and the future, it is imperative to understand the past.

Between the beginning and the end lies the middle of the journey. And, if we don’t know where and why we came from anyplace, it is impossible to know where we are going. What happens to the middle - the journey itself? It can only degenerate into an aimless trip, like floating on a vast sea of existence in a ship without a rudder.

There are men who have raised ignorance to the height of fashionable wisdom. They call themselves ‘evolutionists.’ Every Communist is an evolutionist, but not every evolutionist is a Communist. It would probably be more correct to explain the ‘big bang’ theory of these evolutionists by saying that it was caused by Satan’s scream of defiant disobedience. But, then, the evolutionist would still have to explain away Satan himself. This is only reasonable because like his mentor Lucifer, the pseudo-scientist has to explain away any being superior to himself. For, self-love cannot tolerate anything more lovable than itself. And, this is the essence of what we mistakenly call ‘paganism.’

We have already seen that the Antichrist first eliminates the supernatural. Through his followers, Antichrist (Lucifer: whether through his own ‘incarnation’ or through a ‘vicar’ not unlike the Vicar of Jesus Christ) has reduced all religion to naturalism. When religion is reduced to the level of naturalism, it is reduced to that state of human nature which we call ‘fallen nature.’ In this state, man is all mixed up; he is ‘unhealthy’ in mind and body; he mistakes ‘order’ for ‘disorder,’ and ‘disorder’ for ‘order!’

This is the ‘natural man,’ the ‘carnal man’ of which St. Paul speaks. This is the man who starts wars; kills his brother and rapes his brother’s wife (Unless, of course, it’s a Brother from the same Lodge - then he shouldn’t do this knowingly.)

Having systematically and painstakingly separated the supernatural goal of man from a natural goal, Antichrist is now able to accelerate the next step: arrogating to himself Christ’s place. Putting it in plainer words: Lucifer pushes Christ out and takes His place.

Throughout the ages, the disciples of Antichrist (Lucifer) have resorted to brute force and every imaginable cruelty, but with little success. All they did was create martyrs. They discovered that this is not the best way to go because the example of martyrs do not frighten people into submission, it only sparks a fury of mounting resistance which eventually explodes and turns upon the murderers. Human nature may have fallen, but there is still a fairly good amount of decency that can be summoned in an emergency. Therefore: No martyrs! The opposition must be neutralized by a more subtle and ‘clean’ form of assassination: character assassination.

When a person has been ‘assassinated’ in his character, that is, his good name and reputation in his community destroyed, he’s as good as dead. This is why those who stand for Christ - not just ‘God’ (‘God’ could mean anything and nothing) must be eliminated because they stand in the way of Antichrist’s rise to total power. May I suggest a few examples?

For example: How many Catholics are familiar with the life of St. Paul? How many people have any idea of what the first martyr of the New Testament said to his executioners before he was stoned to death? Do they even know his name?! The first Christian martyr was St. Stephen.

How many saints who were true heroes and heroines of the supernatural life do Catholics know, admire, and genuinely strive to imitate? If you could gather up all such Catholics from all parts of the world, you might have a small handful! This is not a pessimistic evaluation, it is a realistic count.

Let us assume - and this is a big assumption, that there are a goodly number of people who still honor the saints, honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ. If there are a billion Roman Catholics in the world (as it is claimed statistically) then why is it that the far smaller number of dedicated antichrists have more influence upon society than the Christians?

How many people remember Fr. Coughlin? The organized antichrists do! They still do and watch carefully so that no one else might catch on to their Satanic schemes. Mr. Patrick Buchanan who is currently a candidate for the presidency of the United States is being viciously maligned by these antichrists not because he is “Pat Buchanan” but because of what he represents. He represents opposition not to the good of society and the country as a whole, but he represents, at least to some extent, the positive good of Christianity!

To impress upon you the unrelenting activity of the antichrists, allow me to ask another question. Many will know the answer, especially those who know us because we have been instrumental in reviving an interest in this next great fighter for Christ: Rev. Dr. Dennis Fahey, C.S. Sp.

