The Media and Moral Responsibility

Fr. Joseph Noonan O.F.M.

We're all familiar with the typical breakfast scene where a person sits at a table reading the daily paper, getting the latest news of events that have happened around the world, while eating his meal.

This scene has become so routine for many that if the newspaper were taken away, they would feel lost. To be sure, habit is one matter; the effects of this habit are something totally different. The effect, because of the evil desires of almost all newspaper companies, is that we've all been misled about the most important occurrences in our daily lives. We have been in a very real sense, indoctrinated by ingestion.

Any journalist who has been around for awhile and has but an ounce of integrity, will know of the trust that necessarily must exist between those that own and operate a newspaper, and those that subscribe to it. This is an absolute essential. Otherwise, chaos ensues.

Once a paper has turned its back on the highest of journalist standards, it becomes nothing more than a lowly vehicle of deplorable propaganda. This should be applied to not only the printed media, but all other forms as well.

There seem to be three basic forms in which the media may mislead the general public.

The first is the lie. This is a situation where given information is a total falsification of reality. The media is very clever in quite often getting away with this because of their use of what is known as doublespeak. This is a devious means of writing (or speaking) whereby that which is written is not usually what is meant. This method is used so the given party cannot be accused of blatant lies. This is a step below (or above, depending upon your point of view) using simple vague terms. It more importantly allows the writer to send a message to his allies without giving himself away. The communists have been doing this for decades, unbeknown to most Westerners.

Unfortunately, some of our highest public officials have resorted to using such methods. You see, dear reader, even our "beloved" politicians must necessarily cover their backs!

The second is the half-truth. Here the media mixes the truth and lie. This has been shown to be horribly dangerous because the truth may be recognized (at least in some form), but the lie is not. The end result is that all the information is taken as the truth. When this occurs (and it does occur quite often) the media has accomplished its goal to deceive. Please note also how diabolically clever they (the media) have been in supposedly putting truth and error on the same level.

The third and perhaps the least understood form is that of silence. When the average person reads the daily paper, they not only consider what they read to be the truth, but all the truth. The masses have been so conditioned over the years that they would hardly consider the media withholding information. There's but a small percentage of people that understand for many decades the media have generally withheld the most important details of public and private events that have had a bearing upon the citizenry. This is commonly known as a conspiracy of silence.

I should mention here that this occurs not only in secular political circles, but unfortunately, in church politics as well. Once having observed the pattern years ago amongst the modernists, it remains the same to this day. In other words, if they (the modernists) don't want their own to know about true Roman Catholicism and the churches (clergy and laity) which represent it, (or thought to be) they maintain a clever devilish silence. They know if anything is said, whether good or bad, it will provide publicity for the mentioned group, bringing either curiosity seekers or those who are sincerely interested in practicing the Faith.

In civil or secular politics the results of this silence can be devastating. Please keep in mind two important points that must be remembered in order to fully understand the cause and effect of this silence. One is the moral responsibility of the media, and the other is the welfare of the populace. Because of the exaggerated role that the media plays in today's society, the latter is necessarily affected by the former.

We, first of all, must understand the reaction of the average non-thinking person (in today's language this individual is rudely called an airhead) to the headline news of each day. The reaction has become so robotic that it is pathetically prophetic. This is do to the molding ("brainwashing, or braincleansing") of the masses over the past several decades. The bent of the molding has clearly (to those that are able to "see") been liberal (leftist, communistic, socialistic, globalistic, one-world) to the extent that the vast majority of the Western world has intellectually succumbed to the erroneous views of the media. Once again, this is a reaction to what they have been told. Their conclusions have been formed according to the known news. How accurate are they?

A few examples may provide the reader with sufficient insight, thereby changing his "worldview." In recent years we have been led to believe that the Spanish Inquisition was contrived by Queen Isabella to unjustly drive the Jews out of 15th century Spain. So much is made of the so-called abuses by the Inquisition that one would think that Spain during this period must have resembled hell on earth.

What are the facts of this event? You won't find them in your average history book!

To fully understand the Inquisition, you must understand Queen Isabella and 15th century Spain. Wanting to proceed down the difficult road of national unity (they had finally driven the Moslems out of Spain after they had occupied it for 777 years), the sovereigns knew the only way to truly unite all of Spain was to not only conquer all of their earthly enemies within the country, but to overcome all spiritual opposition as well.

