Advent of the Anti-Christ

After having considered other signs which theologians cite as preceding the Second Coming of Christ, namely, the great apostasy, conversion of the Israelites, turbulence in nature - earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and famines - and then, wars and rumors of wars, we are told that the persecution of the Church will follow and then will appear the Antichrist.

We have seen that the great apostasy spoken of by St. Paul in 2 Thessalonians is today a reality and that it is universal, having been brought to fruition by the Second Vatican Council.

It was at the Second Vatican Council that alleged - Popes, almost all the Cardinals and almost all the Bishops of the world chose to embrace the religion of the Antichrist and denied Christ. Satan's agents, having reached the highest positions of world influence now dictate false doctrine from the Chair of Peter.

Heartbroken Catholics (The true Israelites) have been forced by their inner sense of loyalty to the Papacy and Church to separate themselves from the great majority of their former Catholic friends and relatives to suffer in the `desert' where the Holy Spirit has led them. The words of Scripture are certainly fulfilled in their painful calling.

The Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) tells us that there is an unholy trinity consisting of the Serpent, the Beast of the Sea, and the Beast of the Earth. The two beasts do the bidding of the Serpent. The two `horns' of Satan - the Serpent - are the power of politics and the influence (power) of religion.

We may safely conclude, therefore, that the two Beasts preparing the way for Satan (Lucifer) will be found in these two most important areas of human activity: government and religion.

Having destroyed Christian kingdoms by means of interior corruption, assassination and bloody rebellion, the evils of Satanism have long ago filtered down into every section of social activity. The only remaining obstacle to the Antichrist's universal rule was the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ - that is, the Roman Catholic Church.

By the time the Second Vatican Council came along, the antichrists among us were doing their work well before most of us were even born. Their work had made such amazing progress that Pope Pius X issued the strongest possible warning to the Bishops of the entire Catholic world. This was in 1908. Members of the Antichrist sect of Freemasons, willing dupes of the ancient Babylonian Talmudic sect styling itself as `Judaism,' infiltrated the Catholic Church until they reached the most influential position visible to man: the papacy!

This is the reason why the majority of people who call themselves `Roman Catholic' quite naturally fell into the sin, first of all, of complacent presumption. From this followed dullness of spirit in matters of religion. It was not long before Catholics were serving new `masters' and mocking their own religion while showing unusual sympathy for every false religion.

It has been over thirty years now since the infamous "Second Vatican Council" ended. Catholic schools have closed, seminaries have emptied, Religious Orders and Congregations have become extinct, and the laity have lost all sense of direction to the point of becoming their own spiritual guides. Those who have not left the physical structures, have accustomed themselves to living in denial of their once-held faith. Slogans of all kinds and catchy phrases abound to stifle either conscience or deceive the weak.

In the days of the Roman Empire, when God would use this visible instrument of His wrath, the devoted were warned: "Go out from her!" (Apoc.18, 4-5). Go out from where? Go out from that place where no longer the true faith is preached and taught. Go out from that edifice which was once the house of God and has now become the house of man and temple of Baal. Go out from her. Go to the desert to that humble place prepared for the faithful.

The faithful must leave Babylon in order not to participate either in her sins or in her punishment. Jesus had bidden His disciples to leave Judea when the hour of chastisement should come: "And when you see the abomination of desolation standing where it ought not - let him who reads undersand - then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let him, who is on the houstop not go down and enter to take anything from his house; and let him who is in the field not turn back to take his cloak." (Mark 13, 14-17).

The faithful Christians took our Lord's warning literally and warned by prophecy, they abandoned Jerusalem before the siege of Titus. They emigrated to Pella in Transjordania and thus escaped the massacre and got away with the loss of their dwellings, their belongings and such of their relations as did not believe in the Gospel. They left all these things behind just as Catholics today are sometimes forced to leave everything behind for the sake of their faith.

There are still many things that must be fulfilled before the actual appearance of the Antichrist. It is a mistake to think that all the mentioned events are like so many steps leading to the culmination of history so that, having past the first, we go to the second, and so forth. These events are more like the maturation of a body: There are no definite termination points where one ends and another begins. The great apostasy, for example, continues and blends, so to speak, with the other events as they occur.

What did the first Christians take with them when they obeyed our Lord's command to "Go out from her!"? They took nothing that the world values: They left and took with them nothing more than the supernatural gift of faith from whence came all their subsequent blessings.

They trusted in God's word and placed themselves in His divine providence. They left all things and in return they received a hundred fold in this world and life eternal.