Fr. Fahey’s books should be the ‘daily bread’ of every Christian. Yet, even his own community of Holy Ghost Fathers in Ireland ridiculed him - at least that is the impression given me when I met an Irish Holy Ghost Father in the Pittsburgh Airport some years ago.

Heresiarchs are seldom converted from their errors to the truth; but many heretics are converted because, at bottom, they are generally decent people who have been deceived and led astray. Heresiarchs are the leaders of heretics and therefore, they are obstinate in their errors. They are obstinate in their errors because they have made some kind of pact with the devil which they will not reveal even to their followers. Their followers believe in the mask, because the mask presents an apparent good to them. Only when the mask is removed, and the ugliness of the hidden reality is seen will the heretics abandon their false leaders and return to Christ and His true representatives.

Every antichrist arrogates to himself the authority of Jesus Christ. But, the minister of Christ never speaks unless it be in the name of Christ because he is sent by Christ.

Every antichrist will shout ‘Lord, Lord’ - and then selects from the message that which is useful to him, not to the people; the minister of Christ, will deliver the message intact because he knows he is only the messenger. The first is a naturalist; the second is a supernaturalist. The first appoints himself; the second is appointed by Christ. The first promotes the Antichrist; the second promotes the Christ.

It was already pointed out that the Antichrist’s program does not deny God. It destroys the supernatural, reducing everything to a natural level. This is the reason why even the Holy Scriptures are treated as if they were the creation of man, and not the inspired word of God. When naturalism reigns, and when Catholics no longer see clearly with supernatural vision (the work of God’s grace), they have no reluctance nor shame in following leaders that speak of the possibility of worshipping different gods. Note, for example, the words of a man who is (or was until his death) obeyed implicitly by many ‘Catholics’:

“Now I know that there are still millions of devout Catholics, fundamentalist Protestants, and faithful Jews in this country who still believe unquestioningly in the Divine Truths and powers which their Bibles reveal to them, and whose conduct and relations with their fellow men are guided strictly by the precepts of their religious faith - or who at least feel that they have sinned whenever they have transgressed such precepts as understood by their consciences. I have hundreds of good friends in those categories, including some in this room.

Let all of us thank what God we severally worship that there is so large a remnant of the really true believers still left.” (Robert Welch, The Blue Book p. 47).

Robert Welch, as some may know, is the Freemason who together with other Freemasons founded the “John Birch Society.” Now, Fr. Fahey expressly pin-pointed who the enemies of Christ really are: He did this superbly in a work entitled “The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism.”

In the DEDICATION, Fr. Fahey quotes from Cardinal Pie of Poitiers concerning the Kingship of Christ on Naturalism

“Naturalism is more than a heresy: it is pure undiluted antichristianism. Heresy denies one or more dogmas; Naturalism denies that there are any dogmas or that there can be any. Heresy alters more or less what God has revealed; Naturalism denies the very existence of revelation. It follows that the inevitable law and the obstinate passion of Naturalism is to dethrone Our Lord Jesus Christ and to drive Him from the world. This will be the task of Antichrist and it is Satan’s supreme ambition…..The great obstacle to the salvation of the men of our day, as the Vatican Council points out in the first Constitution on Doctrine, what hurls more people into hell nowadays than at any other epoch, is Rationalism or Naturalism…. Naturalism strives with all its might to exclude Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our One Master and Savior, from the minds of men as well as from the daily lives and habits of peoples, in order to set up the reign of reason or of nature. Now, wherever the breath of Naturalism has passed, the very source of Christian life is dried up. Naturalism means complete sterility in regard to salvation and eternal life.” (From: The Kingship of Christ according to Cardinal Pie of Poitiers, pp.57,58).

What Cardinal Pie had spoken of so many years ago, has become a reality: Jesus Christ, the Man-God, has been separated from His role as Mediator between God and man, man and God. The supernatural order has been undermined and eliminated so that the supernatural life of grace is almost extinct.

How can the Kingship of Christ be established when even those who openly claim allegiance to Him, secretly plot and conspire with His organized enemies?

