The Bishop Speaks

Bishop Louis Vezelis O.F.M.

As I look upon a picture of "Cardinal" William H. Keeler, and alleged "Catholic Archbishop" of Baltimore, nailing a copy of the "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification" to the doors of the Christ Lutheran Church as the "Rev." Dr. George Paul Mocko looks on, there is a strange twitching in my stomach. I always experience this peculiar discomfort whenever my intellect perceives a blatant distortion of reality.

It would be interesting to know how error and truth can be united in a mystical marriage and produce anything but monsters.

Lust and love are now one; greed and generosity are now wed; death and life are no longer contradictories.

But, we ought not be overly surprised. We Roman Catholics have been bending over backwards to facilitate some kind of "peace at any price" kind of mentality simply because we would rather live like cowards rather than die lie genuine heroes.

We have convinced ourselves that our weakness of faith is broadminded tolerance; we were already prepared for this great apostasy by our vacillating bishops and priests who never really cared what genuine Popes of the Church were trying to teach them; our "elite" laity were only too eager to compromise their faith in order to make a profit with their fellow Rotarians and other Masonic front organizations. Religious indifference emasculated our loyalty to Jesus Christ to the point that we were ashamed of virtue and gloried in vice like the rest of fallen mankind.

We still hear of those pious ladies who don't know anything about their Church other than that the altar is prettily dressed with the flowers they have brought. Doctrine? Who cares about that! Principles? Why bother _ no one else does. Latin is lovely; so why get all bent out of shape just because someone in Rome dressed in white may not be a genuine successor of St. Peter? Who cares! We're happy because we have what we want: We want to show our priest that he can't tell us what to believe or do. We are now an enlightened generation. Those boast of having finished college have little to boast about.

Moral values are generally destroyed when young adults, drunk with a new-found `freedom' enter college. We are indeed of an intellectual caliber that we can use any vulgarity we may wish to show others our "independence" of any social standards of good breeding and etiquette.

Now that so much "progress" has been made with Lutherans, perhaps those whose ancestors robbed at the point of a dagger and torture the churches and monasteries and convents of the Roman Catholic Church will now return them to us, or, at least, indemnify us for their accrued value today.

Let's talk real business and set aside all this pious prattle that only crudely disguises the real truth about heresy. Heresy is not an insult to any human authority; heresy is an insult to God Himself. God is Truth and all error is primarily an offense against Truth. God is Love, and every abuse of the gifts of nature and supernature are offenses against God's goodness. Anyone caught in between simply adds to the guilt.

Martin Luther and all his bloody disciples succeeded not because they were worried about "justification" or "salvation," they succeeded only because more unfaithful Catholics preferred lust to love, greed to generosity, robbery to honest labor.

If religion were truly the cause and motive of the alleged "Reformation," there would never have been any need to force monks and nuns to leave their monasteries and convents to become adulterers and adulteresses. They did those things, you know. They did them because they had already chosen a mystical marriage with Jesus Christ and the Mystical Body of Christ.

They freely gave up their natural right to create a family for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. They vowed; but they broke their vows just as the laity broke their vows when they left their legitimate spouses to commit adultery with others. This was the motive for that great "Reformation" that was so piously upset because the Church's authority allegedly "sold indulgences". Whereas, the real truth was drowned in a sea of human disorder and pride parading as "virtuous indignation."

What happened to the Church's properties after the monks and nuns were expelled from their religious houses? Catholic nobility bequeathed their earthly goods to the Church rather than to their profligate and corrupt offspring, knowing that not only would their goods be applied to charitable works, but that if anyone would remember them in their prayers it would certainly be the monks and the nuns. It was this envy and greed _ not virtue _ that made Martin Luther's "reformation" a success.

Added to this is the ever-rebellious attitude of will that would so easily fall for Satan's cleverly disguised and suggestive defiant cry: I will not serve!

Any honest investigation of the most successful "mainstream religions" will show that the first condition for success is to promote promiscuity.

The more promiscuous the doctrines, the greater the success. This is one of the reasons why witchcraft and other forms of demonism are so attractive. What do they promise? They promise the warlocks (male witches) that they will now be able to seduce any woman they wish. One supposes, the same is true for the witches.

Whenever a Catholic leaves the Church, you can be sure that it is never to follow a more perfect doctrine. You can also be sure that the acceptable pretext hiding the real reason will generally be one that makes the liar look virtuous. No; it is always some hidden vice that motivates abandoning the only true path to justification and salvation. Satan is the Father of Lies. And, the true Church has always had the courage to speak the truth even in the face of death.

