Right to Life


Almost every issue in human relations is a moral issue. There are those who loudly proclaim that there must be a separation between religion and politics. It is said that President John F. Kennedy proudly proclaimed that he would not let his religion interfere with his politics. And he kept his word!

He did not allow his religion to influence his politics because he chose to allow the religion of those who elected him to influence his politics.

"Only the fool says in his heart: There is no God." Such a `fool' has already ousted God from his conscience and replaced Him with his own god, namely, himself.

This new `god' is a very fickle one. The `norm of morality' for this god is that there is no real norm. A `norm' is a law imposing upon the conscience an obligation. It is a rule of conduct. When like-minded immoral individuals unite, they impose their immorality upon others: they condemn morality because morality condemns them. They bless the immoral because the immoral support them.

A case in point: Before immoral and amoral men and women schemed and connived to grasp civil authority, moral individuals genuinely sought the good of the community. Governments made of mortal men reflected the moral values of those elected or appointed to positions of influence. Thus, the law of the land (in the USA) was based on English law. According to English law, or Common Law, as it was called, an unborn child was able to inherit.

What does this mean? It simply means that the infant in the mother's womb was recognized as a distinct human being and as a distinct member of that family. It did not make any difference if the infant was one day old and living in an environment essential to its existence, or whether the infant was a week old and nursing at its mother's breast. It was rightly and naturally perceived that the infant at the mother's knee learning to pray and the infant confined in the natural environment of the mother's womb was the same infant . This truth was of particular importance when government took the form of kings and their male progeny inherited the crown. It was extremely important for a king to have a male heir.

The reality here is not so much the focus upon a form of government. The focus should be placed where it belongs: human life begins from the moment of conception. And, the logical consequence of this is that no one has any right to terminate that life _ except God Who is the creator of that life.

This fundamental truth is as evident as the truth that all men were created equal. All men are created equal in the sense that they all enter existence in the same manner. There is only one exception to this natural truth: the incarnate Son of God, Who entered this world through the action of the Holy Ghost and the cooperation of the virgin Mary.

As a consequence, it must be recognized that if there is to be honest equality, it must begin with the beginning. If it is morally wrong to murder a child of 12 months, it follows logically that it is morally wrong to murder a child that is only 6 months old. It is just a morally wrong to murder a child living in Arkansas as it is to murder a child living in `Mommysota' from Minnesota.

The Church recognizes the right of those officials in society entrusted to maintain order and to protect the rights of all and every member of that society to impose the death penalty. God punished grave sins with death; He punished a world steeped in immorality with a flood; He destroyed entire cities because of the immoral abuse of the natural process of procreation. God, it seems, refuses to be mocked!

Now, when mortals take upon themselves to murder their own children and then choose other mortals to wield civil power with which to `legalize' the murder of their own children, one should think that such a state of affairs would be most hateful to the Creator of all life. A society that condones the murder of living infants is a society that has cast itself back into the deepest darkness of barbarism.

In the United States, a politician's "success" or "failure" depends upon his or her position concerning infanticide. We have men struggling against each other to capture the crown of political power and each and every one of them boasts of being in favor of parents murdering their own children before these children are even able to defend themselves!

These hypocrites actually boast about their cruel and heartless readiness to facilitate infanticide. Like every demonic buzzword, they prefer to call their murderous mind-set "pro-choice".

While weeping crocodile tears over a few students murdered by other students of twisted values, these politicians glow and gloat in their public approval of the murder of yet younger children! And what is even more disgusting is the pseudo-conservative on radio _ who is more of a "preservative" than a conservative _ who shakes his unseen finger at those people who courageously call abortion by its true title: murder. Not only does he shake his finger at them, but urges his duped listeners to have nothing to do with these "right-wing extremists". This obese idiot knows that his "success" depends upon his readiness to compromise the truth. So he does it.

What a sick society we live in! The murderers are played up to be "martyrs" because someone had the moral courage to retaliate with the only thing these "high priests" in their "temples of human sacrifice" understand: No. This pseudo-conservative claims that `education' is the way to stop infanticide.These people cannot be educated. They must be restrained. When publicly funded "protectors" of the people (even the littlest of people?) stand and protect the murderers, what kind of retribution can society expect from God? Will these whitened sepulchres arrest God when He strikes back? Somehow, I think that they will be the first on God's "hit-list".

Abortion is murder. Plainly and simply. You can call a shovel a "delving device" but it will still do the same thing. "Pro-choice" is nothing more than "pro-death" because this hypocritical and euphemistic term was coined only to make premeditated murder of infants more acceptable to the unthinking masses, and to make the murderers appear as benign, up-standing citizens of society.

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