The next step in the dethronement of Jesus Christ, after having separated Him and His supernatural influence in the life of individuals and all of society by reducing religion to nothing more than natural subjectivism “Let us all thank whatever God we severally worship…” (Words of Robert Welch as contained in ‘The Blue Book’) is to replace Him.

As you can see from the absurd statements made by Robert Welch, antichrists are not anti-God: they have no problem mentioning familiar religious words which, upon analysis are devoid of any real objective meaning. They do have a problem recognizing Jesus Christ as the Incarnate Son of God. The Antichrist not only recognizes God, but he even recognizes a certain relationship between man and the Supreme Being. He even attributes his worldly success to the blessing of the Almighty. The Antichrist only separates Christ from all religion.

The Antichrist leaves religion alone; he even supports it. But there is one thing that the Antichrist cannot bear and that is that Christ should be adored in this religion.

Whatever reminds men of Christ; whatever shows forth Christ - all this, in the mind of the Antichrist, must disappear.

The goal of the Antichrist is to create a Christianity without Christ.

The Antichrist destroys supernatural truth in religion, thereby making it a one-sided affair. Religion becomes a natural out-reach of the human heart for help. But, who will hear man’s sighs? Religion is a relationship between two persons. If there is only one person, he is talking to himself! Man’s soul cannot remain bottled up upon itself. This is where madness has its beginnings. So, the question must be asked again: If there is a religion, then there must be a second person partaking of this relationship. Once Jesus Christ is eliminated, who takes His place in this relationship: Why of course: ANTICHRIST!

Everyone in the service of the Antichrist considers Jesus Christ as only a beginner of the process of redemption. Thus, the Muslims have no problem seeing in Christ a ‘good man,’ a ‘prophet,’ etc. The Talmudists might even concede that at best He might have been a ‘good man,’ although terribly mixed up. One Rabbi ridiculed Catholicism as not much more than a little man (St. Francis of Assisi) sentimentally attached to another man hanging from a cross. Whatever the explanation, the conclusion will always be the same: Jesus only began the work of bringing universal peace and prosperity to mankind. This work will be completed by the Antichrist.

The antichrists promote the idea that Jesus failed in this because He was not meant to complete the work of bringing universal peace and prosperity to mankind. In fact, Jesus failed in this because, according to the mind of the antichrists, He preached moral goodness and showed this moral goodness in His life, and in this way was nothing more than a temporary ‘repairman.’

The Antichrist promises to give mankind everything it needs. He will become the great benefactor, while Christ was the great tyrant Who demanded so much. This promise and accusation of the Antichrists is echoed in all his subordinate antichrists. According to them, Jesus divided people into ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ The Antichrist promises to unite them all through good works which the good and the bad need. The Antichrist aspires to be that ‘true advocate’ between that God, Who ‘makes the sun to shine on the good and the bad, Whose rain falls upon the just and the unjust.’ The Antichrist’s message is that ‘Christ brought the sword, but I bring you peace.’ “He (that is, Christ) threatened you with a terrible Last Judgment. But, I will be the final judge, and my judgment will not only be true, but it will be full of mercy. Justice will reign over my judgment; not punishment, but distributive justice.” Everything that the Antichrist promises and does will be a constant effort to usurp Christ’s place not only in the minds of men, but also in the historical order of life.

These sentiments of the Antichrist are deduced from the activity around us. They are found in the apostate Church wherein the existence of hell as a place of permanent punishment is denied. Truly, the god of the antichrists - Antichrist himself - will bring everyone to his ‘heaven’ because he is so full of love and mercy that he could not possibly punish anyone. How often have you heard this? How often have you seen this idea expressed in apostate funeral services where the deceased is already canonized? Does this not express the thought of the Antichrist? The modern ‘god’ of the antichrists ruling Rome today, is not a god who punishes, but only a god who rewards according to need. If the god of Rome ‘punishes,’ it is only those ‘old-fashioned Catholics’ who still cling to their ‘crucified Christ’ in the Mass. Only these are punished and ostracized until they clear their minds of every Catholic notion.

