What Was the Question?

Bro. Juniper

Q. What do you think of the recent attacks by Jews upon Pope Pius XII?

P.F.,New York, NY

A. It has been said: "Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are." This might be something that St. Thomas Aquinas might have said. But, Blessed John Duns Scotus would probably have improved upon it by saying: "Tell me who your enemies are, and I will tell you what you are!"

Another way of saying this would be to quote from the ancient sage of moral values, Confucius. One day, as Confucius (K'ung Ch'iu) was addressing his disciples, he asked them: "Do you think it is a good thing if all the people in the village liked you?"

Each disciple in turn answered `yes' to the question. They all then awaited the opinion of their Master. Master K'ung said: "It would be better if the good people like you, and the evil ones hate you."

Although we take pleasure and encouragement from those who like us, we ought not dismiss the good that those who hate us render to us. It is good that evil men hate what is good, for in doing so, they cannot harm what is good, they can only expose themselves for what they truly are.

We Catholics are always attacked for one thing or another. With little variance, the same, tired and worn out accusations are made against us.

These things should not make us feel sad, disheartened nor discouraged. The people who hate Catholics are the same people who crucified Jesus Christ. We are Catholics because we believe totally in what Jesus taught. And, the more clearly Catholics profess the truth openly and in all places, the more will they attract the haters of truth into the light.

The reason why Pope Pius XII was so hated by the rabbinical caste system of the Talmudic Sect, is because he was the most brilliant Catholic Pope of our times. The Rabbis could not buy him, nor could they intimidate him.

It is time that not only those who profess the name `Catholic,' but all people of decency and good will shake off the propagandized myths of the synagogue and Zionism. It is time to silence these constant detractors of Christians.

The problem with these people is that they could not scare Pope Pius XII into becoming their tool. He was a true Pope _ the Spiritual Father of every Catholic in every nation. The only people who profited from the wars in which Christian brother killed and maimed Christian brother were the rabbis and arms dealers who supplied the warring factions which they themselves stirred up.

Pope Pius XII was not "Hitler's Pope." Nor was he "Stalin's Pope." If he said nothing about the supposed atrocities reported to him, he would have to make a similar charge against the very people who accused others of atrocities!

The Khazar people (These are the people who want us to call them "Jew") are not the descendants of Sem _ which would make them "Semites". Their own writers affirm that these so-called "Jews" are descended from Japheth. They are not Semites and to accuse anyone who exposes their villainy as being "Anti-Semitic" is just one more hoax of the twentieth century promoted by these anti-Christians.

It is time for world opinion to turn away from a hatred towards the deliberately contrived `scapegoats' of the Talmudists (Rabbis and Zionist): the spotlight of historical truth must be turned upon the prevaricators and fomenters of war and fratricide.

It should be noted that the true Roman Catholic Church cannot in good conscience recognize the terrorist invasion of Palestine by non-Semites under the stolen name of "Israel". Japhethite descendants are not Semites nor are they from the Middle East. They are squatters whose success is due mainly to their belligerence and deception.

Since Pope Pius XII could not participate in such chicanery, he is now being smeared. We can tell how great this last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church was by the rabid hatred of Christ' s enemies.

St. Justin Martyr, in a dialogue with a "Jew", Trypho, stated:

"…to the utmost of your power you dishonor and curse in your synagogues all those who believe in Christ. Now, indeed, you cannot use violence against us Christians, because of those who are in power, but as often as you could, you did employ force against us. For this reason, God cries out to you through Isaias: `Behold how the just perishith, and no may layeth it to heart. For the just man is taken away from before the face of evil. His burial shall be in peace, he is taken away from among us. But draw near hither, you wicked sons, seed of the adulterers and children of the harlot.Upon whom have you jested, and upon whom have you opened your mouth wide, and put out your tongue?"

Consider that St. Justin Martyr lived in the first century A.D. Note what he says and note well what continues even to the present day:

"The other nations have not treated Christ and us, His followers, as unjustly as have you Jews, who, indeed are the very instigators of that evil opinion they have of the Just One and of us, His disciples. After you had crucified the only sinless and just Man (through whose sufferings are healed all those who approach the Father through Him), and after you realized that He had risen from the dead and had ascended into Heaven (as had been predicted by the Prophets), you not only failed to feel remorse for your evil deed, but you even dispatched certain picked men from Jerusalem to every land, to report the outbreak of the godless heresy of the Christians and to spread those ugly rumors against us which are repeated by those who do not know us. As a result, you are to blame not only for your own wickedness, but also for that of all others. With good reason, therefore, does Isaias cry out: `Because of you My name is blasphemed among the Gentiles'"

When honest and dedicated men try to inform the people who have been kept in ignorance for so long of what really happened in the recent past, they are threatened, calumniated, and dishonored.

The Rabbis feel very secure in spreading calumnies against Catholics because they have confidence that they now control governments. It is for this reason that one Rabbi stated that "This is the Messianic age." That is, it is the age when the Jews (so-called) will rule the world. It is truly the age of the Antichrist!

One of the chief Khazars, the Polish Jew Karol Wojtyla, sits on the chair of Peter from whence he cleverly fosters the reign of the coming Antichrist.

The tragedy lies not so much in the success of these antichrists, but in the folly of the people who enthusiastically abandon their Catholic faith.

Ever since John XXIII, the heretic pope, the Great Apostasy foretold by St. Paul has covered every nation and continent. There is no place on earth where the religious indifference promoted by the Second Vatican Council has not made itself felt.

If Pope Pius XII is a saint in heaven, he is the last one who would need an anti-pope to declare him there. Wojtyla is not the man to declare anyone a saint. What ought to be done, however, is that every honest and genuine Roman Catholic read the Encyclical Letters of this last great Pope. Pius XII was a good and gentle man, and a giant of a Pope. Perhaps his intimate knowledge of the goodness of the German people kept him from becoming a shameful stooge for the Communist Jews.

Nationalism is not an evil human sentiment. But, it easily becomes a blinding slogan for anyone who loses sight of objective truth and goodness. Nationalism is another name for patriotism. This is something the American people have not yet learned. When the genuine sentiment of love for one's fatherland is corrupted and the people are manipulated, it makes no difference who the guilty parties are.

Patriotism should never be an excuse for myopic prejudice.

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