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By: Edward O'Shaughnessy

Saint Patrick Apostle of Ireland

St. Patrick was born in the year of 389. As a child he was very carefree and never bothered to learn anything. Let alone think about God. Patrick's family decided to move to their country house for the summer and this was where his life really began.

One day when Patrick was on the beach, sails that came in sight eventually grew into boats going straight towards the shore. It was the Irish raiders. These raiders captured many people including Patrick, then the boats sailed back to Ireland.

Patrick was sold as a slave to an Irish chief named Milchu. The boy was made to change into a leather tunic and sandals. Then his head was shaved, a mark of a slave. At first Patrick became a waiter for the chief, then as he was trustworthy he was made into a shepherd.

Six years went by and as Patrick became closer to God, God told him to leave the chief He walked to the shore and got onto a ship bound for France. Finally Patrick returned to his homeland, Britain.

One night Patrick had a dream. A man named Victoricus came to him and gave a letter with the title of, `The voice of the Irish'. He realized that he had to be a missionary for Ireland. He received much more education and became a bishop.

Patrick with some specially chosen people went and preached, and many men sought their lives. One time a man named Dichu raised his sword to strike Patrick. His arm went rigid, the sword falling to the ground with him not being able to pick it up. Patrick made the sign of the cross and the warrior was able to move his arm.

The group traveled to Milchu's house and flames dominated the sky. Patrick's old master had, heard of the miracle and was now afraid of him. Therefore he burnt everything down with himself in the house.

The king gave Patrick his consent to spread the faith throughout Ireland. Many people were converted to the new faith. In about the year 461 St. Patrick died and his feast day is on March 17.

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