Rome and Jerusalem are two key religious places in the world. Their importance as geographical and economic locations is not what gives them their importance. As an ancient seat of imperial power, Rome itself has long ago become a tourist’s curiosity. What does the present Rome have that would make it important to the Antichrist? The only importance that Rome has for the Antichrist is that it is the visible, historic symbol of the one true Church.  What could the Antichrist possibly want with Rome? Yet, he must want something there so much that the Mother of God had to appear to several French children with a frightening message of warning: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist.” (Sept.19.1846, La Salette, France). We have the key here: If Rome is going to lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist, then, it can only be because Rome is where the seat of Christ’s Vicar is.

If the Antichrist makes his throne in Rome it can only mean that the symbolism of Rome is destroyed! The Antichrist seeks to usurp in Rome, that which makes Rome ‘eternal’ - The Seat of Christ’s Vicar.

The Pope’s throne is the visible sign of a spiritual kingdom. But, the Popes have been exiled from Rome for some time now. The most perfect way of exiling the Successor of St. Peter is by replacing him with impostors. As long as the impostor is recognized as a ‘Pope’ by the deceived masses, the Chair of Rome will remain vacant even though the Chair in Rome is ‘occupied.’ Yet, there is an essential distinction to be made here.

Rome is the spiritual center of the world. It is an historical symbol. It is a sign that Christ’s kingdom is not only awaited, but is an actually present reality taking place on our earth in time and space. The papal seat is the visible sign of this reality.

But, as was already stated, the Popes have been exiled from Rome long ago - at least since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, the Cardinals placed an impostor on the Chair in Rome. There is a difference between the Chair in Rome and the Chair of St. Peter. An impostor can always seat himself or be seated by someone else on the Chair in Rome; but no one but a legitimate successor of St. Peter can sit in the Chair of Peter.

The “Chair of Peter” differs from the “Chair in Rome” as body differs from soul. When the body is alive, it is because the soul gives it life. The Chair of Peter is the teaching, sanctifying and governing authority bequeathed to the Church by Jesus Christ through the Apostles.

This ‘Chair’ is not confined to any geographical location. Historically, the Chair of Peter was forced to move from Rome on several occasions. As much as the geographical place is dear to Roman Catholics, Rome loses its importance the moment that Peter’s successor is gone. This is why, whenever a legitimate Pope dies, there is an heavy feeling of loss until a new Pope is elected.

All human interference aside, the only serious consideration for the supernaturally motivated Roman Catholic is that the new occupant of the Chair of Peter be legitimate and orthodox. This two-fold condition is necessary because a Pope is not only the Vicar of Jesus Christ in which case orthodoxy in doctrine and discipline are essential; but the Pope is also the Head of State - the Vatican State. And therefore, he is the Head administrator of all Church properties, just as the Bishop is the sole teacher and administrator of all Church property in his territory, though in a relatively subordinate position to the Pope. For, even though, as Pope Pius XII stated in his Encyclical letter on the Church, both Pope and Bishop receive their respective authority directly from the Holy Ghost, nevertheless, the Bishop is subordinate to the Pope. For this reason, a Bishop is bound in conscience to obey a legitimate Pope, not so much in order to be ‘politically correct,’ as it is because ‘Peter speaks through the Pope’ and Peter is the Rock upon which the Church was built and will perdure until the end of time.

The taking over of Jerusalem by the antichrists is yet another effort to take over that place where Jesus was born, lived, suffered, died and arose from the dead. But, our Lord is no longer in those places which His physical presence made holy. It is no complicated matter to enter the holy places in and around Jerusalem with armed soldiers accustomed to shooting unarmed children and occupy them.

But, such an act is ludicrous. It’s like forcing one’s way into a house through a wide open door. Our Lord left all these things behind when He ascended into heaven. Our Lord left this world in His human form and left these places vacant. Human beings have a distinct tendency of enshrining things because it is far easier to enshrine things, than to actually imitate the virtues of the person. Thus, we collect relics of saints and we display them. But we do not emulate the virtues of these saints. The danger of sacramentals is that they easily replace the very thing they are intended to foster: imitation ( which is the sincerest form of flattery).

