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Q. There is a book being circulated which holds up to ridicule Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc, the courageous Vietnamese Archbishop who consecrated priests to ensure the apostolic succession in the Roman Catholic Church. The author of the book claims that the Archbishop was insane (therefore, mentally incompetent) when he consecrated bishops, and consequently, those consecrated are not valid bishops.

Is this true?

Anonymous, Ridgefield,CT

It is always necessary to consider the source of information before accepting it as truth.

Are the remarks in the book you mention genuinely reflective of reality as they are claimed to be by the author? Has the author taken any serious steps to verify and substantiate his statements? For example, has the author ever met the person whom he has declared to be insane? What of the individuals who have been closely associated with the victim of these accusations of insanity? Are they all equally insane to the point that they are bereft of any intelligence?

The accusations of the author would mean that everyone with whom the victim was associated must likewise have been mentally incompetent.

This conclusion flows logically from the allegation which the author of that book only too obviously wishes his readers to accept. This would mean that literally hundreds of people had to be insane because they could not perceive the mental condition of Archbishop Ngo. It is only the author of that book who, although never seeing his victim, has seemingly been able to make such a devastating observation. Such a conclusion is not only hideous, but completely illogical.

The book is only befitting a person displaying the characteristics and personality of its author.

The book suggests a final effort of an individual suffering from delusions of grandeur to avoid the inevitable _ his own self-destruction.

The author and his followers have a history of betrayal and disloyalty. This at first is shocking, to say the least. But, when one knows something of the author's background and the kind of people he attracts, everything becomes well-focused.

The individual belonged to a political channeling organization preying upon conservative people. Whether he still belongs to it as a matter of fact is of no importance. What is important, however, is that he continues in the spirit of that secret organization, manifests adherence to its Communistic tactics _ as it can only do since it is nothing more than a front organization _ and, therefore, succeeds in winning unsuspecting followers and holds them by the same means.

While using the external appearances of the Roman Catholic Church, this individual and his followers have succeeded in cutting out for themselves a lucrative and comfortable niche in the business of religiosity.

As the ring leader of a group once loyal to "Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre" he was instrumental in embezzling large sums of money given by the admirers of the works of the former. This lead to the separation between the "Archbishop" and his organization and gave rise to a new "Society" with no canonical approval or justification.

Despite the moral depravity of the individuals involved, earthly justice was truly blind because it rests on technicalities. As the saying goes: "It may be legal, but it's not right!" Because of this, some of the properties stolen from "Archbishop Lefebvre's" group were never reclaimed because of the clever subterfuges employed by the author of the book herein mentioned. That this is true can easily be verified by any honest man through the court records resulting from law-suits between the two non-Catholic organizations calling themselves, respectively, the "Society of St. Pius X" and the "Society of St. Pius V". Neither of these alleged _ Societies exist in the Roman Catholic Church.

The first had been deceitfully created and suppressed by the authorities recognized by the members of this very same alleged-Society. As for the second one, the so-called "Society of St. Pius V" its existence is nothing more than a civil procedure that has nothing to do with ecclesiastical recognition.

Presently, it should be enough for any honest person to see the hypocrisy underlying the entire book by considering the following principles of brainwashing by Communists. From what follows, it should become clear to the reader that the author of the book in question is nothing more than a servant of that vast empire of evil which adopts noble-sounding names with which to identify itself so as to more easily dupe and seduce the unwary.

Note in particular the means used by the Communists to destroy anyone who opposes them. These principles are to be found in Russian textbooks on Psychopolitics.

What is "Psychopolitics"? Here is how the Communist defines it:

PSYCHOPOLITICS _ the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through "mental healing."

This `mental healing,' of course, means adhering to, and professing the line of the psychopolitician. In an address to American students at the Lenin University, Beria stated in his welcoming address to them:

"American students at the Lenin University, I welcome your attendance at these classes on Psychopolitics.

BY psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil. At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses

"You must labor until we have dominion over the minds and bodies of every important person in your nation. You must achieve such disrepute for the state of insanity and such authority over its pronouncement that not one statesman so labeled could again be given credence by his people. You must work until suicide arising from mental imbalance is common and calls forth no general investigation or remark

"Psychopolitics is a solemn charge. With it you can erase our enemies as insects. You can cripple the efficiency of leaders by striking insanity into their families through the use of drugs. You can wipe them away with testimony as to their insanity. By our technologies you can even bring about insanity when they seem too resistive

By psychopolitics create chaos. Leave a nation leaderless. Kill our enemies. And bring to earth, through Communism, the greatest peace Man has ever known."

These words of Beria , the one-time Jewish terrorist leader of the Communist KGB, serve to give some insight into the thought processes of the author of the book attempting to defame Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc and those faithfully associated with him and especially the bishops loyal to his truthful conclusions as to the crisis in the Church.

As already mentioned, the author of that book has been imbued with the like ideas of the Communists although loudly proclaiming the exact opposite.

But, this is just another tactic of these true enemies of society and especially of the Church: They pretend to fight Communism while all the time working to replace it with their own brand of totalitarianism.

So, when you read that the author outrageously calls into question the sanity of a religious leader, you can be certain that that author is hiding something concerning himself, and making unconscionable attempts to destroy the good reputation of a man dedicated to the Roman Catholic Church.

The author of that infamous book is not a priest of the Roman Catholic Church despite all his efforts to promote the contrary. This is the position taken by several of the more concerned bishops loyal to Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc. This, too, explains the author's hatred so poorly disguised for those whom he would ridicule. The author displays all the signs of a Communist (Read: Talmudic-Masonic) psychopolitician.

