The Bishop Speaks

Bishop Louis Vezelis O.F.M.

We human beings differ from the rest of creation in that we do not only have a body similar in many ways with other creatures, but that we have that intangible entity called the "soul" or, "spirit". This "soul" makes us similar to angelic creations who do not have a body, and are termed "pure spirits".

On the one hand, we are animals. And, on the other hand, we are spirits. We are, as the Psalmists says, created just a little less than angels. We are that bridge between all of the material world and the spiritual world.

The human being is a "micro-cosmos" within a "macro-cosmos". Man has within him every other degree of being: mineral, vegetal, animal and, finally spiritual. The difference between you and your pet parakeet is that you can think; and your parakeet cannot. The common error of attributing `intelligence' to animals devoid of a rational soul is based on the similarity of their bodily functions.

A monkey may look almost human, and a man might look almost like a monkey, but the monkey cannot reason; while the man can (even though he is often very unreasonable!)

The purpose of all human activity is to know and to love. Besides our animal existence, we have that quality, if you will, that we seek to know the truth and we seek to possess that which is perceived by the intellect to be good. If something is `true,' it will also be `good.' And if something is `good,' it will also be `true.'

Truth is the proper object of the intellect. When we know the truth, our intellect is at peace. And, when we possess the truth, we possess that which is good. All these are summed up in `being.' This is the most simple concept that we experience. Upon this simple idea of `being' all our knowledge and science are built. Isn't that amazing?

But, let us not digress too far. We desire (an act of the will) to know (an act of the intellect) what the so-called "Star of David" is (an act of being, an existing `something.')

We have seen this symbol of the interlaced triangles many times. We have been told that it is the "Sign of David" and that it identifies a particular religion, namely, "Judaism".

We Catholics trustingly believed all this. And, I would imagine that most of the people who perceive themselves as "Jews" believe this, too. But, does this make it true?

If you place a straw in a glass of water and look at it, it will appear bent. Is it really bent? Or, does it merely appear bent to the eye because of the refraction of light in the water? The answer is that the straw is not bent, but only appears bent because the water has caused the light to be refracted and distorts the reality to make it look like something that is not.

Only upon close investigation do we come to the conclusion that the straw is not bent. How? Simple. We pull the straw out of the water and see that it is not bent. We put it back in the glass of water and it looks bent again. Our mind then concludes that what appears to be true is not true. The straw appears to be bent, but upon investigation and the power of our reason we logically conclude that the straw is not what it seems to be when placed in a glass of water.

The person who wishes to know important truths is very cautious in drawing conclusions. For, experience proves that the same effect can have many causes. Things just don't happen. Everything must have a cause and this cause must be proportionate to the effect produced.

The existence of a human being is the effect of a particular cause. Kittens come from cats; puppies come from dogs; and human beings come from human beings.

One day, while some 24,000 feet in the sky, sitting comfortably in an airplane, my thoughts were fed by the little bible that I frequently carry with me. That particular day, I opened my bible at random and my eyes fell upon the episode of St. Stephen's martyrdom.

Prior to that, I had been musing on the idea of a "Star of David". We Catholic clergy recite the Psalms every day. We begin doing this from the time we are initiated into the service of the Church in the clerical minor order of Tonsure. At least, this is so for Franciscans. Consequently, even before being ordained to the priesthood, a Franciscan will have been reciting the Psalms for about eight years. In eight years, one ought to learn something.

But, in all that time, never once could I recall the mention of any "Star of David". Even in our four years of intensive study of the Sacred Scriptures in Hebrew and Greek, there was never any mention of any "Star of David". Now, I am speaking of the Old Testament.

While pondering all this, as I said, my eyes fell upon the scene where the high priests lunged at the small figure of a man, Stephen the deacon, and stoned him to death. What did he say to them that was so infuriating? What upset these "ministers of God" that they dragged this helpless and hapless young man outside and mercilessly murdered him by hurling rocks at him? Did you ever get hit by a rock? What did he say?

I know some people who became very, very offended by hearing the truth. But, do we not profess to "seek the truth"? Isn't that the whole purpose of education? To seek the truth _ objective truth _reality! That which is, and not that which is imagined to be.

There is a flag that flies over occupied Palestine. It is white with two blue stripes; in the middle there are two triangles intertwined pointing in opposite direction: one points upwards and the other points downwards. This strange combination of triangles forms a six-pointed star, or, a hexagram.

What is the true origin of that hexagram and what does it really represent?

The six-pointed star is a pagan symbol of a pagan religion going back before the time of Christ.