This does not mean that we should follow the false path of the Modernist iconoclasts by destroying the physical remains of those whom we love and respect. It is always the excess that must be controlled. Jesus, for example, left these places once occupied by Him to anyone who would wish to take them.

After the Ascension, our Lord’s influence on the world is no longer visible as before. His influence now is through the Holy Ghost. The faith of those who believe in Him and confess Him now constitutes the visible sign of His influence. The Antichrist knows this. That is why he is determined to drive Christ out of the hearts of the people.

Notwithstanding all the efforts of the Antichrist to efface every sign of the presence of Christ from the face of the earth, he will not succeed. He will only succeed in despoiling all the physical signs of His having come, having lived, having suffered, died and resurrected from the dead. He can tear down all the holy signs of His having been here, but he cannot tear out of the hearts of the true faithful their love for Him.

Many will have silently suffered the destruction of the tangible signs of His presence as they are forced to witness the buildings dedicated to His worship used as supermarkets, art galleries and theaters. This, the people will tolerate because they know these things are not the essence of religion. But, they will not tolerate the Antichrist’s attempt to eliminate His presence in their hearts!

It is true, only a small group with its spiritual leaders will resist this insinuation of the Antichrist to take the place of Jesus Christ in their minds and hearts. Without this, all the Antichrist’s ‘victories’ over the material symbols of the true faith become hollow victories.

Nevertheless, this effort on the part of the Antichrist is significant. It is significant in that it teaches us something which many fail to keep in mind: When Christ is forced out, a vacuum does not result; immediately, the Antichrist enters in.

Wherever Christ withdraws, the Antichrist enters. Every time that Christ is expelled from the heart, by that very act, the Antichrist takes over. Recall that it was said that religion is a relationship between two persons. Necessarily then,. if man withdraws himself from Christ, he forms a relationship with Antichrist. If a man pushes the Lamb out of his consciousness and his life, this void is filled by the Beast and his false prophet.

It is impossible to remain only on the human level of religion. The higher actuality we call “supernatural” is unavoidable. This supernatural element in life will always be either the reality of Christ or of Antichrist. The importance of this fundamental truth lies in this: There cannot be any experimentation in Christianity that would return life to its natural level, divorcing it from the supernatural element which Christ has given it.

Properly speaking, this is the war we are now engaged in: the war against LAICISM. Every battle against heretics and schismatics is, essentially, a war against those who would destroy the supernatural order established by the God-Man, Jesus Christ. If one were to ask: “What is the essential characteristic of the Second Vatican Council and its aftermath?” few people would know the answer. Some will say that the destruction of the Mass is the outstanding characteristic; others will pick something else. I have yet to see in print anyone who would put his finger on the very essence from which all the rest as effect from cause.

Laicism is the very foundation of all heresy, past, present and future. What is ‘Laicism?’ It is the reducing of the supernatural sacred authority of the Church to the natural interests of the laity. From this flows the plague of laypeople teaching and governing the Church, either directly or indirectly. It is turning the Church upside down: Instead of the right order of the “Learning Church” and the “Teaching Church,” we now have the “Learning Church” teaching the “Teaching Church”! This phenomenon, oddly enough, is most evident where it would least be expected: among those who would call themselves ‘Catholic Traditionalists’ but are guided more by ambitious laymen than by any legitimate representative of the Teaching, Sanctifying and Governing hierarchy. What ‘traditionalists’ claim to resent the most in the Conciliar Church is what they themselves practice the most: supernatural disobedience to Jesus Christ through disobedience to His ministers.

Even those who would rather deny and reject right reason just to fancy themselves ‘Catholic’ (because they ‘recognize’ Peter in the present occupant of the Chair in Rome) are forced to lament his laicizing ecumenism by inventing excuses for failure to do what a pope is supposed to do.

This war is not against any kind of earthly reality as even people of good will often depict it, but it is a fight for Christ - for His presence and activity in history through His rightful ministers.

