Now that the "Happy Holidays" are over, we can look back to see just how "happy" they were. Hardly anyone dared to say "Merry Christmas" for fear that the rabbinical headhunters might get upset or the racist blacks might kwanza you to death. Faced with threats from the "Hanukah people" and the "kwanza people" anyone engaged in the pursuit of profit whether in the air, on the earth, or in the sea thought it prudent to eliminate the only reason for celebrating anything in this cold time of the year: The Birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

The "kept press" must have had orders to make sure that the rabbis and the Shamanists were pleased and after all, who cares about those gullible Christians!

And so it was written and so it was done. Christmas was barely _ if ever _ used in the press and on the TV. If anything was even mentioned of Christmas, it was carefully filtered so as not to even suggest that Christmas is the birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What is quite irritating and obnoxious is the strident and discordant insistence on "After Christmas Sales". Before Christmas, there was almost nothing that would have the world focus its attention on this great historic event. Everything was a bland appeal to some indeterminate "holiday." When alighting from any airlines aircraft, the flight attendant would say: "Happy Holidays!"

And, if you looked the poor fellow or young lady in the eye and said: "Merry Christmas!" you could see the smile of relief.

Have you ever read or heard anyone advertise: "After Hanukah Sale" or "After Kwanza Sale"?

One could only wonder and guess at the billions of dollars extorted by the "Y2K" hoax that scared millions of people. A scare that was, without doubt, planned and executed with and through the mass media. The only ones who knew it to be a hoax were in such a small minority that the hoax hucksters had nothing to fear. There were plenty of the booboisie who would pay no attention to those "fringe freaks" who were trying to save the masses from wasting their money on bottled water, canned goods, generators and huge reserves of Malox.

Are we going to tolerate such insults to true religion, or are we going to act in such a way that those who have been exploiting our Christian sense of tolerance will understand? Our action must speak louder than our words.

About the only ones who sing "What a Friend we have in Jesus" are the atheists and anti-Christians and worshippers of gold. Most Christians are just too tired from shopping and paying their bills to relax and take stock of their folly.

The next great shopping event will be St.Valentine's Day. Note that you will not see it announced this way anymore.

"Valentine's Day" is what you will see adorning red heart-shaped boxes of brown chocolates What happened to "Saint"? Obviously, this, too, went the way of "Merry Christmas".

Do you know why no one objects to the use of "Happy New Year"? That's simple enough to understand. There is no "Christ" in "New Year." But, the very reason we celebrate a "New Year" at this time is because on this octave day of the Feast of the Nativity, the Child was circumcised and given the name "Jesus" _ which means the Lord is our salvation.

This fact does not reveal itself in the expression "New Year". Nevertheless, the content of this day has been excluded. For anyone interested in this, when you next visit your local museum, notice that much of what you see is no longer dated "A.D." _ anno Domini _ meaning: "In the year of our Lord". What have these anthropoids decided to use in order to erase this Christian calendar? Well, believe it or not, these pseudo-scientists have come up with their own method of measuring time: They call it the "common era," or, "ce". Isn't that cute?

The only problem these quacks have not yet resolved is to give evidence of when their "common era" began!

If anything deserves honest ridicule it is these pseudo-intellectuals whose smattering of information has swelled their heads to the point that they actually fancy themselves to be gods.

Of course, you are not intelligent enough to question them. After all, you have an ordinary job with very ordinary pay. These prestigious gentlemen and gentle ladies sit in ivy-covered edifices built by people like you and make their infallibly inspired pronouncements. How can they do such absurd things, you might think. It's all very easy.

It reminds me of the humorous anecdote of the preacher preaching from his notes in the pulpit. Along side one sentence is a note: "Argument weak: Yell like hell!"

Unfortunately for us _ and fortunately for them, it does not take an awful lot of yelling to make the masses realize their ignorance. In fact, there is a new and better method of making and keeping the people ignorant.

(Cont. p. 19)

Oddly enough, this tactic is simply to convince the masses how brilliant they are and they will follow and obey your every lie! What better way to brainwash anyone than to have your victim cooperate a hundred percent in the process?

Might we suggest to everyone who bears the name "Christian"to resist the pressure of advertising and refrain from spending money on "Easter Bunnies" and other meaningless symbols of Spring?

We Christians understand the symbolism in the apparent `resurrection' of all of nature after the death of winter. But, we go beyond this phenomenon of nature to the promise of our own continued existence after crossing the threshold of death: the resurrection of Jesus. Let us direct our attention to this all-important truth in opposition to a distorted secularized pagan observation.

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