The prophet Amos denounces our ancestors, the true Israelites (in contradistinction to the false Israelites who are actually mongols from the Caucausus Mountains), who had fallen into idolatry. The prophet says, speaking for the Lord: "I hate, and have rejected your festivities, and I will not receive the odor of your assemblies. And if you offer me holocausts and your gifts, I will not receive them: neither will I regard the vows of your fat beasts. Take away from me the tumult of thy songs, and I will not hear the canticles of thy harp. But judgment shall be revealed as water , and justice as a mighty torrent. Did you offer victims and sacrifices to me in the desert for forty years, O house of Israel? But you carried a tabernacle for your Moloch, and the image of your idols, the star of your god, which you made to yourselves." (Amos 5,21-27).

This is the same star of Rempham of which St. Stephen accused the high priests of worshipping in their temples and synagogues. In fact, St.Stephen was quoting from the prophet Amos when he scolded the high priests for their infidelity and hypocrisy.

Rempham is another name for the goddess Astarte (Ashtarte) who is one of the three Canaanite godesses of fertility. She was also known as a goddess of war and love (carnal lust), and was worshipped by the Egyptians and Hittites as well as the Canaanites.

In the Greco-Roman world she was known as Aphrodite. Astarte was identified with the evening star. The Canaanites burned incense to her. She was also worshipped for fertility. Women used to carry plaques and figurines of Astarte during their pregnancies. (Source: Encyclopedia Britannica). Notice: a goddess of war and lust. Does this not suggest something to you: Does it not suggest the source of all the endless wars in th world and the explosion of pornography, immodesty and sexual deviations so prevalent and public today?

Closely connected with the worship of the star of Rempham is temple prostitution. Middle Eastern religions are replete with prostitution. These prostitutes, called `Kedesha", were a class of sacred prostitutes found throughout the ancient Middle East, and especially in the worship of the fertility goddess Astarte (Ashtoreth).

In Egypt, a goddess named Qedeshu, Lady of Kadesh (1229 _ 1075 BC) was worshipped. Her representation is found on the private stelae of middle-class workers. She is shown nude, posed frontally on a lioness (or leopard), holding arrows in her hands. Although the prophets of Israel and reformers repeatedly denounced sacred prostitution, the early Israelites seem to have adopted the local Canaanite rites, which they apparently practiced publicly until the reform of King Josiah circa 622 BC.

But, we should not think that these things have disappeared _ as if they are now no more than things of the past. St. Stephen was murdered because he denounced the high priests for their apostasy from the true Old Testament faith. What religion did they embrace and promote, then? If St. Stephen rebuked them for the continuation of the worship of Astarte (Rempham), it could only mean that they continued the evil practices of their paganized ancestors.

Dr. Abner Shaki, formerly in the Ministry of Education in the "State of Israel" and later, dean of the Faculty of Law at Tell Aviv University stated that he knew that the six-pointed star was not Jewish, but pagan. When the point was made to Dr.Shaki that the Jewish people should be informed of this, he simply passed it off with the remark: "Ha! Just how do you tell this to the Jewish people after all these years?"

The symbol represents the act of copulation between male and female. And for this reason, one assumes, it is kept. If it is the star of the goddess of lust, it must have some sexual connotation.

This seems to bear out the peculiar obsession of Jews with the reproductive organs. This is not a random statement. For, if one were to observe their "mystical" writings, one would perceive something very strange.

On the front cover of a book written by a Rabbi Joel C. Dobin, D.D. entitled "Kabbalistic Astrology _ The Sacred Tradition of the Hebrew Sages" is pictured a naked man with long white hair and long white beard. He stands with one foot in the sea and one foot on land. Surrounding his midriff is a circular plane symbolizing orbiting planets. Before we look any higher, there is the peculiar figure of what we might consider the sun with its rays covering his genitals.

The sun is the symbol of light and life. In Christian symbolism, the sun and its rays would surround the head which is the symbol of the seat of intelligence and wisdom. Jesus Christ is the `sun' that illumines the darkness of the spirit.

Also, we see that the "Jews" believe in the ancient pagan religions based on astrology. We likewise have witnessed that President Ronald Reagan governed the United States with the help of a female astrologer from California.

Our ancestors in the true faith, the early Hebrews and Israelites, would have taken seriously the words of Holy Scripture: And you shall not bring an abomination into your house, lest you become a cursed thing like it" (Deuternomy7, 26)

The first time that the six-pointed star is mentioned is in 922 BC. This was when Solomon, despite all his former wisdom, involved himself in witchcraft and magic under the influence of the pagan women with whom he consorted.

We learn of this in the third Book of Kings. "You shall not go unto them, neither shall any of them come in to yours, for they will most certainly turn away your heart to follow their gods. And to these Solomon was joined with a most ardent love. And he had seven hundred wives , and three hundred concubines: and the women turned away his heart.

