Rev. S.O. Park

Devils are real!

When people stop invoking the saints, they soon turn to Devils. Nudity, fortune-telling, psychics, divination, nature-worship, abortion, animal and human sacrifice, obsession with sex and soft living _ all these and more are clear signs of the demonic.

We are witnessing a veritable explosion of the demonic all around us. There is nothing that has not been touched and tainted by the demonic.

If you go to any bookstore, you will find a barrage of books on the occult. Some years ago, a member of a circus made himself a "high priest" of Satan. Anton LaVey established the First Church of Satan which is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an acceptable religion. Consequently, donations to this `church' are tax deductible. It is said that LaVey `ordains' as many as four hundred Satanic priests in a single ceremony.

Mike Warnke, a former Satanist high priest points out that the Devil wins young people to Devil worship through the bait of unlimited sex, drugs and money.

Halloween is the biggest `holy day' for Satanists. Most people are ignorant of the symbolism of the different objects displayed on Halloween. In fact, most people still think that Halloween is just a kind of cute time for kids to have some "innocent" fun! Trick or treat is a multimillion dollar business!

Just pay a little attention to the mountains of specially wrapped bits of candy in any supermarket. What does that tell you? And when those tykes come around with their costumes portraying the grotesque, most motherly matrons will give them some candy, because, you know, they don't want any "trick" to be played on them..

Did you ever stop to think why prostitutes refer to their clients as a "trick"?

How does the Devil gain control of people? The Devil gets control of people through sin. Sin. What is `sin'?

Sin is a turning away from God and a turning towards the creature. It is a disordered turning towards the creature because it excludes God and consequently, all morality.

The Devil has entered the most sacred places and that is why there is so little said about him from pulpits all over the world

Satan, or, Lucifer, was the chief angel. As such, there was no one above him except God. Yet, as a free being, Satan could make a choice: He could continue to obey God, or he could disobey. He chose the latter: Satan shouted in the divine silence of heaven: NON SERVIAM! _I WILL NOT OBEY! I WILL NOT SERVE!

No. He did not shout. He screamed it with all his being! NON SERVIAM! NON SERVIAM! This is the rebellion against right order which cast these pure spirits down to earth where they violently took possession of everything: all of created nature! Yes. The Devils were cast down not only into hell which came into being at the moment of their willful act of disobedience, but they also permeated all of creation to mock the order established by God.

This all took place even before the first human being was created. St. John the Apostle says: The Devil sins from the beginning" (I John 3,8). He moreover says of the Devil: "He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth" (John 8, 44). That is, the Devil was a murderer from the beginning of the human race _ when a man was created whom he could destroy by deception _ but also that he did not stand in the truth even from the beginning of his own creation. He could not have been blessed like the other angels because he refused to be subject to the Creator. He took arrogant joy in his own private sovereignty, and thereby became a deceitful liar.

But the power of God cannot be evaded nor ignored. Anyone who refuses to hold to the truth by a holy subjection strives by a proud self-exaltation to make a pretense of being what he is not in reality.

Our Lord says of the Devil: "He has not stood in the truth" because the Devil was not created evil. The Devil had fallen from the truth. Had he remained firm in the truth, he would have partaken in the eternal happiness of the holy angels.

Recently, it was reported that in the United States the gap between the wealthy minority and the poor majority has widened to a very noticeable degree. Why should that be in a land where `democracy' rules? Democracy does not rule; demonocracy rules! This is why government has become disgustingly corrupted by power and money. Grave injustices exist in which the wealth of the few increase, while the number of the poor steadily grows larger and their condition worsens.

These are the `blessings' of a democracy promoted by a small minority. The strength of this nation has been sapped by those who have made themselves billionaires because they have bowed down and worshipped Satan. Society has grown cold and heartless because it has been led to believe that sex and luxurious living are the only important things in life.

The Devil calls that period of human history when genuine faith inspired daily living the "Dark Ages". The Devil deceives by calling light, `darkness,' and darkness, `light.'

We are living in the real Dark Ages! Man's brutality to his fellow man has never been greater. And the more that `peace' is promised, the more grotesque the death and suffering inflicted on human beings.

Archbishop Sheen pointed out one time that some of the signs of the demonic (as we have already mentioned) in our culture are: nudity (which destroys love), violence, hate; hatred of the cross and contempt of mortification and self-denial; double agents in the Church (those who stay in the Church to destroy it) and anti-heroism _ the hatred of good and virtuous persons.