Briefly, they allowed any Jews that so desired, to leave the country. For those that remained, along with the Moslems and any erring Catholics, they would be subject to canon law and its implementation by the Inquisition. The goal was to spiritually purify the country; a goal which is truly noble and good, but is, however, completely lost on a society that is hellbent on a democratic (masonic) freedom. The intent of the Inquisition was to judiciously correct and penalize (if necessary) those persons who were attempting to pervert the Holy Faith. If treatment by the Inquisition was so terrible (as we are told today), then why did civil criminals purposely commit religious crimes in order to be placed in a prison of the Inquisition? Although imperfect, as any human endeavor proves to be (the early abuses were soon stopped), the truths of this event are quite different from what we have been led to believe.

A second and present day example is that of the so-called "Holocaust." For over fifty years we have been subject to a nearly constant barrage of nauseous exaggerations and lies. We have been led to believe, with the press dutifully leading the way, that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis with the final goal of exterminating all of the Jews in Europe.

What is the real truth in this matter?

As hard as these modern day Khazars may try to find evidence to the contrary, there seems to be no evidence that there was an actual plan to exterminate the Jews. The number "six-million" only surfaced several years after the war. It has changed several times in recent years, ending up well under one-million, although there seems to be no mention of this in the daily press. One may legitimately ask the question why this correction has not been made public.

Next, two reputable men with qualifying credentials went to Europe to examine the remains of the "death" camps. They courageously concluded that what was supposed to have happened during the second World War could not have happened as we have been led to believe! Why? Because it would have been physically impossible for the Nazis to have killed six-million Jews in the time frame that it was supposed to have been done. In addition to this, where are the skeletal remains of all these people? How many people know that when a person is cremated, the bone structure remains. If there were six-million skeletons buried in the countryside of Germany, Austria, and Poland, I really don't think they would be that difficult to find! Do you?

We have been shown pictures of stacked corpses that are supposed to be the bodily remains of imprisoned Jews. In actuality, these remains are those of the slaughtered innocent Germans of Dresden, Hamburg, and other German cities after the American and British forces murderously carpet-bombed these people. (Shades of a more recent Belgrade, by yet another blood-thirsty president.)

The United Nations will provide us with a third example. Formed shortly after WW II, this organization is supposedly operating for the benefit of mankind. We need to look no further than to some of its founding members and principles to find out whether this is true.

The infamous Alger Hess and two Soviet communists were the co-signers of the original charter. Hess was later found guilty of perjury after denying he was a communist. So the fact that three communists founded this organization of "peace" is enough to tell you that it is all a lie, that is, if you understand anything of the true goals of communism. Its principles are entirely Judeo-Masonic. As a result, it is a thoroughly godless group of gansters. This should be enough to demonstrate that the U.N. cannot be what it is supposed to be, for when their very purpose is anti-christian, then God will certainly not bless such an endeavor, for true peace of any kind (whether temporal or spiritual) is not possible without Him.

Consider now the lies that have continued to the present about these three topics as a result of silence. It is truly a shame, or should I say, a sham, for the truth begs to be told. The lives of millions have been affected, all due to the truth NOT being made known. The depth to which events have been affected is truly deplorable. It makes you wonder if any of the facts will ever be allowed to be made known.

We have witnessed numerous mea culpas in different forms from the Spanish and German governments and the Vatican. And for what purpose? On one hand it is the constant pressure put on these people from the hidden forces of the godless Jew, to the lowly cowardice of the national leaders that have bowed to this pressure.

As for the United Nations, the lies have continued to grow as the years have gone by. Its power is greater than ever, being used as a primary vehicle in the march toward a one-world government. Contrary to what Montini (Paul VI) stated at the U.N. in the 60's, it (the U.N.) is not mankind's last hope.

Although mankind has almost always had a problem in writing objectively, the world witnesses today a desire by the Judeo-Masonic forces that are so prevalent, to so completely control the minds and lives of all, that they will go to any means to keep the truth from being known.

It would seem that the only answer to this spiritual plague (for it is a spiritual problem), is for honest men to educate themselves and take a stand in the battle of good versus evil.

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