The New Year of 1997 brings to mind the year 1878 when Pope Leo XIII ascended the throne of St. Peter and wrote his first Encyclical letter Inscrutabili (April 21, 1878). It gives an analysis of the condition of modern society. Practically every line of that Encyclical remains applicable today with but one exception: The evils of society have multiplied in number and amplitude.

It is an Encyclical which alone offers the solution and suggest the remedy for the evils of our day.

The evils which were warned against in 1878 are now a reality in 1997. Socialism and Communism and Zionism and every similar Totalitarianism are based on the same false principles which have been consistently combated by the Church alone. That which true Popes foresaw and warned the world against, now find support from within the Fortress of Truth: from within that which appears to the world to still be the Roman Catholic Church.

Since the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the agents of these `isms,' people have been getting false and confusing signals. Even well-meaning clergymen, thinking they are being loyal to a genuine Vicar of Jesus Christ, promote the agenda of these unnatural and antichristian movements simply because those usurping the See of Peter are giving them these contradictory signals.

"He who controls the past, controls the present. And he who controls the present, controls the future." These insightful words of George Orwell, author of the prophetic book 1984 should be meditated upon by every concerned and patriotic person.

The falsification of history is the tactic used to falsify the present. And, having falsified the present, the future is condemned to become a lie likewise.

With a few poignant words, Pope Leo XIII set forth the supreme need which the world had and has for that help which only the Church can give. However, since the death of the last genuine Pope, Pope Pius XII, the subsequent anti-popes have served their evil masters well by undermining and almost completely destroying the spiritual strength of eternal truth upon which a true and orderly society must be built.

Because it is only with the aid of the Church that civilization can flourish, it is necessary to destroy the Catholic Church. In reality, it is necessary to eliminate Jesus Christ from society Who is effectively visible in the world only through His Mystical Body.

That mystical presence of Jesus Christ is the Roman Catholic Church. Hence, the need to transform that Church into just another `institution of religiosity' in the service of Satan.

The calamities seen throughout the world are in direct proportion to the weakening of the Church's influence in society today. As this influence continues to weaken, the calamities increase. And they will continue to increase to such a degree that no human power will contain them.

These calamities inevitably follow when governments act in opposition to the laws of the Church. Even in his own time, Pope Leo XIII was convinced that had the authority of the Church been respected, the world would never have been forced to pass through the wars and revolutions that have ravaged it, and rendered sad entire lands with death and desolation.

The prophetic words of Pope Leo XIII have become more significant as time elapsed and continue to be so even today in 1997. Industrial, commercial, and political conflicts have increased in extent and bitterness.

What Pope Leo XIII sketched in his Encyclical in bold strokes has been repeated in our time. There can be no change in the course of familiar events until Jesus Christ, teaching through His one divinely established and infallible Church is heard and obeyed.

As long as the world spurns Jesus Christ and His Church, the inevitable results predicted in the Scriptures will implacably follow.

The social Encyclicals are so many warnings broadcast to the world by the Vatican for the sole purpose of saving civilization from ruin. Their sole purpose is to bring back that peace which Christ alone can give, that reign of Christian principles which alone can assure the equitable and widely distributed sufficiency of goods so justly desired by all the peoples of the earth.

We who are Catholics should be the first to oppose the deceitful propaganda spewed in the mass media. We who have the light of the true faith ought to be the first to detect the falsehoods that would deny a provident God or would pretend that the deliberately manufactured false economies are of natural origin. It would be worthwhile to study again the social Encyclicals of such Popes as Pope Leo XIII. The faltering or misguided would quickly learn that civilization can have no firm foundation unless it rests upon the eternal principles of truth and the unchangeable laws of right and justice; and that to these must be added a true Christian charity, which alone can bind together the wills of men and sweetly harmonize their mutual relations and duties.

Let us hope and pray that this new year of 1997 will be a year when more people who bear the name `Catholic' will rise up and seek to restore all things in Christ! For, it cannot be debated or argued that only the fullness of Christ's teaching can solve the problems which have their source in sin and Satan.

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