Words of Wisdom

Anthony Colima

As children, we pulled pranks on the several days preceding Halloween. There was `soap night' and there was `door bell ringing night.' The more `adventurous' involved themselves in bonfires. Others dressed up in the most bizarre ways: some made up their own costumes, while others bought theirs at local stores.

It was all `in fun' we thought. We even had a `Halloween Party' at school. A Roman Catholic school.

The good Sisters did not think anything evil. The parish priest did not say anything bad about it. Pumpkins, sweet cider, sugared doughnuts, candied apples - what could be sinister in all that? Nothing, of course. But our innocence did not subtract from the real meaning of Halloween which we were helping to spread, unaware of its real significance and purpose.

It seems that even our spiritual guides were unaware of what all those symbols and costumes of Halloween truly meant and had been deliberately orchestrated to promote.

Everyone involved in Halloween is directly or indirectly promoting, supporting and confessing Satanism.

Everyone who buys a pumpkin and carves a `Jack `o Lantern' is unwittingly (or wittingly!) promoting human sacrifice.

Everyone who encourages children to go house to house with their seeming innocent `Trick or Treating' is promoting and conditioning those innocent children to become involved in devil worship.

Halloween is the great pagan feast of Satanists whose priestesses and priests are commonly referred to as `witches' and `warlocks.' What we Christians thought was nothing more than harmless fun, is in reality the expression of the most twisted incarnation of evil.

Halloween is the celebration par excellence of demon worshippers who pretend they are getting `in tune with Mother Nature.' They get `in tune' with `Mother Earth' through sexual orgies, rituals of human sacrifice and, in general, through a return to all the most crude paganism of the past.

Glenn Hobbs, a former Satanist, was interviewed. He clearly states that it is a religious holyday for these Satanists. He was asked what he thought of the Christian Churches' participating in the celebration of Halloween. This former Satanist who was, as a young lad, introduced to Satanism and actually was forced to participate in the ritual murder of a little girl stated that he finds it abhorrent that Christian Churches do nothing to expose this blight in our societies.

Trick or Treat. A seemingly harmless amusement whereby children collect candies commemorates the druid practice of giving something to the Satanists in return for their `blessing.' And if nothing were given to them, they would suffer some harm, some `trick' which is not merely an amusing prank.

Children are introduced into a bad attitude whereby their wishes must be obeyed - or else. Children are already introduced to the idea of vengeance against anyone who would thwart their will. If this is not a serious matter, then we should not fear to stand up for our Christian principles. Yet, is it not the fear of those who can do us some harm that convinces us to either remain silent when we should speak, or speak when we should remain silent.

Many of our `adult' attitudes are nothing more than the implementation of this demonic idea of `trick or treat.' Example: Many Catholics knowingly deny their faith because they fear the consequences of standing up for it. They `treat' their apostate friends and family members by conforming to error so that they will not be `tricked' by these same people.

Jack `o Lantern. The practice of carving a face on a pumpkin and placing a lighted candle in it goes back to the Celtic pagan days when a face was carved on a turnip to symbolize a departed spirit. The lighted candle indicates that the inhabitants of that house have acquiesced to the demands of the witches and will not be harmed by them.

Bonfire. Few people are aware that the `bonfire' is a corruption of the word bonefire. This is the fire, lit on Halloween, when these devil worshippers dance around a huge fire in their delirium and throw living human beings into the fire as human sacrifices. They dance around this fire all night long and in the morning, there is nothing left but the charred, smoking bones of their victims. Christian, do you really want your children to participate in such `festivities'?

The serious question must be asked: How long will Christians support these Satanic practices in their communities? Keep in mind: If you are outraged and frustrated at all the evil exploding around you, why not ask yourself: What is the cause?

What is the cause? The cause is your indifference and complicity in promoting the spread of the symbols of Satanism and witchcraft.

That is correct.

Evil explodes all around us because we are distracted by the lies that this is all `harmless fun.' Are you outraged by all the violence in your community? Then look to the school system that encourages such things through seemingly `innocent' involvement in such anti-social events as Halloween.

Nine-year old fourth graders were asked by their teacher around Halloween, "What would they like to do on Halloween?" It is said that 80% of these `cute' little children wanted to kill somebody! Is Halloween harmless? Judge from the fruits.

If you insist on turning a deaf ear to these warnings, then would you consider an experiment?

Try this: Since you are spending so much money on junk candy, it should not be more expensive to buy some holy cards and when these `trick or treaters' come to your door, give them a holy card with the candy. Watch the reaction of your visitors. Now do you believe in demonic possession!?

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