June is the month we honor all fathers. All true fathers, that is. We cannot honor those biological fathers who lack the spiritual quality of a man that makes him a complete father.

A false father is one who neglects the spiritual and religious values which constitute the genuine fullness of human life. Necessarily included is the correct supernatural development of one's children. As head of the household by divine and natural law, it is the father's sacred duty to assure the religious guidance of the entire family.

It is with profound sadness that decent people are harassed and impoverished for courageously fighting for the spiritual values of even one small child.

What price can be put on even one small human soul? The devil certainly knows. The devil knows because he has his agents fighting against God and fighting for the soul of just one little boy: Elian Gonzalez.

It was Divinity Itself Who posed the question: "What doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?" The answer, of course, will differ according to which ideology one adopts _ or, better, which ideology is either imposed or freely accepted. If one is conditioned like a mindless brute to respond to physical stimuli, the question has only academic value. But, if the question is considered by an intelligent being with a free will and a genuine desire to seek total fulfillment, the answer will be all-important.

The whole world is not worth the loss of one's soul for all of eternity.

Yet, how many clergymen and laity compromise their souls for a bit of pottage! How many have invented their own theology to fit their individual vices so that they may continue offending the Divine Judge while entertaining the illusion of being saved.

Now, in order to establish sound values, it is necessary to be silent as an individual. For, it is only to the individual soul that God communicates Himself. Every genuinely religious action is a very personal reaction of the soul to God's grace. God's grace is as foreign to a collectivity as is vice or virtue.

The community is only necessary to protect the individual from making a mistake by calling `light' darkness, and `darkness' light. But, when the social collectivity acts in unison to dethrone `light' and adore `darkness,' it has lost its raison d'être _ it's reason for being.

With good reason did Pope Pius XII so condemn Communism that he used his supreme authority to excommunicate anyone who in any way cooperated with Communism.

In a decree of the Holy Office of 1 July 1949 the Church stated its position regarding Communism: "Communism is materialistic and anti-Christian; and the leaders of the Communists, even though they sometimes verbally profess that they are not attacking religion, in fact nevertheless by doctrine and action show themselves to be enemies of God and of the true religion and the Church of Christ."

The Church further declared and decreed that the faithful who profess the materialistic and anti-Christian doctrine of Communists, and especially those who defend or propagate it, incur ipso facto as apostates from the Catholic faith the excommunication specially reserved to the Holy See.

What, then, must a Catholic think of those holding public office who either consent or by their silence are deemed to consent to the sending back to Cuba of a little boy who will most certainly be indoctrinated in the materialistic anti-Christian doctrines of Judeo-Communism?

Can a Catholic support and vote in elections for candidates who aid and abet Communism? The answer can only be in the negative. A Roman Catholic is not permitted to support, vote for or associate with those who openly support Communism.

Parents may not send their children to schools where children are taught ideas contrary to Christian faith and morals. The public schools in the United States where sex education is nothing more than thinly disguised sex induction have a grave obligation to keep their children out of such schools and to use their civil rights to eliminate from office those who promote such immorality under the guise of `education.' When children are shown how to use devices of artificial birth control, it is safe to say without fear of exaggeration or error that the children are being taught ideas contrary to Christian faith and morals.

The Church has further decreed and declared that "Those who teach boys and girls what is contrary to the faith and to Christian morals incur excommunication specially reserved to the Holy See."

Likewise: "The boys and girls themselves, as long as they have part in these associations, cannot be admitted to the sacraments."

It matters little what pretentious disguise such groups attempt to hide behind. It is by their fruits that they are known.

Here is where the parents must exercise their natural and divine right for the protection of the faith and morals of their children. The clergy themselves must do everything possible to encourage and second the parents in their efforts to exert positive influence upon those delegated by vote or appointment in matters of public education to respect the moral values of Christian parents. Immorality has no rights nor do those who promote immorality have any right to legal protection.

It is an absurdity to claim rights for disorder. The time has come for all genuine Americans to stand up for moral order.

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