The voice of truth is a consolation to good men and an unbearable threat to evil men. This is the reason why it is seldom the truth itself that is attacked because truth can never be attacked successfully. Instead, the messengers of the truth must be vilified and calumniated, while the perpetrators of evil seek every means of the media to mask their evil with familiar expressions of goodness and virtue. The deceivers accuse the Church of deception; the violent accuse the Church of violence; the exploiters of the people accuse the Church of exploiting the people. This blackening of the good name of those who, like the prophet Isaiah lift up their voices to sound the alarm cannot have but one purpose: To silence the warning!

If all the evil heaped upon the messengers of truth were founded, then the impious would rejoice with the impious. But, that is not the case. This being so, there must be some other reason for eliminating the messenger of truth.

In psychology, such a procedure is termed "projection." The thoughts, sentiments and actions of one are attributed to another. These are `projected' onto another like the image of a film is `projected' onto a screen which previously did not have that image. People do this so often that they generally do not realize what they are doing. In a way, it is a psychological form of `confession' of one's own sins by projecting them onto another. The Talmudic Jews did this when they `projected' their sins onto a chicken or a goat and then to appease the outraged God, they slaughtered the hapless chicken or goat in a ritual slaughter. This rudimentary need of the human psyche finds its self-absolution in shifting its guilt upon others.

Thus, the Church becomes the universal `scapegoat' for all these guilt-ridden self-absolving criminals.

This is the tactic of every evil individual of sect like-minded individuals. This is true in every area of human activity mainly because underlying all human activity is man in the state of original sin or its consequences. It all comes down to one of two things that predominate: virtue or vice.

The prophets of old were all slain by the people whom they fervently tried to save. The Apostles all suffered for preaching and teaching the truth after the example of the Incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Evil men succeed only because good men will do nothing. And so, for the sake of the few who will heed the cry of the voice in the desert, the men of God hearken to the injunction given Isaias by God: "Cry, cease not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet.'" (Isaias 58,1). Needless to say, it is the one burning with zeal for the truth who becomes the martyr. But even the devil is not omniscient. He, too, learns with time. He has learned that making martyrs is counter-productive. As a result, he guides his disciples in a way to avoid making martyrs. Instead, the messengers of the Gospel are now labeled `spies' or `criminals' of one kind or another.

The errors of Communism or Socialism will spread throughout the world if the requests of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima are not heeded.

When Pope Leo XIII wrote his Encyclical on Socialism, he was speaking of that which has not gone away, but, on the contrary, has taken root in almost every country - including the United States of America.

Pope Leo XIII was correct when he called Socialism, Communism and Nihilism a "deadly plague." He stated: At the very beginning of Our pontificate, as the nature of Our Apostolic Office demanded, We hastened to point out in an Encyclical letter addressed to you, Venerable Brethren, the deadly plague that is creeping into the very fibers of human society and driving it on to the verge of destruction." The Church knows that it is not enough to label an illness without having an appropriate remedy for it. That is why the Pope continues:

"At the same time We pointed out also the most effectual remedies by which society might be restored and might escape from the very serious dangers which threaten it."

Unfortunately, these evils have not abated:

"But the evils which We then deplored have increased so rapidly that We are again compelled to address you, as though We heard the voice of the prophet ringing in our ears: `Cry, cease not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet.'"

The evil forces of which he speaks have targeted four fundamental obstacles to their world-rule: Religion, State, Family and Property. These are the four main bulwarks against the hidden forces behind revolution.. When true religion is fostered instead of the crass religiosity of the day, when States are governed by men who respect not only natural law but also the laws of the Church, when families are held together by mutual bonds of respect and love according to God's plan, and finally, when the natural law of private ownership is respected and protected by just laws - then the efforts of these evil men cannot prevail.

Pope Leo XIII would not be overly surprised if he were to visit earth today. He would find that his words over a hundred years' ago are truly significant today:

"You understand, Venerable Brethren, that We speak of that sect of men who, under various and almost barbarous names, are called `Socialists, Communists, or Nihilists.'1 Spread over all the world, and bound together by the closest ties in wicked confederacy, they no longer seek the shelter of secret meetings, but, openly and boldly march forth in the light of day, striving to bring to a head what they have long been planning - the overthrow of all civil society whatsoever."

Because the greatest moral strength of any nation is religion, the first target has been the infiltration and destruction of the Church from within and from without. What could not be achieved outside the Church with bloody persecution, has been surprisingly successful with the advent of a `Pope' sympathetic to the cause of these sects. That `Pope' was `good' Pope John. To continue this work of destruction which could not succeed except over a period of time, a trusted, like-minded successor would be essential.

Thus, John Baptist Montini, as "Paul VI" enters the scene. Naturally, Catholics accepted his presence as the Vicar of Jesus Christ because the majority of Catholics (as anticipated) knew nothing of the mechanics of becoming a Pope. If Anthony Quinn would have stepped out on the balcony in the Vatican, most of the people would believe him to be the Pope.

He continued the infamous `Council' making certain that appropriate lamentations would appease conservatives, while actively supporting by various means the heretical Modernists. Then followed the `smiling' Pope - John-Paul I. For whatever reason, he did not fulfill the expectations of the Lodge. His ritualistic death after 33 days, cleared the path for a more vigorous demolisher: an actor, a pseudo-philosopher, and meager theologian. His name? Karol Wojtyla. He let slip his real sentiments when he referred to the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ as "my" Church, as in "This is MY Church." He failed to realize that the Roman Catholic Church is not his. The Roman Catholic Church is the mystical body of Jesus Christ - not Karol Wojtyla.

Thus, for the destruction of true religion and the fostering of false religions (so useful to any ambitious group) moved forward at an unprecedented pace with "Pope" John Paul II. When it would have been proper to sound the alarm, to raise a cry like a trumpet, "Cardinal" Wojytla prevailed upon the Council not to condemn Communism! And so, Communism which other Popes declared to be intrinsically evil was now `not so bad after all' and had "a kernel of truth to it" - according to John Paul II.

However, there were few intelligent people around to realize that something that is `intrinsically evil' can never become even partially `good.'

Appropriate to describe the majority of ecclesiastics now ruling in place of Roman Catholic bishops and priests would be the words of St. Jude, (Chapter 8) as Pope Leo XIII applied to the secret sects: they "defile the flesh, despise dominion, and blaspheme majesty."

In this way, religion has been subjugated to the lesser power of usurped government. Pope Leo XIII describes very well the attitude of these revolutionaries: They refuse obedience to those higher powers, to whom, according to the admonition of the Apostle, every soul ought to be subject, and who in turn derive the right of governing from God; and they proclaim the absolute equality of all men in rights and duties."

He had already spoken of the attack on the Church in his Encyclical Inscrutabili where he stated: "Now We are convinced that the principal source of these evils is the contempt and rejection of the holy and august authority of the Church, which presides in the name of God over the human race, and which is the support and maintenance of all legitimate authority. The foes of public order are perfectly well aware of this fact. They consequently conclude that nothing could aid more in upturning the foundations of society than to wage an incessant war on the Church of God; to render her odious and hateful by scandalous calumnies, representing her as the enemy of true civilization."

1The Nihilists were Socialist-Anarchists, grouped with the panslavic revolutionists. The Anarchist leader Bakunin, in his Revolutionist Catechism, describes them as having for their sole purpose: "the destruction of the entire existing order...of the entire civilized world, together with its laws, customs, and morals" - a purpose fully consonant with Anarchism meriting the "barbaric" name of Nihilism.

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