The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ is divided into two distinct categories: the laity and the priesthood. Both are of divine origin, just as all right order is of divine origin in the ultimate analysis.

The promise of the Antichrist to bring ‘freedom, equality and fraternity’ is aimed at the order established by God: at the Roman Catholic Church and through Her the right order in society.

Antichrist always suggests disorder under the deceptive offer of ‘order’ through equality. ‘You are all equal!’ declares the Antichrist to the masses. Almost immediately, the masses turn into a murdering mob. Antichrist rejoices, because he has succeeded in getting the otherwise sane people to act insanely against their constituted leaders. Once the legitimate leaders of the people are ousted, Antichrist replaces them with his own, loyal ‘equal’ subjects. They begin to call each other ‘comrade,’ ‘citizen,’ and -‘guy!’ Nevertheless, the new rulers placed over the ‘equalized’ people still require that they be addressed as ‘Your Honor,’ and ‘Your Excellency’ - as is the case when standing before a judge or addressing an ambassador representing a civil authority. Disrespect for God-established authority whether civil or religious, is encouraged in many refined ways because we all know that once respect is gone, obedience goes with it. “Familiarity breeds contempt” is an adage that proves itself true too often.

The redeemed world - all of it -can never become ambiguous regards to Christ. It can never be merely natural, without a bond with the supernatural. Whenever it attempts this, it straight away falls into the supernatural sphere. Lamentably, not Christ’s but Antichrist’s.

Just as it is impossible to avoid denying Christ by seeing only His human nature, so, too, it is impossible to avoid denying Christianity by seeing it only as a natural reality: Seeing in it only a human institution, or its cultural values. Certainly, these elements do exist in Christianity, just as human nature existed in Christ. From this point of view laicism makes a correct observation. However, this natural, human side of Christianity cannot be separated from its supernatural, divine side. In the same way, the humanity of Jesus Christ cannot be separated from His divinity.


Every attempt to separate the human from the divine is essentially a denial even of the human element, because it separates Christ from it and therewith invites the Antichrist who finally destroys all that is human. This is why the war against laicism is, in its depths, a war FOR GOD and FOR MAN. It is truly a war for divinized humanity in history. As St. Paul says: “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against princes and principalities, the rulers of this world of darkness, the evil spirits in regions above.” (Eph. 6, 12).


The devil usurps Christ’s place. As the Russian writers and philosophers Soloviev and Dostoievsky have described him: The devil usurps Christ’s throne not by virtue of natural progress as if by his personal holiness, or by perfecting nature and its elevation. No. The devil takes Christ’s place BY FORCE.

Soloviev depicts the Antichrist as rising to the heights of political power - even to the point of becoming the ruler of the world. This is amazingly perceptive for a man who died on September 12, 1900! - a full eighteen years before the bloody overthrow of legitimate government by Khazar-Masonic anti-Russian elements. From that time on - even to the present day - the demonic rules Russia and has spread throughout the globe. It has overthrown governments worldwide through its terrorism and wars.


What Soloviev and perhaps others foresaw has almost completely taken place in our lifetime. Little remains before the Antichrist is revealed because, as it was previously stated, that power which restrains the almost unopposed march forward of the organized forces of the Antichrist has been removed: “Rome has lost the faith and has become the seat of Antichrist” not only as foretold by the Blessed Mother at La Salette in 1846, but as we who still have the true faith are able to determine by the simple application of sound reason and sound theology to the virtually complete transformation of once-members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ into servants of Antichrist.

Soloviev symbolically points to the characteristics of political power as an ideal means for the fulfillment of the Antichrist’s goals. Politics and force are essentially joined together. Political means are always forceful means. This is the basis of political power. Political organizations and political institutions do not ask, they do not seek to persuade: they simply COMMAND. Everyone of them expresses itself in the form of ‘laws.’ And every law is made to be obeyed.

The law cares nothing about the people who have to obey it: whether it is of any value or just. The law requires compliance, independently of the subjective convictions of the persons obeying it.