Who is the `Antichrist'? It is, after all, his appearance that will be the final sign preceding the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to judge the living and the dead.

First of all, it is important to avoid the mistake of identifying the Antichrist with his servants, the two Beasts. Some have pointed to Karl Wojtyla (`John Paul II') as the Antichrist. Certainly, the temptation is very strong because it is from the usurped Chair of Peter that the Beast so successfully leads the Catholic faithful into the great and general apostasy. Having made an idol of the occupant of the Chair of Peter, it is next to impossible to convince people of the truth. The last occupants of the Chair of Peter since the death of Pope Pius XII may safely be considered as the Beasts of the Apocalypse.

Because the Beast of the Earth is more subtle and refined, and because he symbolizes someone of an intellectual and religious order, this Beast will influence people on a universal scale. Presently, this can be said of Karl Wojtyla as a person of universal influence in the intellectual and religious order.

The Beast of the Sea, more rapacious and vicious, symbolizes worldly governments.

The Beast comes up from the sea at the behest of his master like an obedient dog.

The Beast resembles the Serpent (Lucifer) whom he serves. But this Beast has ten diadems instead of seven as does the Serpent. The number ten indicates the fullness of something. Here, it would indicate the more visible malice of the Beast to human eyes than that of Satan who works in the dark.

The Serpent gives the Beast his power. There is much literature from the `underground press' which cannot be found in the controlled bookstores of the `free world' which indicate that although `governments' are responsible for wars and much suffering, the real culprits are always hidden, like Satan, and are logically referred to as `hidden governments.'

Therefore, it is these `hidden forces' (real people) who destroy, set up and manipulate public offices in pursuit of their demonic purposes.

It is the Serpent who gives power to the Beast and sets him upon a throne. This usurper (Lucifer) bestows upon his underling (governments controlled by members of the Masonic sect) a power (an authority) which he does not possess, against the living source of which he his fighting, namely God. The real authority coming from the Holy Ghost is thus obscured and ignored.

The Beast denies the eternal law and all that is right; he puts on a farce of rightfulness and legality. It is thus that the `State' begins to divinize itself. Satan achieves a double result: He causes himself to be adored because he `gave power to the Beast' and the Beast (as in the Roman empire) officially professed to owe its greatness to `the gods of Rome.' This means, then, that the Roman government owed its power to demons. For, according to Christian thought as expressed by St. Paul and widely developed by St. Justin Martyr and the apologist Fathers, the worshop given to false gods is worship given to demons.

Men adore the Beast. The idolatrous government becomes the object of self-worship by placing past rulers (presidents, for example) in pantheons of fame. From there is but a short step to considering the living as gods. All the Earth takes for its god the minister of Satan. This is how the Roman Empire ended even though it began as a legitimate institution from which people at first derived great benefits.

The Beast of the Earth is more subtle, it imitates the Lamb of God. But, beneath its pacific exterior it hides the venom of the Serpent. "You brood of vipers, how can you speak good things, when you are evil? For out of the abundace of the heart the mouth speaks," says St. Matthew in chapter 12, verse 34.

The Beast of the Earth represents and personifies realities of the intellectual and religious order. IN the Apocalypse, St. John depicts the second Beast by means of the characteristics attributed to the false prophets as found in Deuteronomy 13,2-4: "If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer who promises you a sign or wonder, urging you to follow other gods, whom you have not known, and to serve them: even though the sign or wonder he has foretold you comes to pass, pay no attention to the words of that prophet or that dreamer; for the Lord, your God, is testing you to learn whether you really love him with all your heart and with all your soul."

Jesus likewise warned against the subtle, winning ways of false prophets: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves." Jesus also warned against false christs: "For false christs and false prophets will arise, and will show great signs and wonder, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect." (Matt.24,24).

It is the Beast of the Earth that St. Paul has in mind when he forewarns the Thessalonians: "And then the wicked one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will slay with the breath of his mouth and will destroy with the brightness of his coming.

And his coming is according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all wicked deception to those who are perishing. For they have not received the love of truth that they might be saved. Therefore God sends them a misleading influence that they may believe falsehood, that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have preferred wickedness." (2 Thess. 2,8-12).

We see, then, that it is a mistake prompted by some sort of misguided sentimentality that would excuse those who freely choose to follow the Beast of the Earth, the False Prophet par excellence, because he alone enjoys universal prestige.

