What Was The Question?

Bro. Juniper

Q. Did the Vatican truly reveal the Third Secret of Fatima?

W.G., Phoenix,AZ

A. The answer to this question is already known to most people familiar with the general contents of the Fatima messages. But, for the rest of the vast majority, even the fact of Fatima solicits a question: "Fatima? What's `Fatima'?" So much for the majority of "intelligent" Catholics.

There are those who have made a lucrative business of peddling `Fatima facts' and gaining international `reputations' for their `expertise on the entire `Fatima affair.'

The first thing to be done is to determine the fact of Fatima. The secularist press (I mean `secularist" and not just `secular' _ as opposed to `religious') can never bring itself to speak in terms of fact when it comes to religion. Being controlled by `naturalists,' the press can only talk in terms approved by its masters. Consequently, anyone on the payroll of the press dares not to express a positive idea on matters of divine intervention such as apparitions. As the Santa Cruz, California "Sentinel" writes: Vatican reveals fabled Third Secret of Fatima.

Note: the Third Secret of Fatima is termed a `fable.' But, a `fable' is fiction. Therefore, the Sentinel does not deal in objective reality; it stays within the confines of its usual fiction.

But, we do not wish to waste our time on such foolishness. We can leave that to the superficial and childish `wisdom' of the muddled thinkers.

They say that "ignorance is bliss" and it is quite certain that such people are in their glory.

More serious individuals are genuinely concerned with what has been seriously and responsibly reported and affirmed by the highest teaching authority in the Roman Catholic Church. This is the only place where anyone in the world will hear the unadulterated truth.

Thus, the first question to be asked is this: "Has the teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church pronounced on the apparitions of Fatima? If so, what does the official Church say?

For the sake of conserving time and space, we might all agree that the Church has spoken. The Church has declared that the apparitions to the three children of Fatima is worthy of credence. This is not dogma. This position of the Church is based on natural and supernatural theology.

Certainly, no short response to the question can be exhausted in just a few pages at most. Details will be lacking; conclusions will flow from stated facts whose proof has been given elsewhere. In other words, we deal here with postulates. We take as a given fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary did appear to the three Portuguese children.

It is said that Pope Pius XII `inherited' the Secret of Fatima and if the request were not made before the year 1960, that the Secret was to be made public. Pope Pius XII died in 1958.

Roman Catholics the world over waited patiently for the Secret to be revealed by the subsequent "Pope." It was never revealed. This spurred speculation. Most Catholics unfamiliar with the workings of the world hardly suspect the machinations that go on even in the Vatican. Remember: The Church is holy because She teaches a holy doctrine. Saints are those who lived by this doctrine. Not everyone is a saint.

Nevertheless, very few Catholics suspected intrigue before the death of John Paul I. His mysterious death after only thirty-three days in the Vatican is too much like the work of Freemasons to exclude assassination.

To begin with , nothing of the promises made by the Blessed Virgin have been accomplished. Russia was most certainly not converted; Communism has not collapsed because few actually understand the inner workings and goals of "Communism." The third secret needs no revelation because the greatest evil that can befall the Church and the world has already happened.

What is that great catastrophe? It is the great apostasy. The great apostasy from the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church is an accomplished fact.

Without a doubt, the usurpers of the Chair of Peter will never have either the humility or the courage to admit this fact. That is the reason for all the "ecumenical" activity; that is the reason for the rapid approbation and canonization of individuals; that is the reason for such careless laxity in discerning spirits. The infamous hypocrite, Paul VI, cunningly proclaimed that the "smoke of Satan has entered the Church" _ he, who has done everything to facilitate this entry. He did this only to deflect the blame from himself to some ``unknown" entity.

Truth today drowns in a sea of lies. Ignorance is called `education' while true education is systematically erased from the mind and memory of man.

Cardinal Ratzinger points to the "charismatic movement" as if it were the work of the Holy Ghost, when, in reality, it is the inspiration of an unholy ghost. Pentecostalism is the kind of error that the Church fought against within Her bosom in the time of the Council of Trent.

Pride rules in the house of the Modernist heretics who have complete control of what is perceived to be the visible Church, but is not. The truth, however, is quite different. The true Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, defender of the faith and truth, is almost entirely hidden from the eyes of the world. The day is not far off when the few genuine and loyal Roman Catholics will be killed and their killers will think they are honoring God by their crimes. Our Lord said it would happen. Yet, we still do not believe Him.

The words of Our Lord are certainly Being realized in today's world. Many false prophets have gone forth and there are more people today who say "Lord! Lord" than ever before. But of these Our Lord will say on the day of judgment: "I know you not, you workers of iniquity." And among them will be those who say: "Lord, did we not cast out devils in Thy name; did we not prophesy in Thy name; and did we not raise the dead in Thy name?"

