Advent of the Anti-Christ

Is it too strong to say that Karol Wojtyla surely shows the signs of the Beast of the East?

But why should we be surprised - we who say we are Catholics and present ourselves as knowledgeable in matters of mystical theology? Only the superficially pious find it hard to accept that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. Did you ever see an `angel of light' and recognized him as a devil? I dare say the answer would have to be in the negative.

It is truly something to marvel at when we observe that antichrists arise from our Catholic midst. St. John makes us aware of this, but how many people take the time to even read what St. John has written, much less to meditate on his divinely inspired word?

Not a few find it surprising to hear this apostle of love make the statements he has made. One might almost accuse him of being offensive, scurrilous, abusive, insolent, shameless and even blasphemous. How can our idols be `antichrists'? one can almost hear them shouting with nearly bursting blood vessels. But, St. John writes: "Dear children, it is the last hour1; and as you have heard that Antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have arisen; whence we know that it is the last hour. They have gone forth from us, but they were not of us2. For if they had been of us, they would surely have continued with us; but they were to be made manifest, that not one of them is of us." (1 St. John, 2,18-19).

It is this same St. John who has written all that is contained in the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) and his words of the Beast from the East cannot be ignored just because objective truth requires of us a second look, so to speak, at our heroes. We must brace ourselves against the shocking revelations and betrayals of those whom we had trusted to guide us. It is hard to believe that such mental monsters can issue from the kingdom of Jesus Christ. For, is not the Church the kingdom of culture, love and holiness? Does force rule in the Church? Is beauty the measure of the man in this kingdom? How is it possible that antichrists come forth from this most holy kingdom? How is it possible that this kingdom of all that is true and good could raise up traitors? Nevertheless, that is how it is. The words of Scripture cannot be denied: antichrists rise up from among us. It is not only St. John who assures us of this, but recent history proves it. Some of the worst despots and political criminals yet unpunished have been exposed to Christian education of the finest quality.

This tragic truth is further confirmed by Holy Scripture: We read in the Apocalypse that the serpent, symbol of the devil, had power "over all nations" (Apoc. 13,7) and was finally seized together with the "false prophet": "And the beast was seized, and with it the false prophet who did signs before it wherewith he deceived those who accepted the mark of the beast and who worshipped its image. These two were cast alive into the pool of fire that burns with brimstone."(Ibid. 19,20).

Once again: Who is the greatest of false prophets - the one with the widest influence and appeal to the masses today regardless of religious affiliation?

The indubitable answer must be: Karol Wojtyla.

And who would fill the requirement for the Russian philosopher-mystic Soloviev's false prophet who is, according to him, "half Asian (Khazar) and half European"? If it is true that his mother was a Khazar from Lithuania, Karol Wojtyla would certainly qualify as "half Asian and half European." There is something sinister in the propaganda effort to `canonize' Karol Wojtyla on the part of key people among atheists, leaders of false religious sects in and out of the Christian spectrum. What is extraordinary about this man whose philosophy and theology resemble more the philosophies of blind guides and the theology of Modernists in the service of the Church's enemies?

Intelligent people worldwide have written articles and books commenting on the strange sayings and attitudes of "saint" Karol Wojtyla. His entire past has been glamorized and romanticized and propagandized. It is not so much Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church that occupies the minds and affections of the masses as the person of Karol Wojtyla.

For the Polish people (at least the majority of them) Karol Wojtyla is their "favorite son" and for every heretical and schismatic sect, for every atheistic Eastern `religion,' Karol Wojtyla is their `darling.'

There is apparently a peculiar `animal magnetism' about Karol Wojtyla which attracts empty minds and hearts to his seemingly positive exuberance. Is there any difference between him and Elvis Presley, the former youthful Frank Sinatra, the orchestrated appearances of a Billy Graham or, RIP Archbishop Sheen?

But the Beast of the Apocalypse issuing from the earth and the east is to have those same characteristics which he puts to the service of the Serpent.

Reading the latest `tribute' to the cult of Karol Wojtyla is a book coming from a not-too-surprising section of his `admirers': the Zionist writer Carol Berstein and his associate Marco Politi. The book is entitled: His Holiness: John Paul II and the Hidden History of Our Time.