The first Beast is the symbol for Persecution. The first Beast is Might. We see this only too frequently in the world: Despite the superficial prattle about `human rights,' it all still comes down to `Might makes right.' Or as they used to say: "Cujus rex, ejus religio." That is, whoever is king, that's whose religion one follows. It is said of Armand Hammer, that above his bed was the "Golden Rule." Whether this is true or not, I do not know. Nevertheless, whether such a thing hangs over his bed does not minimize the fact that such was this man's philosophy of life: The Golden Rule. But, it is not the `Golden Rule' that comes to us through Sacred Scripture and would have us do unto others, as we would have them do unto us. No, it seems that this man's `golden rule' was the personification of Might: "He who has the gold, makes the rule."

To the exigencies of this rule even heads of State eagerly conform. This is the reason why the real Antichrist should not be confused with the Beast of the Sea. The real Antichrist is Lucifer whom almost every head of State worships: Those who have succumbed to the temptation proffered to our Lord when Satan showed Him all the kingdoms of the earth and the glory thereof, and said: "All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me."(Matt. 4,9).

In comparison with the monster of the

West - the personification of Might and Persecution - the Beast of the East is docility personified - not to say servility. He is eager to execute every wish of the first Beast; he is the zealous promoter of its worship by the false wonders he performs. The Beast of the Earth is the great Seducer who leads men astray and the Flatterer of deified Might. The East had been noted for the deification of its despots. For example, the Emperor of Japan was promoted as the incarnation of divinity. This myth still continues among the inhabitants of Tibet where the Dalai Lama is the incarnation of the divinity. The religious corruption of the East finally penetrated into the West and thus the Roman emperors were considered as gods. Except for accidental and superficial subterfuge, most public officials fancy themselves to be big or little `gods' - depending upon what office they have succeeded in capturing.

The Japanese people died for their Emperor, just as many Americans died for their uncrowned `emperor' - their Commander in Chief.

In the East, the people gain what they want through flattery and adoration of their despots. In the West, it was not always so. Only when the Roman ideal was disfigured and debased as a result of a prolonged religious corruption imported from the East and here denounced by St. John, did the Roman Empire begin to destroy itself.

The pagan masses became a more dangerous enemy for Christianity than the magistrates themselves. It is when citizens cease to be citizens - responsible and intelligently informed members of society - and become a mob, they become the willing tools of whatever demagogue is inclined to use them. They become the fanatical mob for whom the name Christian is made synonymous with enemy of the human race. The faithful are banned from society because they do not bear the mark of the Beast. This absence, the World is quick to notice just as God knows those who are marked with His sign: "And I beheld, and lo a Lamb stood upon mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty-four thousand, having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads." (Apoc.14, 1).

It might be noted that here St. John also speaks of the inestimable value of virginity. Those marked with the sign of our Lord, the Lamb, and the sign of His Father, "These are they who were not defiled with women: for they are virgins. These follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were purchased from among men, the firstfruits to God and to the Lamb: And in their mouth there was found no lie; for they are without spot before the throne of God."(Ibid. 1,4-5).

These two signs are presented allegorically as outwardly perceptible marks which are actually of a spiritual order. They symbolize adherence to two opposing societies. These are the two cities of Hermas and of St. Augustine and the whole of Christian tradition: the city of evil and the city of God.

Citizens of the World are the subjects of the deified Beast and are marked with the latter's name and number. This name and number signify persecution. Their docility makes them accomplices and sharers in the crimes of the first Beast.

Under the symbol of the second Beast, St. John denounces in substance all the religious factions, but above all, pagan mysticism and heterodoxy (heresy). The reason is that these things create the atmosphere wherein violent persecution flourishes while at the same time they constitute a danger by the power of their religious seduction.

It is necessary to consider the other dramatis personae, that is, the two Beasts so as to prevent hasty conclusions and erroneous judgments regarding the Antichrist. The two Beasts serve the Antichrist, therefore, they should not be identified with him.

If you were to be asked: "Who is the most popular spiritual figure in the world today," whom would you pick? No. It is not Billy Graham. He is only a minor beasty.

Without a doubt, the most sought after spiritual figure and the best known throughout the entire world is the "Pope" of the Roman Catholic Church. For better or for worse, it has always been that way.

In our present times, who are the individuals that have brought so much division in the Roman Catholic Church? Again, the answer must be: The last occupants of the Apostolic Chair of Peter since Pope Pius XII.

Here is the second Beast of the Apocalypse: Coming from the East (the Eastern Bloc), Karol Wojtyla has done more to destroy the Roman Catholic Church than any pagan persecution. His associates in this destruction are Angelo Roncalli ( John XXIII) and John Baptist Montini (Paul VI). And the `unholy spirit' of this demonic trinity is he, who proudly and boastfully enshrines these two infamous names into one: Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II).

