The month of May is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. But there is something about the month of May that has attracted the attention of sinister forces.

Symbols are symbols _ whether symbols of something good or something evil. May is that part of time in nature when dormancy is broken and the life that had seemed absent suddenly pushes itself out of the tiny enclosing capsule that is the seed. Warmth and moisture are the conditions for breaking this dormancy. While `new life' is not created in the Spring, we humans tend to poetize and romanticize and so, what do we do?

We set aside the simple and hard reality of sound reason, and we romanticize with the aid of a fervid imagination.

The only new life that is ever created is that of the immortal human soul. All the rest is a mysterious arrangement of God's providence whereby seasons come and go, whereby apparent destruction is followed by construction.

If creation had benefited from the Incarnation through the medium of human intellects and wills, the world would have known peace and justice from the time that Jesus Christ, the one and only Messiah taught the fallen world that He was the way, truth and life.

God's merciful good will towards His disobedient creatures was shown with the promise that by the goodness of a unique soul born into this world without the stain of original disobedience Redemption would come. That unique soul is the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Lucifer has used every means to besmirch the grand title of the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary. The sadness lies in the fact that many who once had the true Faith have eagerly _ as if with some kind of demonic glee, joined the ranks of those who would dishonor this masterpiece of divine grace. Instead of giving due honor to the Immaculate Virgin, they seek to vilify her.

Rather than give credit where credit was due, the masses were led away not only from the genuine and objectively grounded devotion to the Mother of God, but to invent as by some diabolical inspiration whatever could promote insult after insult to this holiest of humans.

Since the Virgin was instrumental in bringing into the world the Word of God made Flesh, Jesus, she was instrumental likewise in crushing the head of the serpent _ the symbolic image of Lucifer (Satan) who was once the greatest of all the pure spirits abiding in heaven.

Like all the proud in hell and on earth, Lucifer and his fellow demons have envied the goodness of the good and the justice of the just. Feigning goodness, Lucifer inspired human beings to worship him; pretending justice, Lucifer suggested the founding of a religion totally opposed to the true religion instilled in Adam, then, after being corrupted through disobedience, and once again renewed in Jesus, the incarnate Second Person of the Divine Trinity.

This Luciferian religion is known today as Talmudism and its window-dressing servants are aligned in the dangerous deception known as `Freemasonry.'

Talmudism and Freemasonry are the two visible enemies of Jesus Christ and His Mystical Body, i.e., the Roman Catholic Church.

These two anti-social and anti-Christian organized bodies have conspired and labor to bring about under the positive-sounding label "Communism" or "Democracy" the enslavement of nation after nation.

They have attacked Christian nations both from the top and from the bottom. By stirring up real or imagined situations of injustice, they have turned brother against brother in bloody wars. They have organized their plot against the Church and this plot, or, plan, was perfected on May 1, 1979 by Adam Weishaupt. From that time onward to the present day, this secret organization has stopped at nothing to undermine and overthrow legitimate governments with the use of dishonest rabble rousers. Promising the worker _ who has been called into being to develop and prosper through honest labor _ a paradise on earth, this Luciferian organization has used the worker to destroy the workers' true friends and advocates, and under the pretense of `liberating' them, has enslaved them all the more.

For this reason and to hold up to the world the need and dignity of human labor, the Church instituted the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. It was no accident that this Feastday was to be celebrated on May 1. This is the day when the forces of all evil finalized their demonic plan to destroy Christianity by means of intrigue, brutality and death. Thus, to combat this newly devised attack on Christian order, the Church holds up the example of St. Joseph whose humble labor and dedicated faith in the care of the Blessed Mother and the Divine Child, are the inspiration for all workers of whatever honest profession.

Instead of the Christian program for a world of peace and justice tempered with mercy, the worker has become more and more the victim of false propaganda. Instead of working in a spirit of mutual benefit with employers, workers have been conditioned to believe that their worst enemy is the man who provides them with the means of earning a living.

The purpose of all this is to destroy anyone courageous enough take on the great risk and onerous obligations involved in starting an enterprise. Today, the honest entrepreneur is faced with powerful forces above him, and the animosity of employees who fail to give an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Morality in the workplace is next to non-existent. The reason?

Because the Christian ethic of honest labor has been, for the greatest part, destroyed. From this we can conclude that work is truly a grace from God. The Roman Catholic Church, being the guardian of truth, has stood against Her detractors in defense of not only the worker, but also of the honest employer.

The "democratic" destruction of all right order in society is the prelude to world enslavement under the banner of the Antichrist: the interlocking triangles and the simplified cryptic expression: the Compass and Square.

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