The Antichrist

The identification of the actual Antichrist has never been made. The reason is simple enough: He will only be clearly recognized when he comes. The Holy Scriptures do not give us a precise description of the individual. Also, the Fathers of the Church make an attempt to give us some idea of the Antichrist, but even they speak in vague terms. Nevertheless, the Fathers consider the Antichrist as the apotheosis of evil, as the incarnation of Satan-Lucifer.

According to the Fathers, Antichrist will appear shortly before the end of the world and will create a great apostasy among the faithful of Christ. He will establish his headquarters in Jerusalem, the Holy City. But, he will be destroyed by the appearance Jesus Christ and will be cast down to hell.

The Antichrist is considered a man. The Antichrist is not simply the sum total of a collective commune of like-minded evil people opposed to Jesus Christ. There can be no doubt that such groups exist. According to the late renowned Holy Ghost Father in Ireland, Fr. Denis Fahey, Lucifer is the invisible Antichrist and the visible Antichrists are the organized Zionists ("Jews") and their non-Zionist front organization, the Freemasons. The evidence is available that shows the Judaeo-Masonic hand in every revolution against Christendom.

Communism-Socialism are not merely political or economic systems. They are the visible incarnation of the kingdom of Antichrist. `Communism' is nothing more than the buzz word to cloak the real people and forces behind it: Judeo-Freemasonry. The United Nations, so highly praised by Paul VI as "mankind's last hope" (Rather than Jesus Christ Who is mankind's ONLY hope), is, in reality, that world power which will enforce the tyrannical commands of the Antichrist.

Those who have been doing some research and reading recognize the sinister implications of Freemason George Bush's open reference to a `one world government.' This is what he has been working for, just as every President of the United States and all those on down the line. How many know what `Freemasonry' really is? Even among those whose duty it is to know, are painfully ignorant, or else they are secret members of that Anti-Catholic organization working within to undermine the Church as Archbishop A. Bugnini, the Freemason architect of the New Order of the Mass. It is a little known fact that a very large number of Protestant ministers and influential members of "mainline Christian" denominations are Freemasons!

Is it any wonder that those radio and television preachers expound the lie that "Jews" are the `chosen people'?

"Jew" and "Christian" and "Freemason" and similar terms are subterfuges for reality and truth. These terms are misnomers and false.

They are used here only because they are more familiar to most people. They do not in any way refer to people of Judean ancestry nor does the label "Christian" refer to a true disciple of Jesus Christ; nor does "Freemasonry" refer to any kind of `freedom' and still less to `masonry.' Each term would be correctly understood if the opposite of each were to be understood.

Because of this deliberate confusion reigning concerning names and terms, it is a challenge to sort out the bits and pieces of truth in these matters. We should not expect too much clarity at this point because that would expose the hidden agenda of the agents of Antichrist. Mass deception and murder have always been the choice, effective tools of the Antichrist, Lucifer.

Jesus Christ spoke the truth when He addressed the Pharisees as doing the will of their father, Satan, who was a liar and murderer from the beginning. Thousands of years of deception and murder have brought us to this present hour: the hour of the great apostasy.

The Antichrist will not be a true descendant of the house and tribe of Juda. He will be an impostor as the majority of those who call themselves "Jews" are living under assumed names. Most Rabbis today look upon our times as their messianic age.

The age-old deception of the Pharisees would have outsiders mistakenly identify the religion of the Rabbis as that of the Old Testament, and that they are the `chosen people.' The truth is that their religion is similar to that of the Muslim's which is also a mixture of Old Testament ideas and pagan hedonism.

Added to the confusion caused outside the true Church, there is yet the vagueness and false conclusions drawn by individuals within the Church. The ordinary Catholic is impressed by those who have some kind of degree. The faithful fail to realize that having sat in a lecture hall for two or three years after ordination to the priesthood does not guarantee any kind of `infallible' insight into things which greater men of learning and sanctity have cautiously approached.

We who are living on the brink of that world catastrophe prophesied in the Holy Scriptures are in a far better position to
understand what was meant in them than those who lived in the times before the events foretold had ever occurred.

For example, the faithful in the time of the Apostles could not imagine what would happen to the Sacrifice of the Mass in the twentieth century. They understood the words, but could not fathom the reality revealed by the words. This is even true of so many who call themselves Catholic and will insult anyone who would suggest that they are pitifully ignorant dupes of people exploiting their good dispositions.

It is not easy correcting errors that have been trustfully accepted as doctrines of faith. The reason is that those whose insights may be far more perspicuous are relegated to silence, or have more self-respect than to impose their insights upon others as some unconscionable theologians do. Then, when it is pointed out that some long-held opinion does not correspond to sound logic nor to sound Scripture, it is the truth perceived as a "new idea" that is denounced and condemned without a hearing. This accounts for the great division among Catholics into what may be termed "apostate Catholics" and "false Traditionalists". Meanwhile, the few genuine Roman Catholics in between are virtually `crushed' by the pressures of the two erring extremes.

How can we even begin to discuss intelligently such important questions as determining who the Antichrist would be if we do not even understand the reality behind the words we use?

For example: How can one even begin to draw logical conclusions from a premise that is either false or ambiguous? From error, no truth can come; and from ambiguity, no certainty can flow.

There are those who have written with seeming knowledge and understanding of the situation that the Antichrist will be a Jew. Just as there are those who state that Elias and Enoch will return in the flesh. These are mistaken notions based on an imperfect understanding of the Scriptures and the mistaken identification of who are the real personages spoken of in the Scriptures. For example, the majority of Christians - and Catholics - still think that the people who have occupied Palestine and re-named it "Israel" are the descendants of the Israelites who formerly inhabited that part of the world. They fail to grasp the significance of the fact that no genuine Sovereign Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church has ever recognized the violent invasion of Palestine by those who falsely call themselves "Israelis" or "Jews". Israelites are the ethnic descendants of any one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Simply making that claim does not establish the fact. False claims are made every day to the point that decent people have almost become cynical and don't know whom to trust or believe anymore.