Many have cried out in sheer frustration because of this heretic whom many follow to their spiritual ruin: Antichrist! But they are wrong. Their heads are not cool because their hearts are filled with affection and emotion for the Mystical Body of Jesus. They intuit the great evil of this man, this actor who has commanded the greatest audience any actor can hope for: the entire world. They have witnessed the decimation of the members of the Mystical Body of Christ: some to follow docilely the dictates of the Beast; some to fall into hopeless sects headed by pariah-like priests. Only a handful of the truly faithful Roman Catholics remains. The `little flock.' This `little flock' refuses to give to the two Beasts the tribute of a worship which they reserve for the true God.

The Beast from the East.

The Beast from the East (Poland) cooperates with the Beast from the Sea (the State become god in the service of Satan) for the ultimate reign of Lucifer (god of the Talmudist [That is, the false Israelite] and Freemason).

The Beast from the East counterfeits the humility of the Lamb of God. He travels throughout the world and wherever he goes, he makes a big show of his deceitful humility by kneeling down and kissing the ground in front of representatives of
the other Beast from the Sea. This is supposed to express, one presumes, the humility of the Lamb when He, as the Master, washed the feet of His disciples.

This touching gesture is familiar to every Franciscan who has done likewise in the privacy of the cloister or in the sacred surroundings of the chapel where the King of Kings reigns from His tabernacle.

John XXIII insulted the Roman Catholic Church by implying that the Church was stultifying, filled with cobwebs and stale air. He was going to `open the windows' to let in some `fresh air.' Few intellects perceived in this statement the inherent denial of the very principles upon which the Church was built - principles in direct opposition with the principles of the World.

Liberals applaud "Pope" Roncalli for his contribution to the dismantling of the Roman Catholic Church. In his book about the Council, defrocked priest Carlo Falconi, has nothing but the highest praise for Roncalli while shining a `black light' on Popes Pius IX, XI, and especially Pius XII.

There is a peculiar unspoken understanding among the Modernists to fancy themselves as something like reincarnations of the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. Falconi writes of "Pope" Roncalli: "Never since St. Francis of Assisi had the world experienced so sensational and compelling an encounter with a follower of Christ. For this reason it gave him immediate recognition and will not cease to remember and love him."

But, how different the spirit and attitude of St. Francis of Assisi from that of Angelo Roncalli. St. Francis separated himself from the world; Roncalli embraced all the errors of the world and strove to make of the Church everything heretics hoped it would become. Roncalli made the Roman Catholic Church equal to heretical sects, and on the pretense of `drawing them closer to the truth' did not draw them closer to the truth but became the cause that drew hundreds of thousands of Catholics to the Protestant sects.

Cardinal Cushing of Boston who gained notoriety over his public statement concerning Jackie Kennedy who `married' divorced shipping tycoon Onasis that it was quite proper since she had suffered so much and was entitled to a little happiness. All the papers followed this crucial affair to see what the official Church would say to an otherwise forbidden union. As intimate of the Kennedys, the Cardinal conveniently forgot his duties as a pastor of souls and defender of the marriage bond.

This same Cardinal did not permit Lithuanian Franciscans to establish a religious house in the Boston archdiocese because one or the other worldly clergymen dissented. It is for this reason that these exiled and displaced Franciscans were forced to establish themselves in the wastelands of Maine, far from their own people. Instead of being able to work among their own nationality of which there was a very large community in South Boston, these Friars with faltering English - those who learned it - ministered to a handful of French and Irish Catholics while large numbers of their own countrymen were forced to travel great distances to reach the Friars. This same Cardinal Cushing thought it wonderful that "Pope" Roncalli called himself "John". Just call me `John' - and so, many clergymen began to abandon the proper title of respect and endearment "Father." "Just call me `Bob.'"

And, from this "Just call me `Bob'" mentality soon followed the disdain for the distinctive traditional garb of the clergy and Religious. The `communization' of the Church began with "Pope" Roncalli's trampling on the `accidentals' of Catholic culture.

Cardinal Cushing notes in his book "Call Me John" that "For the first time in the history of Ecumenical Councils, Pope John invited representatives of other religions to be present as observers at the Second Vatican Council and afforded them every possible courtesy and opportunity to see at close range the entire proceedings of every meeting of the first session. Prior to the opening of this Council, he sent Vatican observers to the third assembly of the World Council of Churches in New Delhi in 1961 and he planned, before his death, to send similar observers to the fourth assembly of the Lutheran World Federation."