Whoever refuses to obey the law is punished. Behind every law there stands a policeman and jail. To hold political power means to have the power to force people. This is why St. Paul tells the people to fear the authorities “because it is not for nothing that they wield the sword” (Rom.13,4).

True, St. Paul also states: “Let everyone obey the authorities that are over them, for there is no authority except from God.” (Ibid. 13,1). But he also gives the reason for earthly authority: “For it is God’s minister to thee for good. But if thou dost evil, fear, for not without reason does it carry the sword. For it is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who does evil.” (Ibid.134).

In other words, authority leads a man to do good, and punishes those who do evil. Force is its means of representing God on earth. Without a doubt, the Christian must obey the authorities, as St. Paul says: “Wherefore you must needs be subject, not only because of the wrath, but also for conscience.” (Ibid. 13,5). However this obedience in conscience does not eliminate the element of political pressure. It only makes it so that the law-abiding Christian does not require the civil authority to force compliance, simply because he obeys the law conscientiously. Nevertheless, the political wrath does not cease to exist for all of that.

It cannot be doubted that in many human situations physical force is necessary and good. In this sense, every earthly government can be considered from God as long as it remains within its proper bounds and sphere of competency. But, the temptation is always there to go beyond the limits of earthly power and attempt to embrace every aspect of life.

Practically every politician falls into this trap. Since all aspects of life are to be found in a State, the earthly ruler thinks that they are all subjected to him. This is why the ruler of the State begins to think that he is entitled or empowered to order everything politically, that is, by the use of force. Religion, morality, education, art, social relations, charitable works - all become a political field and an object of politics.

Force enters these fields and expels freedom and self-determination from them. This is the reason why this kind of authority which has gone beyond its area of competency CEASES TO BE FROM GOD.


This is the reason why antichrist forces seek to spread politics into every human activity and use political means to control them. In order to effect uniformity in religion, the Antichrist pressures especially the Roman Catholic Church either to submit to him or face the ugly prospect of violence and massacre.

The so-called ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Bosnia is nothing more than the organized antichrists’ means of imposing a religion upon all members of those diverse societies existing there.

Actually, the only objectively true religion there is not Muslim religion nor the Orthodox religion, but the Roman Catholic religion.

Often, the antichrists are willing to sacrifice the pawns of their side in order to win a more certain victory over the true Christians. When you make a war appear ‘political,’ you are able with less public outcry to proceed in a war that is secretly RELIGIOUS.

The reason every war is a religious war is because it is a war of one ideology warring against another until it finds expression in overt violence. Essentially, it is a war between ‘God and Mammon.’

Because the Antichrist believes in God and hates Jesus Christ, he is more than willing to help his associates in false religions shed the blood of Christians - even though it will entail offering human sacrifices to himself from among his own. As crude and cruel as this may sound, this is the higher truth of the matter. Don’t expect the organizers of this human sacrifice to admit it.

This has been the way of King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth and every tyrannical government wherever the antichrists have been able to infiltrate. Lucifer is the invisible Antichrist and those who have usurped political power by whatever means are the visible antichrists.

Those who are organized are the Zionists and Freemasons. These are the liars and murderers who are guilty of all the innocent blood that has ever been spilled. They are the visible, organized forces of Antichrist. They proclaim ‘naturalism,’ but in reality can only succumb to the supernaturalism of Satan. Which they do.

This is why unrestrained political force extends itself to mass murder. The perpetrators of such heinous deeds attempt to dissimulate and hide behind the henchmen they send to do the deed, and heap lying accusations against their victims for trying to defend themselves from these psychopathic killers.

For this reason, they still throw out such buzzwords as “the Crusades” - to divert the uninformed and naïve to believe that the Catholic Church is a Church of cruelty, whereas, Her use of the armed forces of Christendom were to secure the safety of citizens of civilized nations against these barbarians who embraced Talmudism. Pilgrims were being robbed, murdered and sold into slavery by these Askenazi Khazars who lived between Turkey and the gateway to Europe.

