The ancient Greeks summed up wisdom in the simple phrase "gnoti seauton" which means "Know thyself." The ancient Latins condensed wisdom in the short phrase of Juvenal "Mens sana in corpore sano." That is to say, "A sound mind in a sound body."

Oftentimes, the body suffers because the mind is not sound; while at other times the mind suffers because the body is not sound. It seems to be the opinion of more honest physicians that a very large number of illnesses are due to the mind. These illnesses are called `psychosomatic' for the simple reason that the mind influences the body. In other words, there are more people who make themselves sick just by thinking they are sick, than there are people who are sick due to real physical causes.

It is refreshing and reason for hope that more and more doctors are finding the courage to defy the mind-control of the tight-knit medical `brotherhood' in order to put patients first and profits last.

Besides the worthless education system that impoverishes every taxpayer, the scandal of medical care is perhaps even more outrageous and frightening. It seems that everything has gotten out of hand and has run amuck. As it frequently happens, when the people get tired of being jerked around under every imaginable "its-for-your-benefit" lie, they begin to think for themselves.

More and more doctors are ignoring the pressures of what might be called the "pharmaceutical-medical complex". They are resorting to health-giving and inexpensive natural remedies. They are dumping the useless, painful and extremely expensive gimmicks that make hospitals wealthy and doctors god-like. They are shedding the white-coat mystique and are actually concerning themselves with God-given remedies instead of Johnson and Johnson. They are no longer pushing pills for a kick-back; these doctors are actually using what God has already provided: natural herbs and vitamins.

People have been so poisoned with preservatives to the point that it would appear that they are half-embalmed before they die!

Part of the problem is the people themselves. Let's face up to reality: We have all been conditioned to accept lies just because we trusted those whom we believed were looking after our best interests.

But, the biggest problem is to get people to have enough honesty to admit they have been duped. Nobody wants to play the fool for anyone. This point of pride is so strong that some people will rather die than admit they have been bedazzled by the pseudo-scientism of the white-frocked mystique.

This does not mean that doctors are unimportant. They have an important role to play in society in keeping people fit. In their favor it must be said that far too many people ignore the sound advice of doctors. The consequences are often deadly.

The irony of it all is that the doctors who have challenged the narrow-minded, self-centered, profit-conscious elements in their profession are persecuted for defending their purpose for becoming doctors by the very people whom they desire to help.

Nothing is more frustrating than to expose oneself to wrath and indignation for people who don't really care. It's like dying a dog's death.

For example: People will spend large amounts of money for medical insurance and then will consume as much questionable synthetic medicine as they can. Medicine that does not cure them. It only makes them have something to talk about - especially if the pharmaceuticals are outrageously expensive. These people will reduce the importance of good health not to effective remedies but to money!

That's right. People are more interested in how much they can get free more than they are concerned whether the medicine is effective or not. As long as they think it's free, they will continue taking poison that does not help them, but rather harms them.

A bottle of quality vitamins is "too expensive" for these types. They would rather pay large medical insurance bills every year, take the questionable synthetic prescriptions, and wonder why they are not getting better. Their faith in those who are slowly killing them is fantastic. Then, after filling their bodies with all kinds of useless pills, they wonder why they are always going to the doctor's office.

It should not be surprising that the kind of doctors who make a very comfortable living pushing drugs (we call them `pharmaceuticals' now to distinguish between `legal drugs' and `illegal drugs) would resent and lash out against conscientious doctors.

In a recent issue of the New York State Dental Journal, two practitioners of dentistry, Mr. Marvin J. Schissel and Mr. John E. Dodes, fathered an article in the above-named journal.

The reader of this journal is informed that Schissel and Dodes have a new book on the market: THE WHOLE TOOTH. It might better have been titled: THE WHOLE TOOTH, NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH, SO HELP ME GOLD"

Whenever I hear the oft-repeated phrase that something "has not been scientifically proven" regarding cures that have been dramatically `proven' by the simple expedient that people have been cured and the evidence is staring these myopic medics in the face and they still refuse to accept the objective facts, I begin to suspect there is more to their bleating on behalf of "science" than science itself.

These are the kind of people who are the first to point the finger at others, but who have no qualms of testing ("scientifically," of course) various drugs on someone else. These are the kind of people who scoff and ridicule others with their witless wit (which is generally a sure sign of ignorance rather than sound reason) simply because they are in fear and trembling at the thought that their ignorance which disguises itself as sophisticated "science" is showing thin.