There is no justification nor salvation outside the one institution established by God for that purpose: the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This Church is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ as clearly defined and taught by Her last true Vicar of Jesus Christ, Pope Pius XII.

There is no debate. There is only acceptance or rejection. Those who accept, enter the way to justification and salvation; those who reject Her teachings and discipline, enter the way of damnation. Those who listen to the Church will be saved; those who do not listen will be condemned.

There is no margin for compromise nor half-way measures. There can be no real union between Lutherans and the Roman Catholic Church until the former abandons its infamous name "Lutheran" _ which contains in itself all that is opposed to Jesus Christ.

Satan is the teacher of all heretics and schismatics. The only superficial similarities between genuine Catholics and fallen away Catholics (heretics and schismatics) are the things that are necessary for the heretics and schismatics to create the illusion of religion in those whom they deceive.

It is for this reason that we Roman Catholics cannot in any way compromise the divinely inspired teachings of the Church for any social reason. The true Church has always observed reasonable civil tolerance, knowing that faith is a grace of God; yet, she has never _ and can never _ practice theological tolerance. The moment She does this, She ceases to be the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.

Only the devil would suggest that truth is "harsh" and "unchristian". The greatest kindness and charity that we may extend to everyone is the desire and effort to unmask the demonic lies that seduce them, and welcome them into the one fold of which Jesus Christ is the Supreme Pontiff and Shepherd.

This latest manifestation on the part of ecclesiastical usurpers should not upset genuine Catholics. Rather, it should serve to awaken them to the fact that the great apostasy from the true faith as foretold by St. Paul in his epistle to the Thessalonians is today a reality.

Satan has entered the Vatican. He is so sure of his success that he has even dared to reveal the fact, confident in the knowledge that almost a billion Roman Catholics throughout the world would simply "not get it".

The Lutherans have denied more than just the doctrine of justification as taught authoritatively by the Roman Catholic Church. Their false premise has resulted in a logical denial of almost every other doctrine of the Church. Likewise, those who would want us to "rejoice" in this latest act of infidelity are forced by the logic of the thing to deny the same things which Lutherans deny. This they do implicitly by there silence and by their positive actions to make heretics and schismatics comfortable in their heresy and schism. But, when religion is made to appear as nothing more than a "cultural" phenomenon, it ceases to be religion and becomes nothing more than a superficial, empty show of passing fancy. When austerity becomes popular (if it ever does!) everybody will be doing it; meanwhile, vice is popular and so, is not only tolerated by those whose duty it is to suppress it, but is actively promoted. Laws are made to forbid prayer just to appease the godless. Actually, laws should restrain and contain the godless.

One of the duties of government is to foster virtue and restrain vice. Today, governments restrain virtue, and foster vice. If all authority is from God _ and it is _ then the first duty of those holding legitimate authority is to promote virtue and restrain vice.

We welcome sincere abjuration of error and a humble return to the true faith of those who are touched by the grace of God and genuine repentance. We are appalled at the thought that arrogance can be a sign of supernatural grace. Mercy is extended to the one in error; but, justice demands that the error be unmasked, denounced and banished. Only then can mercy bear real fruit unto justification and salvation.

What can we Roman Catholic think of these latest expressions of religious indifference? Sadly, we can only conclude: It is nothing more than one Protestant bargaining with another Protestant to join forces against the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church! William H. Keeler is a Modernist Protestant and Mr. George Paul Mocko is an old-fashioned Lutheran Protestant. The former promotes the heresies of Modernism; the latter promotes the errors of Martin Luther. There is no essential difference because the essence of heresy is an ontological reality independent of the secondary expressions. Heresy is an attitude of mind. It cannot change objective reality; it can only disguise it according to the subjective fancy of each heretic.

We earnestly invite wandering Roman Catholics to return home.

God did not abandon His Church. It is still here. It is there, where you will find a genuine Bishop holding to all the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church; it is there, where the clergy and faithful are united in the one faith and the one discipline of the Church before the great apostasy.

The true Church is not found in groups styling themselves according to diverse flavors of "tradition," nor with those who have only a priest as their liturgist, or some usurper bishop as their false leader. The remnant flock is truly the "little flock" spoken of by Jesus Christ.

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