St. Isidore

St. Isidore was born into a poor family, but very devout parents. He was christened Isidore after St. Isidore of Seville. As Isidore could not go to school he could not get an education, but was brought to love God and hate and dread sin. He was always wanting advice to piety, so he never neglected to hear the teachings of Christ. Isidore never took offense to anything thus becoming the envy of his fellow friends. He was also ready to obey his masters and just humbly serve everyone. As Isidore grew older he had his own farm and eventually married a fine young woman named Mary Tordoie. Later he got another man to look after his land. The happily married couple had a child which sadly for them died young. Though this did not deter St. Isidore from loving God, but made him love Him as much as ever. He looked after his land and by his devotion it increased to make him slightly richer. He never forgot about his soul, but continued in his life devoutly. His wife died in 1175 making another saint due to the encouragement of Isidore, but Isidore had died five years before on the 15th May 1170. His feast day is on May 10th. It shows you can lead a simple life and still become a saint.

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