The Zionist co-author uses this hypocritical title to promote the Zionist cause and merely proves the truth of what he himself
would have his readers not believe, namely that the Talmudists are really the first organized force working to destroy the Roman Catholic Church. The truly saintly Pope, Pope Pius XII is belittled whenever this can be done in the most subtle ways.

One wonders, among actors always vying with each other and extremely conscious of their ratings, which was the greater actor: Karol Wojtyla or Hollywood's Ronald Reagan? Both were only acting. We know that Ronald Reagan's political activities were medium-controlled through his wife, Nancy, and her California medium.

And Karol Wojtyla? Is his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary a genuine devotion, or is just another pious act?

If He is so devoted to the Mother of God, it would be expected that this devotion would manifest itself in his making public the third part of the Fatima secret which would have been made public by Pope Pius XII had he lived until 1960. Granted, this may only be supposition. Nevertheless, Pope Pius XII was a genuine Pope. Fortunately for those who hold the Vatican hostage, Pope Pius XII died on October 9,1958. I say `fortunately' because the content of the third part of the Fatima message would prove to Marian devotees that the Vatican is de facto occupied by an antipope and has been since the death of Pope Pius XII. A true Pope is that `restrainer' of the forces of evil spoken of in the Holy Scriptures. With his removal, the forces of demonocracy have had a free hand in overwhelming the world. Demonocracy means `no democracy.'

For someone who prides himself in devotion to the Blessed Mother, Totus tuus - All Thine - is his motto - one just cannot quite accept this as true, when there is so much obscurity and ambiguity in this man's dealings with Fatima.

Anent this point, Karol Wojtyla betrayed his ignorance of divinely revealed truth and that known by natural reason alone when he seemed to equate revelation with natural knowledge.

In defense of atheism, Wojtyla took the floor during the Council on October 21, 1964 and said: "We are involved in a quest along with our fellow men. Let us avoid moralizing or suggesting that we have a monopoly on the truth." What does this mean in practice? It means that Wojtyla had placed the Roman Catholic Church on the same level as any other institution. It is ridiculous to believe that cryptic freethinker was either defending `human dignity' or the unique position of the Catholic Church in the world.

The Roman Catholic Church is the only means of world salvation. She has been given the truth because Jesus Christ, Her invisible Head has stated that He is the Truth. There is no `quest' for the truth `along with our fellow men.'

`Our fellow men' have been given the grace to know the truth, but `our fellow men' have refused to accept this opportunity given them by God. `Our fellow men' have chosen to follow the suggestions of their pride and have turned true religion into a tool for their pride and ambition.

Wojtyla opposes the truth when he seeks to influence the Council when he urges that preaching the truth is `moralizing.' He sins against the Holy Ghost when he seeks to convince other bishops that the Church does not have a monopoly on the truth: "Let us avoid moralizing or suggesting that we have a monopoly on the truth." Wojtyla undermined the fundamental mission of the Church `to teach all nations' when he urged the Council Fathers to abandon their primary duty of preaching and teaching the world: "It is not the Church's role to lecture unbelievers." Is Wojtyla not lecturing and moralizing when he is quoted as saying in a sermon: "We want the climate of truth to be core of our social life; we want to see a true picture of ourselves in newspapers, in the radio, on television. We do not want an artificially contrived truth, a manipulated public opinionWe do not want an authority based on police truncheons." Question: What happened to that `heuristic method' of "allowing the pupil to find the truth, as it were, on his own"? Furthermore, the Church does not `dictate' the truth. The Church presents it in all its purity; but it is the soiled soul that rejects it. This does not make the truth less true because it is rejected; it only condemns the one who rejects the truth of being dishonest and of bad will. Was not Karol Wojtyla `lecturing unbelievers' when he spoke during his sermons?

Is Karol Wojtyla's devotion to a definite person, or is it perhaps that abstract philosopher's contemplation of the `eternal feminine' or the `sophia' of Vladimir Soloviev? Although the objective reader cannot miss the definite propaganda bias of the book's Zionist author, Bernstein, and the all-too-familiar cant about "anti-Semistism" etc., there are some useful bits of information. This book must be read with utmost caution because it is far from being an objective source of information concerning Karol Wojtyla, known to the world as `John Paul II.'