And still, Our Lord will answer: "I know you not."

When God says to a soul " I know you not," you may be certain that such a soul is condemned to hell. If such a statement wounds the misguided sentiments of some, it is only because Our Lord's words will prove to be true: " I know mine and mine know me." However, if He says to someone "I know you not" this must be understood to mean that such a soul is not in the state of sanctifying grace.

The absurdities coming from the Vatican these days only prove the arrogant confidence these usurpers have in the success of their destruction of the faith.

Who will believe that the Great Apostasy spoken of by St.Paul in his Second Letter to the Thessalonians has taken place? Of course, almost no one. Nevertheless, if the reality of the Great Apostasy is upon us, does its denial make it go away? Do you think that many will recognize any of the signs preceding the day of judgment? Most people will explain these signs away. They may not deny them directly, but they will say "Yes, but not in our time" "Yes," they will say," There will be an anti-pope; but not this one _ the next one." And when the `next one' comes, what will they say? They will say: "Yes; but not this one; the next one." You may be certain that only a very few will recognize the signs that have been predicted.

Is there a universal devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary? There is not. Is there a true repentance among the millions of Roman Catholics for offenses against God? There is not. There is only the insane groveling of Prelates and priests at the feet of Satanic Jews for sins they never committed, while their real sins against God are ignored. The Mother of God asked the children of Fatima not only to pray the Rosary daily, but to make sacrifices for sinners because many souls go to hell for the simple reason that there are none to sacrifice themselves and pray for them.

Instead of prayers of repentance, we witness the obstinate denial of God's truth by so-called "priests" who assure the living that their departed loved ones are now in heaven!

On this subject of false apparitions and visions, etc., we may add the alleged apparitions in Lithuania.

Karol Wojtyla, AKA "Pope John Paul II" solemnly announced to the Lithuanian people who were suffering for their faith that he, too, was part Lithuanian. This, as can be expected, pleased the downtrodden Lithuanians immensely. Even half a Lithuanian as a Pope is better than nothing. This assured Wojtyla of a following of almost two million Lithuanians.

All the clergy without exception bowed before this Polish actor. No amount of evidence and no amount of sound logic could dislodge the illusion that Wojtyla was Lithuanian and that he was a true successor of St. Peter.

Anyone who would question the fact was given short shrift. One or two lonely voices crying in the desert could safely be ignored.

Presently, there is not a single Roman Catholic bishop in all of Lithuania. Everyone without exception has embraced the Modern Vatican II heresies led by the Ashkenazi "Jew", Wojtyla. Having said the truth, it is overwhelmingly clear that the truth has fallen on deaf ears.

How can heretics discern spirits? Obviously, they cannot because they have placed themselves in a position whereby supernatural grace is lacking to them.

In a booklet purporting to promote the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to a Lithuanian woman, the author, Rev. John Burkus, makes the astounding claim that "The local bishop has not forbidden the propagation of revelations which Anele Matjosaitis has received and continues to receive, because they do not contradict the Holy Bible, Tradition, or the teachings of the Catholic Church."

The first claim is false: The `revelations' contradict the Bible, Tradition and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Beginning with the teachings of the Catholic Church, we see that Anele Matjosaitis cannot be having visions from God because from the very beginning she entered into an invalid marriage. The marriage was invalid because she agreed with her husband not to have children. The first purpose of marriage is the begetting of children. It is the constant teaching of the Roman Catholic Church that a marriage entered into with the express decision not to have children is invalid.

Her complicity in this invalid marriage shows that she did not have faith in God's providence _ as so many Lithuanians show in the fact that they have been practicing genocide by practicing birth control. Communist Jews sent thousands of people of all ages to their deaths in slave camps in Siberia; but, Lithuanians deprived millions of Lithuanians of life through birth control and abortion. Who is the greater killer of a nation; who the greater enemy? This same ugly reality is found in every country: national genocide by the people themselves!

Secondly, the so-called "Masses" celebrated by valid priests (older priests ordained before 1968) and the invalid priests (those ordained since 1968 and according to the new ritual) are not valid Sacrifices of the Mass. They are nothing more than Lutheran Communion Services designed to placate heretics who deny the Real Presence and the transubstantiation.

The bishop authorizing this latest insult to genuine religion is a heretic. He has no jurisdiction in the Roman Catholic Church by virtue of the laws of the Church. He and all the other bishops in Lithuania are heretics and fall under the censure of Canon Law.

The sufferings of Lithuanian Catholics for their faith would have been their salvation. But now, they prove to the world that they have completely lost the true faith. And so, the words of the Blessed Mother at Fatima have come true: Many nations will disappear. Can there be any greater disappearance than to be forgotten? When God `forgets' someone, or does not know someone, this means that the forgotten are lost.