The antichrists give the order to kill all those Christians who refuse to bow to the false god who sits in the holy place and gives himself off to be God.

Wherever in history we observe the usurper’s spirit, led by force and political means, there we will find the footprint of the Antichrist. The organized agents of the invisible Antichrist, Lucifer, work to seize legitimate authority wherever they can with the ultimate goal of establishing a One World Government where Antichrist will rule not only as earthly pontentate, but also as god! In a word, the Antichrist will demand that “every knee shall bend in heaven, on earth and under the earth” as we are commanded by the Holy Ghost to do in honor of the Man-God, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, do not be deceived when the antichrists use the name of God, thinking that they are God-fearing people. Their true god is Lucifer and the only light they can shed on the earth is the darkness which is an essential property of their religion.

These individuals or groups of individuals represent what may aptly be called “The Church of Disobedience” as opposed to “The Church of Obedience” - the faithful who obey God in Jesus Christ. For Jesus has said: “He who sees me, sees the Father Who sent me.” Consequently, whoever will not see Jesus, that is, accept Him as the incarnate Second Person of the Divine Trinity, cannot ‘see’ the true God!

So, too, he who sees the antichrists at work must certainly see the father who has sent them.

Unlike Jesus Christ, Who seeks universal obedience through love and self-discipline, the Antichrist seeks obedience through force because he does not love!

We have seen the first sign preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ: the preaching of the Gospel throughout the world, has been done. The other sign, namely, the appearance of Elias and Henoch have been shown to be too controversial to be considered as signs.

In this present issue, we have considered the Great Apostasy from the true Faith and the appearance of the Antichrist. The Great Apostasy, too, is a fact. The Antichrist himself has not yet been announced in a way to dispel all doubt. For, keep in mind: doubtful signs are no signs.

Unlike many who have jumped to conclusions and see in John Paul II the ‘Antichrist’ are mistaken. He is nothing more than a pitiful precursor of the Antichrist. His role is only secondary: to prepare the way for the Antichrist, by emptying the minds and hearts of Roman Catholics of the true Christ abiding in them through grace, so as to make room for Lucifer, the true Antichrist.

In the next issue, we will consider another ‘sign of the end times’: The conversion of the Jews (Pharisee-Talmudists). We will see why this is considered one of the signs preceding the end of the world and Second Coming of Jesus Christ to finish His work of establishing the kingdom of God.

Let no one deceive you, dear readers, for we have already been warned by our Lord that many false prophets will arise and will show themselves to be so persuasive as to deceive, if it were possible, even the elect. If you are easily deceived, then you are not of the elect - unless between now and your death you become repentantly undeceived.

Only the members of the Mystical Body who have not fallen into heresy or schism are still among the elect. Likewise, those who, through no fault of their own, are unable to become members ‘in re’ (through actual reception of the Sacrament of Baptism) may still be among the elect by virtue of their desire for the Sacrament of Baptism.

Those who belong to the apostate Church and point their fingers at the small remnant of the faithful and accuse them of being ‘schismatics,’ (like the heretics of England who far outnumber the faithful Roman Catholics) are the real schismatics and heretics.

Their language betrays them; their own deeds denounce them. These false teachers represent the glaring proof of the invasion of the pulpit by laymen, just as the rabbis and lawyers replaced the Levitical priests of the Old Testament, and the ministers of the Protestant Rebellion replaced the priests according to the Order of Melchisedech in the New Testament.

There are some who fail to grasp this most fundamental error underming the mission of Jesus Christ in history: THE heresy is not the denial of the Church’s teaching that ‘outside the Church there is no salvation’ nor is it the ‘apostate ecumenism’ of traitorous ecclesiastics.

The essential heresy from which all the rest flow is: LAICISM.

Once this heresy takes root in the soul, it denies the essential teaching, sanctifying and governing authority in the Church. It replaces the ministers chosen by God with antichrist usurpers.

It is of these hypocrites that it is written: “Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord did we not prophesy in thy name, and cast out devils in thy name, and work many miracles in they name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity!’" (Matt. 7,22-23).

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