We need only look at what has happened to the crème de la crème of society _ the Religious Orders and Congregations. Today's `missionaries' do not bring the saving grace of Christ's Cross to pagan lands; they bring the revolutionary `democracy' of Jewish Marxism. They bring a false ideal of `freedom' which is nothing more than the demonic anarchy of Satan.

There is an unwholesome curiosity about the Devil today which serves not to expose the Devil, but to hide him in such a way that he has greater freedom to work uninhibited. It may be said that the "cure is worse than the sickness."

There are any number of self-appointed "exorcists" plying their trade. Some call themselves "Ghost busters" while others serve the Devil by pretending to cast out devils using the powers of exorcism in the Roman Catholic Church.

The result of such "exorcisms" is that innocent people think that the Devil only appears in such extraordinary cases. They fail to realize that at this very moment they themselves may be under the Devil's influence. You may be certain that those "exorcists" are not exorcising the Devil; rather, they are facilitating his possession of people. Some of the self-proclaimed and publicity-hungry "exorcists" are more in need of exorcism than the mentally disturbed hysterical "victims" of demonic possession.

Satan's presence in the world is very, very real!

There is a direct proportion between the dramatic explosion of demonism on every level of society and the degree of falling away from the faith and practice of genuine Catholicism.

Most certainly, and expectedly, those who are influenced by devils will be the first to deny this reality. After all, the Devil is the Father of Lies. His greatest weapon is subtle deceit. There is but one thing that the Devil cannot successfully imitate, although he can ape everything else _ even false miracles. The Devil cannot successfully imitate genuine humility.

If one were asked "What are the most outstanding characteristics of present-day demonic influence?" the answer would have to be the same as at any other time in human history: drunkenness, sorcery, sexual deviations (direct or indirect polygamy).

`Drunkenness' may be understood to extend to more than just the stupor resulting from imbibing alcoholic beverages. It may well include the use of every kind of narcotic. Sorcery (witchcraft, fortune-telling, etc.) is openly practiced and even advertised in the media. "Psychics" (mostly females) must be very successful if they can afford to advertise on television.

Psychic phenomena should not be confused with the real, natural psychic powers that are a part of our created nature. Everyone has psychic abilities. Usually, it is only a matter of developing this sensitivity that differentiates one person from another.

We are considering here that psychic influence that has its origin in demonic influence.

Sorcery is promoted as a "diverse cultural" matter. So, a witch who invokes evil spirits (devils) for whatever reason, good or bad, is not a dangerous element in society, but merely a manifestation of "cultural diversity"! The Church has always warned Her faithful to stay away from sorcerers and to place their trust in God and not in demons.

The blessing of homes used to be an annual affair. Most people do not realize that when sin is committed in a place, that place becomes a favorite haunt of devils. The original blessing of a place is lost when sin is committed there. If our homes are no longer places of peace and happiness, it is only because evil has invaded this once-blessed place. People do not realize it, but they often bring devils into their homes just from their daily contacts with people who are influenced by devils, or even possessed by them in the strict sense of the word.

As for `polygamy,' it is more common than one might expect. Fornication and adultery are a common form of polygamy in a general sense. These sins are so prevalent that those who refuse to follow the crowd are looked upon as "anti-social"!

John Baptist Montini, aka "Pope Paul VI" appeared to "lament" the presence of Satan in the Church. He complained: "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church." What a clever demonic ploy!

While he was the one responsible for this "smoke of Satan" entering the Church, most Catholics failed to see the connection. Instead, they predictably concluded that "Paul VI" could not be involved in such a heinous deed since he himself has lamented the entrance of Satan into the Church!

Karol Wojtyla, the Polish actor who plays the part of a corrupt "Pope" is doing quite well in deceiving the masses of gullible, superficial Roman Catholics who have neither the interest in their Church nor the courage of their religious convictions. He continues and perfects the spread of Satan's smoke throughout the Church.

He who is perceived to be the Vicar of Jesus Christ is the key person to spread the Great Apostasy from the true faith.

Karol Wojtyla probably knows what the Church guided by the Holy Ghost teaches: That Satan is the teacher of all heretics.

Now, having said this, observe the consequences: On the one hand, indifferent Catholics will not even take notice; and, on the other hand, those who are influenced by the Devil will say: "Oh, you have no charity!" Yes, everyone who exposes the presence of Satan is quickly labeled as being a "poor Christian" or "uncharitable." The Devil has succeeded in bringing people to defend evil and condemn virtue. If this is not demonic, what is?

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