I have in mind the doctor in Houston, TX who has been viciously persecuted for curing people of cancer while the `scientifically approved' methods of medieval torture and death, are expensively paraded as the only way to go. I like the expression these medicos like Schissel and Dodes like to use: "controlled scientific studies." These are typical buzz words of a profession that has evolved from the humble practice of blood-letting and barbering to the massive multi-billion dollar industry whose `raw material' is suffering humanity.

Long before Schissel and Dodes donned the barber's white frock and did away with the peppermint stick symbol of their craft, more serious individuals were experimenting scientifically with various herbs and other natural remedies for what ailed people.

Those who seek to protect their limited horizons and their big profits - not to mention their "conventional" ignorance - attack remedies that have been proven not on laboratory mice and rats, but proven over long periods of time by the results and are the real promoters and abettors of the medical `dark ages' in which we live.

For example, why should medicines readily available at reasonable cost in Germany be forbidden for sale in the United States? I don't believe for a moment that there is some mystical insight on the part of the FDA that would `protect' the American people from something `dangerous to one's health' when Germans are receiving health help without going broke in the process.

The modern witch doctors surround themselves with exotic stainless steel gadgets, expensive equipment, etc. not so much for the cure of their patients as for their own convenience. It's still the same old human body that has to do most of work to cure itself. If the doctor is any good, he helps the cure along.

Too many experiment with pharmaceuticals that have side effects, while they await unforeseen results.

Schissel and Dodes pretend to offer a "critical examination of the logical and scientific fallacies" of the holistic approach to medicine. In their case, it is dentistry. However, a careful and thoughtful reading of their article shows that it is neither logical nor scientific, neither a serious examination of their `shotgun' approach.

For example: They engage in wild assumptions by calling anything that does not reflect their own narrow-minded prejudices as "quackery.' Obviously, as typified by these two individuals, they would not be pleased with the physicians who have long ago decried the fact that so many `illnesses' are psychosomatic. How can materialists admit the existence of a soul? These `molar mechanics' display a terrible ignorance and prejudice against anyone who has a better `mousetrap.' At least, so it appears. But, hey, I only read their article; and after all, how can I make a `scientific' judgment on what they are propounding when it is done in a most unscientific way?

As a final challenge to these well-entrenched practitioners of their art and craft, one is tempted to ask a simple and perhaps silly question: "Please, sir, define "controlled scientific study." I mean a really `controlled scientific study' where every element in and around the study can be `controlled' effectively. And even if it can be ideally defined, kindly produce one that has fit the definition.l

As for the pretended science of so many who have taken the `hypocritical oath,' one is sorely tempted to say: "Physician, cure thyself!"

Now, it would be just as unreasonable and fanatical as the approach of the above luminaries to suggest that physicians and hospitals have no place in society. They do. The fact that the Catholic Church through Her monks has been in the forefront of the corporal works of mercy speaks volumes for the genuine care and study of human ills. More remedies for more illnesses, apparently, have been discovered and used by monks before trustworthy physicians came on the scene. These dedicated monks never thought of calling themselves "doctor" or sought any other reward for their efforts than the knowledge that they were helping their fellow man.

These are just a few thoughts based on ordinary, common sense observation. While I would not know what would constitute `scientific study' for the authors of that funny article I happened to come across in THE NEW YORK STATE DENTAL JOURNAL, I just could not let such pseudo-scientific nonsense go unchallenged. What is most outrageous and insulting to the human intelligence, is that the article was completely unfair to those genuine physicians who do believe in an alternative to the `conventional' controlled (not scientifically, but financially and politically) methods of making money on the misery of others.

Or, to quote William Campbell Douglas, MD: "How much of what doctors and other `experts' tell you is flat-out wrong?"

I don't think this man is involved with astrology, psychics and vampires nor New Age culture. When it comes to trusting men like Schissel and Dodes, wouldn't we just have their word for what they are selling? Don't we have a right to an `alternative' opinion?

Besides, people eventually catch on because you can't fool all the people all the time. Someone eventually wakes up! The problem is trying to wake up the other lethargic, brain-washed citizens. After all, when we are faced with cannibals in white smocks who go about in search of `living corpses' to snatch body parts, it's time for everyone to keep an eye on his liver..or, whatever.

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