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Q. Does the Roman Catholic Church still believe that it is a mortal sin to actively and formally co-operate in religious services with heretics?

J.O., Hull, England

You are no doubt thinking of the large photograph of John Paul II kneeling in Canterbury Cathedral with Mr. Runcie (alias `Archbishop of Canterbury') which appeared in the Catholic Herald (Published in London) on the 23rd of May, 1997.

The photograph was published on the occasion of John Paul II's letter to George Basil Hume (Conciliar Cardinal of England) commemorating the 1,400th anniversary of St. Augustine's arrival in England to evangelize this island nation.

Underneath the photograph showing Karol Woytyla in papal robes and Mr. Runcie in the robes of an archbishop praying together in the Cathedral of Canterbury. The caption reads: "The Pope prays in Canterbury Cathedral with Archbishop Runcie. 15 years later, the call is still to remember our joint Christian heritage"

Of course, the photograph is of passing interest to all those whose knowledge of the Roman Catholic faith is small, and whose consequent living by the faith is smaller yet. It means a great deal to anyone holding to the true and Catholic faith and determined to live by it.

To Catholics whose allegiance is to the Roman Catholic Church and Her legitimate occupants of the Holy See, the photograph is an outrageous sign of apostasy on the part of the man who is held out to be a legitimate successor of St. Peter.

The entire photograph depicts a lie and a blasphemous assertion that there is some kind of mutual source for truth and error. The only mutual relationship between Mr. Runcie and Karol Woytyla is that they are both Freemasons. Therefore, both are working for the destruction of the Roman Catholic Church and the reign of Antichrist.

It is a waste of time to speak of `sin' regarding these religious apostates. The first one, Runcie, comes from a long line of apostates and murderers of Roman Catholic citizens of the British Realm. He cannot possibly be in the same line of `Christian heritage' as Roman Catholics.

Runice is not an `Archbishop' unless he is recognized by Sears and Roebuck. Other heretical sects have valid orders; but the State Church of England does not have a valid priesthood. This was all destroyed intentionally by the English Protestant reformers under King Henry VIII. In a word, these heretics have only a part of the container, but it is an empty container. Compare it to an empty glass of water. They have the glass, but is holds no water.

Unknown to many people in England is the fact that it is almost a `condition without which' one could not advance in the Church of England unless one were a high-ranking member of the anti-Christian sect of the Freemasons.

Is it a mortal sin to pray with heretics? Yes it is. And the sin is compounded when a person perceived to be the Chief Shepherd of the faithful flock publicly poses with heretics, thus giving grave scandal to those who follow him in such an outward display of religious indifference.

But, it would appear that this is more than ordinary religious indifference. Nay, it is more: It is the outright denial of authentic revelation confided by God to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church; it is a denial of papal teaching authority because Woytyla is denying by his actions the doctrinal teachings of a legitimate Pope, Pope Pius XII, in teaching the entire Church concerning the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

It cannot be repeated too often that those who are not united to this One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church which is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ (contrary to the heresies of Ratzinger and company that would have the true Church subsist in the Roman Catholic Church) cannot _ and I repeat _ cannot be living in the unity of such a Body, nor can they be living the life of its one Divine Spirit. Thus has the living Supreme Magisterium of the Church spoken through the mouth of Pope Pius XII.

This same teaching authority of the true and Catholic faith _ the Magisterium _ has likewise stated with the same infallible authority, making its own the words of the great doctor of grace, St. Augustine of Hippo: it is better "to be cured within the Church's community than to be cut off from its body as incurable members."

Runice and Woytyla are `incurable members' of this Mystical Body. They are the most despicable of human beings, far more insidious and evil than the most tyrannical government. The reason? Because governments can only destroy the body; these two (and others like them) do more harm: They destroy souls and plunge them into hell. And all this under the respectable appearance of `religion.' The heritage which Runcie and Woytyla jointly represent is not Christian, it is Luciferian.

Perhaps these simple and plain words might seem strong. They are only as simple and plain and strong as truth itself. If anyone be ashamed of them, then they have no business talking about `seeking truth' or anything even faintly resembling it.

Keep in mind that the true faith is the work of God's supernatural grace. No one can believe the true religion without this grace. If these men quibble about religious matters and entertain each other as equals, it can only be because they are not Christians, but servants of Lucifer where Masonic equality reigns supreme. Or, at least , that's what they would have us believe.

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