And when he was now old, his heart was turned away by women to follow strange gods; and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God, as was the heart of David his father."

But Solomon worshipped Astarte the goddess of the Sidonians, and Moloch the idol of the Ammonites."

"And Solomon did that which was not pleasing before the Lord, and did not fully follow the Lord, as David his father".

Then Solomon built a temple for Chamos the idol of Moab, on the hill that is over against Jerusalem, and for Moloch the idol of the children of Ammon. And he did in this manner for all his wives that were strangers, who burnt incense, and offered sacrifices to their gods." (3 Kings 11,1-8).

The six-pointed star is seen all over the world and is essentially associated with Jews by themselves. But, it is also used today in witchcraft and the making of astrological horoscopes.

It also contains within itself the 666 _ the sign of the Antichrist. There is no other symbol that can be found which is associated with more evil that this. Not even the German National Socialist Party's oriental cross, the swastika, could compare with the evil surrounding this symbol of paganism parading as a religion from which the Roman Catholic Church has its origins.

On every banner and military vehicle in occupied Palestine can be seen the "Seal of Solomon"- the six-pointed star which is now passed on as the "Star of David". This same symbol is worn on chains, it adorns cemetery gravestones, it appears on wine bottles. It is ubiquitous. It is shoved in our faces on television by those who want us to believe that the people who sport this symbol are somehow our "elder brothers in the faith"!

What do some Jews have to say about this star? M. Hirsch Goldberg, author of The Jewish Connection writes: "The Star of David is not of Jewish origin _ and the ancient Israelites never used it as their religious symbol."

He goes on to say: "Perhaps most ironic, the very sign of the Jew in today's world _ the six-pointed Star of David _ is not really the historic symbol of Jewry, nor was it used as a religious sign by the Israelites. It became the emblem of the Jewish people in 1897, when the Zionist Conference convened by Theodor Herzl chose it as the insignia of their movement. But even though each of theTwelve Tribes in the Land of Israrel had its own symbol, not one tribe used the Star of David…."

"Construction workers apparently were digging in Ramle which is a town near Tel Aviv in Israel and they found the six-pointed star embedded into a mosaic floor which was about 1,200 years old. However, it was established that the floor was Moslem, not Jewish".

How unbiased that observation may be is a matter of speculation. As already mentioned, the Jews have an inordinate and obsessive carnal interest in the genitals. And, since the hexagram is intimately bound up with sex, there is not much imagination required to draw the necessary conclusion.

On this point, it would seem that the sixth commandment, Thou shalt not commit adultery, is not sixth in the line of the ten commandments by accident. The number six in Latin is `sex'. Is this just a coincidence?

According to the Catholic Encylopedia of the Old Testament, Astaroth, is stated as "a general name of Canaanite female deities whom some irreligious Israelites worshsipped." More specifically, then, this religion was practiced by those Jews who intermarried with Canaanite women. This lends credibility to the theory that the "Jews" even of our Lord's time were not genuine Israelites, but rather, they were Canaanites posing as Jews in order to deceive and gain control of the original Israelites. Perhaps this is why they answered Christ and said to Him: "We have never been in bondage to any man." If this is true, then, they cannot be the people of the Babylonian captivity. The latter were in bondage.

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states that during the time of the Kabalist, Isaac Luria, the symbol began to be used by the Jews. This was in the 16th century. It was often seen next to the menorah. From that time it became accepted by the Jews as the "Shield of David".This six-pointed star replaced the menorah on synagogues and on Jewish religious articles.

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia also states: "It is only in Jewish sources that the interlaced triangles are called the `Shield of David,' as non-Jewish sources call the symbol the `Seal of Solomon.'"

The Jewish Encyclopedia confirms the fact that Isaac Luria was a Kabalist (1533-72) and made the claim that "one man could be master of the terrestrial world." It further wrote: "The writing of amulets, conjurations of devils, mystic jugglery with numbers and letters increased as the influence of this school spread." A school of the Hasidim was founded in the 16th century in Italy that took up the teachings of Luria and made them into a system. Even though some objected to it, it nevertheless flourished. The Kabala and the Zohar are alleged to have existed from the time of Cain. The Talmud is steeped in the Kabala. This Talmud is the principle writing upon which all Jewish morality is based, not the Torah. Jews were never persecuted for being Jews; but they may have incurred the wrath of their neighbors because of their practice of the things taught by rabbis in the Talmud.

O.J.Graham,a convert to Christianity writes: "Just as many Christians today are into astrology which is also from Kabala, Zohar, and the days of Cain and condemned in the Holy Bible (Deutrernomy 18, 9-12) without knowing just how dangerous it is, so are many Jews into the Talmud without knowing how dangerous it is."

(To be continued)

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