Praise is showered on Archbishop Adam Sapieha who, we are told, "personally aided Jews by distributing baptismal certificates to protect them from Nazi searches."

Has anyone hearing these repeated left-handed compliments about Catholics (Implying that they are not trustworthy, but, on the contrary, are a devious lot) ever considered the thousands upon thousands of people with authentic baptismal certificates who were interned in concentration camps? And this, despite the fact that they had baptismal certificates! These false baptismal certificates served very well to create the confusion we see around us today: the Church infiltrated with people diametrically opposed to the beliefs of Catholicism, yet, having a "baptismal certificate" is enough to "prove" that such a
one is a member of the Catholic Church.

Honorable clergymen whose conscience would not allow them this Pharisaical deception and abuse of a trust which even the Nazis respected are exposed to insult and innuendo. It is to be doubted that someone like St. Pius X would approve of such a lie.

Other means of protecting the innocent could be used - if they are innocent to begin with - than lying.

Karol Wojtyla's nomination for bishop is cloaked in obscurity. It was not through the normal procedure that he was made a bishop. For most people, this does not seem very important, but to those in the know, so to speak, this raises many questions.

We are informed by Berstein and Politi that Cardinal Wyszinski received a letter from Rome. Cardinal Wyszinski is made to say : "This is an interesting letter that we have received from the Holy Father. Listen, please: `At the request of Archbishop Baziak, I am appointing Father Karol Wojtyla bishop of Krakow; kindly express your approval of this appointment."

The circumstances of this event are very peculiar. Pius XII, it seems, had previously granted Cardinal Wyszinski special powers of selecting and keeping a list of future bishops already formally approved by the Pope. When Cardinal Wyszinski wanted to name someone, he would only need to send a secret message to Rome. As soon as he received a coded reply from the Pontiff, he would proceed with the appointment. Karol Wojtyla's name was never on that list.

Now, suddenly, there is no need for Wojtyla's name to be on a list of qualified candidates for the office of bishop. A letter comes from Rome. It is purported to be a direct order from Pope Pius XII. Or, at least, it is made to appear as if it came from the Pope. Cardinal Wyszinski, believing it to be from the Pope, acts in a most natural manner: He obediently carries out the "orders" of the Pope. He has not even been given a chance to give any reasons for not approving Wojtyla for consecration. "Kindly express your approval of this appointment."

Somebody knew Karol Wojtyla. Even better than Cardinal Wyszinski who, if the canons of the Church were followed, had a list of potential candidates to the episcopacy. It's not a completely subjective list. It's a list compiled as a result of a country's bishops' efforts.

What is equally astounding is that Pope Pius XII was already extremely ill. Just imagine: A letter comes from an ailing Pope on July 8, 1958; Cardinal Wyszinski is ordered to accept the diktat from someone in the Vatican and approve Karol Wojtyla. Karol Wojtyla is consecrated two months later, September 28, 1958; Pope Pius XII dies on October 9, 1958; the cardinals elect Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (aged 77) on October 28, 1958. Less than three months later the new "Pope" calls an ecumenical council. Bishop Wojtyla receives an invitation to attend the council.

We are constantly reminded of the extraordinary `virtues' of the last pretenders to the papal throne. When Freemasons and Zionists spread the sweet syrup of sanctity on Roman Catholics, one of two things must be suspected: Either that `Catholic' is not a true Catholic; or, that Freemason or Zionist has abandoned his Luciferian and antichristian goals.

The two ideologies are mutually exclusive: You cannot be a Socialist and a Catholic at the same time.

Karol Wojtyla is credited for having brought about the fall of Communism. He has done no such thing. He has merely furthered its spread under the now-popular label "Democracy." Prevailing upon the Catholics of Communist occupied nations to work for "democracy."

In order to keep the faithful distracted from thinking too closely, there was no limit to the means used to convince them that Pope John XXIII was `good' Pope John; false visionaries and their agents (among them must be numbered clergymen, too) promoted their idiotic apparitions. Invariably, it was either the Blessed Virgin or Our Lord who confirmed the `sanctity' of those who were demolishing the Mystical Body of Christ.