Cardinal Cushing further informs us that "Pope" John "..sponsored new contacts with communistic nations and individual communistic governments in the hope of advancing the cause of world peace."

It is a typical error of the Modernist to place his hero in heaven. How, we wonder, does Cardinal Cushing know that "Pope" Roncalli is in heaven? The Cardinal seems to throw theological prudence to the winds to utter such trivial nonsense as follows: "Pope John XXIII completed the long climb up the ladder of perfection. He reached the summit of charity and
is united with God..We can make his memory live among us, just as surely as he continues to live with the Father in heaven, reflecting in our lives those virtues which shone so mightily and so beautifully in his life."

What is the primary duty of a pope? Admirable as visiting prisons, hospitals, orphanages as these acts of kindness may be, anyone can do them. Anyone can kiss the tarmac after debarking from a costly journey. But not just anyone can and must defend the deposit of faith and work to extirpate heresy. This is the primary duty of a pope.

As for comparing John XXIII with St. Francis of Assisi, it may be suggested that such individuals might have gotten a better understanding of the true St. Francis of Assisi.

The First Chapter of the Rule of the Friars Minor states: "The Rule of life of the Friars Minor is this, namely, to observe the holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by living in obedience, without property and in chastity. Friar Francis promises obedience and reverence to the Lord Pope Honorius and to his successors canonically elected and to the Roman Church. And the other friars are bound to obey Friar Francis and his successors."

What was the attitude of St. Francis towards those who were not Catholics (That is, lapsed into heresy)?

Let us read his own words: "And thosewho are not Catholics, all the friars, wherever they are, are bound in virtue of obedience, that wherever they shall find any one of these same, they ought to present him to the nearest custos of that place where they shall find him. And the custos is bound in virtue of obedience to guard him strongly as a man in chains day and night so that he cannot be rescued from his hands until he shall personally deliver him into the hands of his minister. And the minister is firmly bound in virtue of obedience to send him by such friars who will day and night guard him, as a man in chains until they shall present him to the Lord of Ostia, who is the master, protector, and corrector of this Fraternity." (Testament of St. Francis). It does not seem likely from this that St. Francis would have sent his friars to any kind of gathering of heretics.

The Churches can only be joined in charity when they are united in the fullness of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Presently, any unity is nothing more than a meaningless, artificial unity based on religious indifference. These ecumenical efforts so zealously promoted by the false popes serve only to expose the fraud of their authors. In effect, what does all this `ecumenism' truly represent in a theological-metaphysical sense? Instead of expressing in their communities the unity of the Blessed Trinity, they become nothing more than a mockery of the Holy Spirit.

If a tree is known by its fruits, we need only look at the fruits. The `heroes' of the Second Vatican Council have reaped a harvest of spiritual death of apocalyptic proportion.

The true Church flees into the desert place prepared for it by God. Note well: the Church does not embrace the secularized world as if it reflected the image of Christ as would Roncalli, Montini and Wojtyla. On the contrary, the Church's mission has always been to evangelize the world. You do not bring the world to Jesus Christ by becoming one with it, for the world has no part in Him until it rejects Satan and all his works and pomps. The true Church has never fled from the world as the false christs pretend. On the contrary, the true Church has always labored for the conversion of the world from the very beginning. How could it be otherwise when this is Her raison d'être? To say that the Church, until the appearance of Angelo Roncalli has been constantly `taking flight from the world' is an abominable lie. The world owes its liberation from the nihilism of Lucifer only to the Roman Catholic Church. No one has defended and explained the rights of man more than the Catholic Church. No one has fought more for the dignity of the human being as did - and continues to do - than the Catholic Church.

The true Mystical Body of Jesus Christ flees into the wilderness so as to save Itself from the attacks of the Serpent. The true Church cannot be destroyed for it is written that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against Her. The true Church can and does suffer many wounds - even very grievous wounds - from the attacks of Lucifer and his human agents. But, these attacks serve only to strengthen Her from within.

Today, the Church is in eclipse. But, to those who hold fast to the true faith there is no danger of spiritual death. In them are fulfilled the words of Scripture: Fear not those who can only kill the body and can do no more. Fear only Him Who can not only kill the body, but can also cast you into eternal hell fire.

Neither John XXIII nor his flattering friends can justly escape the more fitting epitaph for Angelo Roncalli: Hic jacet bestia terrae, praecursor antichristi."

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