Are there any Christians left with a sense of historical perspective, besides an infinitesimally small number holding out for fidelity?

On the First Sunday of Advent which occurs on the first day of December, we read from the Epistle of that day's Mass: "Brethren, knowing the time, that it is now the hour for us to rise from sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we believed." (Rom. 13, 11-14).

It's time for everyone to arise from the years of complacent spiritual sleep and look around. We have barely begun the season of Advent - a time of spiritual reflection, a time of physical mortification - in order to prepare ourselves spiritually to remember that first Christmas in Bethlehem.

Despite the emotionally touching carols with their theologically correct content, the entire scenario today is completely and absurdly backwards. This is no accident. It is a subtle, malicious psychological strategy to separate our natural sentiments from an historical event commemorated on December 25. The goal is to separate the celebration from the event celebrated.

This has been so easily accomplished through the process of gradualism, reminiscent of Pavlov's theory of conditioning, that few have been able to resist. Among those who have not resisted are our spiritual leaders: teachers in Catholic schools, the clergy and their bishops. They have all failed to intelligently perceive the subtle undermining of the essence of Christmas.

From "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays" has been a gradual, persistent program. And who do you think is behind all this? The answer is not far to be sought: All those, organized or unorganized persons who are by definition `antichrists.' They are adamantly and militantly opposed to every expression of public faith in the birth of Jesus, the Messiah.

We have already noticed the anachronistic placing of Christmas programs in the middle of July! This gradualism has for its purpose to eventually separate the commemoration of an objectively real event from its true object. Christ was not born in July. Why, then, are Christmas carols and Christmas trees presented in the hot summer of July?

This is the conditioning process. The separation of the feast from the foundation of the feast has gone one step further. The greatest culprit in this de-Christianizing of Christians is Public Television. Playing up to the deep-rooted Christian sentiment surrounding the historical birth of Jesus Christ, traditional themes are aired to open the pocket books of Christian viewers. With the promise of `giving the people what they want,' Public Television uses Christian money to subtly reduce Christianity to nothing more than just another occasion to waste money, fill the coffers of scoffers, and replace Christian values with pagan, demonic practices.

While we Catholics are in a season of prayer, recollection, and mortification, the television is destroying that spirit of reflection with its outrageous and tasteless distractions negating the entire meaning of Advent and Christmas.

The real purpose of all this - even when we hear familiar Latin carols - is to keep emptying Christian pockets into the coffers of the scoffers. Isn't it time to rise up from sleep?

The proper time to be shopping for gifts is after Christmas and not before Christmas. The proper time, even historically to give gifts is on the Epiphany - when the three wise men came bearing gifts for the Christ Child.

To be singing "Gloria in excelsis" before Christmas Day is like celebrating an infant's birthday before it is born. Do we start celebrating birthdays weeks before the actual birth day? Of course not. Then why do we allow ourselves to be distracted from something that is so sacred to those of us who have not rejected the grace of faith?

The time to sing "Silent Night" is precisely when we re-enact that momentous historic night in Bethlehem. All our values have become convoluted and skewed.

It's time to rise up from our spiritual sleep and begin looking at ourselves if we still think we are Catholic or Christian.

Let us prove our faith by uniting ourselves in a universal boycott of all those fake `Christians' whose real allegiance is to their Luciferian secret lodges whose only interest in Christmas is to impoverish Christians while deliberately undermining their holy faith.

Christians, stop and think for just one moment! What would we have to commemorate in the cold of winter if it were not the historic moment when the Son of God became Man, when the Virgin Mary gave birth to the King of Kings, the King
of Israel; the Son of David? There would be nothing but the cold winter nights as in countries that have not fully understood the seriousness and sacredness of this most holy time.

Christ, the Savior was born. The long-awaited Messiah of our ancestors in the true faith was born on Christmas Day. Until that historical moment, the world was plunged in the same kind of fratricide we see all around us today.

Without Jesus Christ, any greeting of `Happy Holidays' is nothing more than a stale, sterile and stultifying substitution for a startling, sacred event that can only be appropriately celebrated with the most soul-searching joy. It is not an economic experience. It must be a solemn spiritual experience. Anything else, is a waste of time and money.

Won't you become a powerful part of the solution to the problem, instead of a part of the problem? United, we can accomplish much. Divided, we are devoured by human vultures.

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