When ill-advised and imprudent clergymen issued false Baptismal certificates to non-Catholics under the questionable guise of `saving' these people from some supposed `searches,' two things happened: the credibility of the Catholic Church was destroyed and thousands of unworthy individuals were able to infiltrate the Catholic Church by simply showing their falsified "Baptismal certificates." In all this, the people who were deceived and respected these Baptismal certificates have constantly been condemned and held up as objects of hate. It would seem to me, that evil people are so disposed that they would trust no one. How is it, then, that these `evil people' respected the Church which we are supposed to believe they `persecuted'?

These `persecuted innocent victims' may have been victims. But, the untrained mind does not pose the question: By whom were they victimized? When President Franklin D. Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor without warning the military installation of their coming, who should be tried as a war criminal and bloody traitor to the United States: the Japanese or President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the "Commander-in-Chief" of all American military forces?

It is true, for example, that December 7, 1941 is a day that will go down in infamy - as the hypocrite Roosevelt publicly bleated. Yes, but who was the real cause of that murderous day of infamy when our own citizens were sacrificed by Freemason and Communist supporter, President Franklin D. Roosevelt? And when a solitary voice, that of Fr. Coughlin, rose up and denounced the traitor and his co-conspirators whom this courageous clergyman named, he was certainly hated by those whom he exposed. He was eventually silenced by pressures put upon the Catholic Church - that `defender of the truth." It seems that the truth was too strong even for Catholics to accept. What we have today is the result of Catholic cowardice and compromise with the organized forces of the Antichrist.

There is not a single country where Judaeo-Freemasonry has gained control that the people are not living in virtual economic and spiritual slavery. The distinction between a `free' world and an `enslaved' world is fast becoming a mere play on words.

The Antichrist will not be a Jew, that is, a genuine descendant of the house and tribe of Juda. He will be from among those who falsely claim they are Jews, but are not.

There is a commonly held idea that before the end of the world the Jews will be converted. This is not entirely true. The only ground for this belief is based on St. Paul where he does not use the word "Jew" but refers to the "Israelites" - which is not the same thing. Those who have persecuted Our Lord in the flesh and continue to persecute Him in His Mystical Body are not going to be converted. Who are the "Israelites" who will be converted before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? It will be those true Israelites who have recently abandoned the true faith in order to follow the Antichrist under the banner of the Beast from the East. They are the true Israelites who have lost their nominal identity for the most part through the course of time. They may have become at some point in history Germans, Italians, French, Spanish, Swedes, Danes, Polish, Russian. Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians. Their ancestors may have moved to places that are today known as `Great Britain' etc. But they are the true Israelites from the twelve tribes of the house of Jacob. They are the first ones to have been converted in the time of Peter and Paul. The others who have stolen our identity, these will not be converted because they are the children of Satan who was a liar and murderer from the beginning.

Rev. P. Huchedé states in his booklet History of Antichrist (English edition 1884) that: "It is probable that Gog and Magog mean Antichrist's combat against the Church. According to Bellarmine, Gog will be Antichrist himself and Magog will be his army. Because Ezechiel always designates Gog as a leader and Magog as a region (Ezec.38-39), Magog, it is true, is regarded as being the Sythian nation. In Genesis (10,2) the second son of Japheth is said to have borne this name, and the country in which he settled was naturally called after him, and this country, according to Josephus, is Scythia. In employing this term to designate the army of Antichrist, we are led to infer that the men composing it will be orientals, or what seems to be more plausible, that his soldiers will possess all the brutality of those barbarous people."

The majority of those who call themselves Jews today are orientals from the former kingdom of Khazaria. They are by the testimony of their own history, not Semites, but descendants of Japheth! Japheth is the second son of Noe. Scythia, we are informed, was an ancient country lying partly north and northeast of the Black Sea and partly east of the Aral Sea in what is now Russia. Note well: The people who will wage brutal and atrocious war against the Church are not "Jews" - they are the descendants of the barbarous Khazars whose root is in the second son of Noe, Japheth, and not in the first son, Shem, from which most European whites have their origin.

Therefore, the Antichrist will not be a true `Jew" - that is, a descendant of the house and tribe of Juda. He will be what we classify as `oriental.' Those who claim the territory that was once Chanaan and is now called "Israel" are for the most part descendants of Cham. If this is true, it would mean that those who have invaded Palestine are not of the house and tribe of Japheth, but would be the descendants of those whom God commanded the true Israelites to destroy to the last man as we read in the Book of Josue. But the entire conquest of the Promised Land is a prophecy of the spiritual conquest of the world through the Church under the leadership of Jesus the Messiah.

Those who claim the territory now called `Israel' are the descendants of Chanaan whom Noe cursed. They are not, consequently, the Israelites of the Bible to whom that land was promised by God. Since the tribes of Israel are not orientals, it follows that the Antichrist who will be an oriental cannot be a true Israelite.

It is significant that many false Israelites who are in reality orientals and cousins to the Turks, have emigrated to the Holy Land. They hold it by barbarous violence against the native inhabitants. They have since moved into the Holy City of Jerusalem and have made it their capital. Their `capital' was originally Tel Aviv. Boldly and ignoring all sense of justice and peace, they occupied this land which is the inheritance of the King of Israel, Jesus Christ.

Finally, then, we would like to know the answer to the original question: Who is the Antichrist? We can only suggest what we do know. There are certain traits of his personality that we may include. But even this is not an absolute description. One thing may possibly be said: There are many who are living today who might live to see the Antichrist!

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