Vacant Sees

On September 29, we celebrated the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. According to Stephen Cardinal Kim of Korea it would all be an illusion because this is nothing more than the product of people's imagination. Spirits, apparently, do not exist for Cardinal Kim.

Heretics have no Catholic titles. So, I do not know how to address the man who is occupying the chair of a Roman Catholic archdiocese half-way across the world. Stephen Kim has stated that the reason why the prayers to St. Michael after Low Masses were dropped is because demons do not exist. Now the source for this information is someone whose intelligence and well-balanced emotional life is beyond reproach.

What are some of the consequences of Stephen Kim's statement? Well, to begin with, he denies Catholic doctrine concerning the existence of pure spirits. How so?

It is an article of faith that the Devil possesses a certain dominion over mankind by reason of Adam's sin.

The main points of Catholic dogma regarding the devil are the following:

1.God created the angels who are good by nature, but some rebelled against God and became thereby bad.

2. It is not the devil who created matter and bodies.

3. Satan and his followers were punished by God by being thrown down into hell from whence they maliciously ensnare and persecute people. This, however, only insofar as God allows them.

4.The devils, like all the angels, are pure spirits endowed with intellect and will.

5. These pure spirits were adorned with grace from the first instance of their creation. Many fell into the sin of pride and were lost forever because, due to their spiritual nature, once they have made their free choice between good and evil they are immutable in their will. Therefore, there is no opportunity for them to repent.

6. By sinning, the devil lost his supernatural gifts. He retains, nonetheless, his spiritual nature which is rich in intelligence and in a will firmly bent on evil.

7. The devils hate men who are destined to replace them in heaven.

The prayer to St. Michael the Archangel was composed by Pope Leo XIII after a vision of what the devils were going to work on the Church. There is controversy as to the contents of this original prayer. Together with the original text of the prayer and the suspected deliberate deletion of certain parts, in particular allusion to the infiltration of the papacy, were printed in The Seraph several years ago.

How does Stephen Kim (formerly Cardinal Kim) explain demonic possession? For Stephen Kim, like other rationalists, demonic possession is nothing more than a mental aberration like schizophrenia. This is the charge made by unbelieving rationalists regarding the extraordinary supernatural manifestations of the saints. It's all psychological hysteria _ according to them.

Stephen Kim is the same man who, during a Christmas televised message to all the Catholics of Korea stated that "anyone who believes in God will be saved." Note, there is no need to believe in Jesus Christ, the historically incarnate Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Then, too, this is the same man who allowed the cathedral of Seoul to be desecrated by Shamanists. It is very odd that he would tolerate this display of belief in evil spirits while opposing any belief in pure spirits on the part of Catholics.

Is Stephen Kim a Catholic? Is Stephen Kim the rightful Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Seoul, Korea? Is Stephen Kim still a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church?

There are those `traditionalist Catholics' who would say `yes.' They would say `yes' because they are part of the apostate Church born of the false council. They differ from Stephen Kim only in that they fanatically hold to the Latin Tridentine Mass. As for doctrines of the Church, these traditionalists have no interest.

We say, in keeping with the theology of the Roman Catholic Church, that Stephen Kim is not a legitimate Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, that Stephen Kim is not the legitimate Archbishop of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Seoul, Korea, and that Stephen Kim has been deposed from any office he may have held in the Roman Catholic Church by operation of Church Law. More specifically, by virtue of Canon 188, Stephen Kim is no longer the Archbishop of Seoul; he is no longer a Cardinal of the Church; he is deposed by operation of tacit resignation. He is excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

Consequences of this excommunication: All those who continue to support this heretic are themselves guilty of heresy. They incur the same penalties as Stephen Kim. Namely, they are defrocked if they are clergy; they lose all offices in the Church if they held any. The episcopal see of Seoul, Korea is, therefore, vacant!

The same is true of every other Episcopal See in Korea. People stare in wonderment at such simple, plain conclusions. Why should they wonder at this? They ought to read the history of the English rebellion against the Church led by King Henry VIII. The shocking consequences of that rebellion are even more mild than what we face today. Then, it was only the country of England that fell into apostasy. Today, the apostasy is universal. It is so universal that few have the courage to recognize and admit it. All others of whatever outlook fail to find the courage to accept reality.

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