Paul VI blessed that infantile movement of false mysticism known as the "Charismatic Movement." His duty would have been to denounce it for the demonic fakery that it is. The same holds true for Medjugorje where millions of deluded `Catholics' paid thousands to visit that `holy place.'

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been turned into a joke by none other than the imposters on the throne of Peter. Of them all, it must be admitted, Karol Wojtyla is the greatest. First and foremost the actor, Karol Wojtyla sits through his costly `visits' being caught at times unaware that he is being photographed. Usually, he makes it a point to face the camera no matter what he is doing - even if he is holding up the `host' for the adoration of the people. You see him slouching in the place where Christ's image should be. His boredom is evident, until he is able to take center stage. Then, his old elan comes back as he gesticulates to the mob of young people, urging them to pray together. It is truly a joke. There is no clear guideline how to pray; where to pray - just pray! Pray together! The epitome of religious indifference.

Accepting the Protestant `Communion Service' so kindly provided the Catholic Church by five Protestant Ministers and
Archbishop Bugnini, the Freemason, Karol Wojtyla turns the awesome miracle of Transubstantiation into a futile attempt to substitute the Mystery of our faith with his empty showmanship. And the mob is pleased. And Karol Wojtyla is pleased. He is pleased with the mob that responds to his efforts and he is pleased with himself.

The Beast of the Earth coming from the East, Karol Wojtyla, with all his pious gesticulations and clowning serves not Christ, but the Serpent-Antichrist. He would camouflage his comedy by attempting to cover it with a thin veil of nobility. He pretends to be great and powerful. He is the `pope'! He has his own throne. Beneath all this false grandeur, we see only a comedian, an actor, worthy of pity.

This is what Karol Wojtyla is reduced to. He has served his master well, just as Cardinal Wolsey served his king well, only to be executed by that very same king.

The days of Karol Wojtyla are growing short and fewer. Despite the lie of those who love him (Birds of a feather flock together!) and have already canonized him, Karol Wojtyla will be crowned "King of Jesters" in the kingdom of Lucifer. This fate awaits all those apostles of Christ who become false prophets.

All who abandon their calling have hidden deep inside them that tragic characteristic of being jesters. Are not all their efforts to please their new masters - whoever they may be and whatever they may be: wealth, wine or sex - and their attempts to deceive others not worthy of ridicule?

The history of the Church contains many such fallen away individuals. More than one have gone the way of Wojtyla. Very few of these have been able to preserve the seriousness of life.

Few have preserved their former dignity without making a mockery of their spiritual tragedy. And the further they go from Christianity, the more they appear as comedians!

There are those in the Vatican who saw in Wojtyla's tourism burlesque shows unfitting to the stature of the papal office: theatrical displays of personal power and ambition; not to mention the enormous expense on the Vatican and all those places he visits. Just in Phoenix, Arizona, alone he came and stood on center stage, and further confused Catholics by his presence and the dismantling of the Catholic Church, besides leaving the diocese of Phoenix in huge debt for that visit. But, Wojtyla knows only too well the success these costly jaunts win for the hidden powers whom he represents.

No one can honestly deny that all the `lamented' destruction of the Church in matters of doctrine and discipline are not enhanced by his presence. The simple fact of associating himself visibly with the Protestantizing bishops whom he himself has placed in key dioceses ought to be enough to convince a reasonable person of Wojtyla's true nature.

He encourages Voodoo priests to continue in their `tradition'; he accepts the "Mark of Shiva" from a pagan priestess in India which is a religious Hindu rite. Who can fail to miss the message: There is no `true' religion because they are all just as good. At Assisi, we are informed by means of a video tape, that Wojtyla considers all these religions as being the work of the Holy Ghost!

Berstein and Politi observe in their previously mentioned book: "The pope's great charisma, more than his doctrinal message, was his most formidable tool for keeping the Church together and shaping it in his own image - as one highly ranking monsignor noted at the time."

Question: Did this `preacher of the Gospel' convert anyone to the true Faith? Answer: NO ONE!