Today, it is sufficient to adhere to the anti-Pope Karol Wojtyla to place oneself outside the Roman Catholic Church. The reason is because adherence to Wojtyla implies adherence to his heresies.

These apparitions are no more authentic than the false apparitions concocted by the heretic Franciscans in Medjugorje, Neceda, WI, or Bayside, NY.

Most of the stories are told, not by the visionary, Anele, but by the priest. He says: "Her dead husband, in an apparition, asked her to pray for the soul of a friend. He needed only one Holy Mass before he could go to Heaven. She asked a priest to offer it, and then, her husband's friend reached Heaven."

Are we to assume that Anele's husband was already in Heaven? What proof do we have of this? None! Compare this with the answer Lucy received from the Blessed Virgin concerning a friend of hers. She says: "Then I remembered to ask about two girls who had died recently. They were friends of mine and used to come to my home to learn weaving with my eldest sister." "Is Maria das Neves in heaven?" "Yes, she is." (I think she was about 16 years old).

"And Amelia?"

"She will be in purgatory until the end of the world." (It seems to me that she was between 18 and 20 years of age).

And this `friend' needs only one Mass to be freed from Purgatory? And a simple country girl from Portugal will be in Purgatory until the end of the world?! This is the Blessed Virgin who reigns in Heaven as Queen of heaven and earth who tells Lucy that this girl's offense against God merits reparation of hundreds of years….or, maybe Lucy knows something no one else knows? Something, perhaps like the end of the world being just around the bend?

How many people do you know who are making active reparation for not only their sins, but for the sins of others?

Certainly, one Mass has _ as they say _ infinite value. But, in practice, how many people have such a pure state of soul that one Mass is sufficient?

It is particularly suspect that anyone is going to Heaven from those attending the heretical Church because, as the Church teaches through true Popes such as Pope Pius XII, only those are members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ who are not separated from Her by heresy, schism or excommunication. These are excluded from the kingdom of heaven unless they repent of their errors and disobedience. It is Pope Pius XII who clearly states that the Holy Spirit does not dwell in such souls.

Now, since the Holy Ghost is the principal of sanctification, and since nothing stained can enter the kingdom of heaven, by what masterful trickery of such priests can heretics enter the kingdom of heaven?

Serious spiritual directors, well-versed in mystical phenomena, are equally aware of the machinations of the devil and the many tricks he plays on gullible souls.

It seems that the Blessed Mother is not much interested in the grave sin of heresy as she is in having the people receive "Communion" standing, or, by receiving the wafer in their hands like Protestants. How is it that the Blessed Mother never learned any theology even in heaven?

Then, there is the matter of Princess Diana. Princess Diana was no saint. Nor was she a Catholic. She belonged to a heretical sect that had persecuted the Church for hundreds of years. She never received the true Body and Blood of Our Lord in Holy Communion. Without grace, how could anyone _ even Princess Diana _ observe the commandments of God? Answer: She cannot.

Princess Diana never received the Sacrament of Penance. She was more than able to renounce her heretical sect and embrace the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. She did not.

And "Mother Teresa of Calcutta"? This woman admitted publicly that she was not a missionary in the "ordinary sense of the word." What does this mean? It means, according to "Mother Teresa" that she never tried to convert anyone to the true faith outside of which there is no salvation. She boasted that she wanted a Bhuddist to be a better Bhuddist, a Hindu to be a better Hindu, etc. Anything, it seems, but a Roman Catholic.

While Hindus were persecuting genuine Roman Catholics, "Mother Teresa" was making it possible for these religious fanatics to kill Catholics by cleaning the streets of Calcutta of human refuse and debris which neither Hindus would touch nor the government. If I were a politician in India, I would also give "Mother Teresa" someone else's money for saving me the trouble of putting moral decency and respect for human life into daily practice. Thanks, "Mother Teresa" for a Masonic job well done.

The apparitions in Lithuania are just as demonically inspired as those elsewhere. They have this added ignominy that while others did not suffer for the true faith, many Lithuanians died for the true faith. Now that the faith has been destroyed by heretical clergymen, there is nothing left but to pretend to a holiness and mysticism that does not exist.

The same is true of Karol Wojtyla's "miraculous" preservation from an assassin's bullet. Wojtyla has made the Roman Catholic Church a traveling circus with clown clergy and freak faithful. The dignity and seriousness of religion has been effectively destroyed by this Jew who has worked to make room for the Antichrist on the throne of Peter.

Harsh words? There are no adequate words in any language to describe and denounce such blasphemous mockery of genuine religion and authentic mysticism.

The true faith in the Vatican is as dead as the true faith in countries like Lithuania.

The Secret of Fatima can only refer to such demonic apparitions and the loss of faith right in the heart of Catholicism: Rome.

No intelligent person would ever buy the ridiculous propaganda and public relations gimmick orchestrated by Masons in the Vatican.

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