The founders of the organization where the author of that book has received his `spiritual training' are, almost without exception, high-ranking Freemasons. Now, anyone with even a passing knowledge of this secret Luciferian sect knows, the purpose of this sect is to destroy all other religions _ especially the Roman Catholic Church _ and to supplant them with its own demonic doctrines. For this reason, even the author of that virulous book subconsciously betrays himself for what he truly is. If he is not a member of that "White Communist" organization promoting its own brand of totalitarianism, then he is nothing more than an intellectual midget with a giant ambition who will stop at nothing to satisfy a misguided passion for self-aggrandizement.

The author of that ill-conceived book has done untold harm to himself by showing himself to be an extremely crude fellow. Considering the pretentious use of the word `caritas' _ charity _ as his motto, one can only conclude that we are dealing with an individual for whom anything and everything may be used to achieve his ultimate goal: the glorification of himself.

By publicly accusing a great man of the Church, Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc of being mentally incompetent, the author does nothing more than betray his own true spirit and garner unto himself the inevitable condemnation of Jesus Christ Himself, Who said: "Anyone who calls his brother `fool,' is worthy of hell fire."

We know from the moral teachings of the Catholic Church that the higher the dignity of the one harmed, the greater the punishment; likewise, the greater amount of restitution required

After all, what is the real purpose for attempting to destroy the good name of Archbishop Ngo? The real purpose of the author is not to `save' the Church, nor to really vilify the Archbishop. The real purpose for the vilification is to destroy, in true Communist tradition, the loyalty of Roman Catholics to the Church by attacking the only legitimate authority left in the Church. Not only that, but by destroying the loyalty of Catholics in their orthodox leaders, the author of the book does what every Communist psychopolitician is out to do: He is out to transfer loyalty from true authority to himself. By employing any lie that will serve the purpose, the loyalty shown to true and legitimate leaders is destroyed. By defaming or degrading the individual to whom loyalty is owed, the targets (the people to whom he sends his book) in this case are calculated to transfer their loyalty to this man and his own misguided followers. Instead of Holy Orders, this man has received the anointing of Satan, as the fruits of the tree make themselves obvious to all intelligent people.

Other members of their political-religious organization have attempted to undermine the authority of our Bishop, Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM, shortly after his consecration when he researched the history and purposes of that organization by using this same tactic. After pointing out that no Roman Catholic may join that organization, it did not take long for rumors to be spread concerning the Bishop's `mental health.

The tragedy of the sect spawned by Marcel Lefebvre and of which the author of this virulent book is a one-time unfaithful follower, is that the thousands of people deceived by them has the greatest repercussion in eternity. The organization established by Marcel Lefebvre in 1970 and euphemistically called "The Society of St. Pius X" never really had any legal foundation. It was started as nothing more than a `pious union' which in canonical terms does not mean a Society as one would understand a Religious community.

Lefebvre's organization was never established as anything more than a pious union. In terms of Church Law, this organization is not, as the infamous author of that book stated publicly "It is an exempt Order like the Jesuits and the Franciscans." The occasion was when this individual brazenly proclaimed his presence in the Rochester, NY area as not requiring the local Ordinary's authorization.

Despite the fact that Lefebvre's organization was suppressed by the same authorities that Lefebvre paid lip-service to - but never obeyed - this entire comedy has served no positive purpose for the building up of the Mystical Body of Christ.

The deliberate confusion and double-talk of all the individuals involved in Lefebvre's organization and subsequent splinter groups _ noteworthy only because of notoriety is the so-called "Society of St. Pius V" _ one hears of such terminology as "suppression" etc. Actually, since this organization or any organization deriving from Marcel Lefebvre's efforts has had no valid canonical existence in the Roman Catholic Church, even talk of any kind of `suppression' has no objective meaning. After all, you cannot suppress something that does not exist.

Added to the deception used to propel itself as if it were a validly erected Religious institute _ "like the Jesuits and Franciscans" _ is the even more specious claim to Holy Orders on the part of its members.

Using the tactic of their teachers, the members of these sects crank out their propaganda relentlessly. Their offensive tactics wish to deflect any close scrutiny of their bogus beginnings. The same is true of the question of valid Holy Orders.

The validity of their Orders is in question because Marcel Lefebvre's own ordination is under a cloud as well as his subsequent consecration. By his own public admission, Marcel Lefebvre had admitted that Achilles Lienart, the man who both ordained him and consecrated him, was a Freemason in the higher degrees.

For the average person, this does not seem like anything of importance. Yet, when we know that the Freemasons are a religious sect, (in fact, the ape of the Catholic Church), which seeks to destroy the Church and supplant it, we are bound in conscious to apply the principles laid down by the Church regarding the certainty of the Sacraments. Unlike the members of the Lefebvre sect whose only reply is arrogant and haughty dismissal of the thought, we deem it extremely serious to ascertain the validity of these alleged-clergymen. Their usual reaction to this query provides serious grounds to doubt the validity of their ordinations just as the Church could not accept the validity of Anglican ordinations.

It is for this reason that attacks are made against Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc who, after being apprised of the circumstances surrounding Marcel Lefebvre and his followers, offered to privately consecrate Lefebvre so that he in turn might properly ordain his `priest' followers.

We take this opportunity to reiterate previous warnings to all those who would bear the title "Roman Catholic" to avoid these `wolves in sheep's clothing.' It is enough that thousands have already perished spiritually at their hands. Imbued with the Pharisaical spirituality of those who condemned Jesus Christ to death, these spiritual heirs to that spirit can only do the works of their father.

We can only repeat the words of our Lord which are applicable to those who have penned that abominable book and to all those who read and act upon it: ".and whoever says, `Thou fool!', shall be liable to the fire of Gehenna." (Matt. 5, 22).

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