The only thing he accomplished was to incense and frustrate the genuine Catholics and entertain the mediocre ones whom God has already begun to vomit from His mouth, as Our Lord Himself said.

Those priests who serve the Antichrist are chosen to make a mockery of the divine image in them. They are never elevated in dignity for serving the Antichrist. They are lowered in their dignity because the goal of the Antichrist in using them is to ridicule the divine value in them so these would become a mockery of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ promised to elevate His twelve apostles and seat them on the twelve thrones of Israel. He would elevate them to the status of judges over all the tribes of Israel and over all the world. The Antichrist, however, places his apostles on a throne - a throne that is just a little lower than his own. But this throne is the throne of a jester, not the throne of a judge.

An apostle of Jesus Christ, once he has been elevated to that dignity, has only one of two choices: Either he will fight the good fight, and will keep the faith and even give his life for it if need be; or, he will make himself a jester in the hands of the Antichrist.

Karol Wojtyla, with all his sexology and phenomenology and hypocritical humility stands before the entire world as the Buffoon of Buffoons: the traitor to his vocation; the shame of the Polish nation; and the outrageous Precursor of the Antichrist.

To be a mockery of reality, truth and goodness is the fate of every antichrist. They deny reality by their hypocritical behavior; they deny truth with their vain rationalizations; and they deny goodness by leading many astray.

There is one final blow against the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ that Wojtyla wishes to strike. Namely, the destruction of the papacy. Thus far, using the traditional loyalty of Catholics to the occupant of the Chair of Peter, Wojtyla has laughed it to scorn up his sleeve. But, he knows that his time is coming; he knows that he has not much time left to work his worst. For this purpose, we are informed through the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Oct.24,1996): "But the most striking demarche of John Paul II was directed to other Christian churches. The pope has said he is ready to take a new look at the role of the Roman pontiff. He may even be opening the door slightly to the prospect of overcoming the absolutist structure of the Catholic Church in the next millennium. He has invited other churches to join him in redefining the limits and modes of exercising papal authority. He has confessed: `Reforming the papacy, redefining its limits is an enormous task.which I cannot bear to the end all by myself.' "

From these words, it appears that Wojtyla has been indirectly `reforming the papacy, redefining its limits and modes of exercise.' He sees that time is running out and his pride urges him to accelerate the work already begun. Whom does he invite to help him in this task? He cannot count on loyal Roman Catholics in this monstrous final blow to the visible Church. He invites heretics and non-believers to assist him.

Paul VI destroyed the Sacrifice of the Mass by enlisting the help of heretic Protestant ministers and the Freemason, Annibal Bugnini. When the job was done, Montini (Paul VI) publicly thanked the anti-Mass heretics for their `input' in creating a New Order of Mass for the Catholic Church. Can you imagine that? Of course, if you are one of those who reads this periodical merely out of curiosity, the impact of this fact will leave you indifferent. But, if you are a believing Catholic, the consequences of such an abomination are truly most far-reaching

According to the article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review we witness the final effort of Lucifer, god of Talmudists and Freemasons to destroy their greatest obstacle to the enthronement of the Antichrist : "Thus Karol Wojtyla could be the last absolutist pope , the last sovereign monarchy that has endured for centuries. His reign, as Bishop Rembrent Weakland of Milwaukee, former superior general of the Benedictines, observes, has been `highly centralized, with the pope as a great charismatic leader. It's likely to be the last of its kind.'"

It is an undeniable fact that the most notoriously anti-Catholic bishops throughout the world have been placed in their positions by Karol Wojtyla alias `John Paul II. And, anyone who cannot make this simple logical deduction is either lacking in complete intelligence, or, what is worse: refuses to see the truth.

The Great Apostasy has only been possible when directed from the highest and most revered and trusted office in the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ; The Chair of Peter. When Satan's servant mounts the Chair of Peter, the multitude are deceived. This deception leads them away from Christ and into the open arms of the Antichrist.

1Vers. It is the last hour: the meaning probably is that it is the last age of the world, the age of the Church. How long it will last, no one knows.


Ver.19. The antichrists who teach erroneous and subversive doctrines formerly belonged to the Church. Before they left the Christian community they were no longer ours: they were not in the state of grace and not real Christians.

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