Will the Real Catholic Please Stand Up?!

Fr. Giles O.F.M.

Will the real Catholic please stand up?!

The world of religion has become a real game of "Who's Who?". This of course is nothing new. Those who call themselves "Jews" have been arguing for years over who is really a Jew and who is not. There are many and varied sects using this name and their doctrines are exclusive and contradictory to each other. It ranges biologically, from the Sephardic to the Khazar; religiously from the Orthodox to the Liberal; politically from the Conservative to the Zionist. Thus when you use the word "Jew" it becomes anyone's guess as to who or what you are talking about.

This evil spread from there to those who call themselves "Christian". Originally all Christians were Catholic. The Catholic Church embraces all peoples and cultures. When people started to try and use politics and nationality to define their faith, or their faith to define their politics and/or nationality, confusion arose. For example, Henry VIII wished to justify and legalize his evil passions and plans; he forced his people to define their faith with their nationality and politics, by making himself the head of the Church of England. The Church in England is no longer Catholic but it still calls itself "Catholic". To make a distinction between themselves and the rest of the Catholic world, they label the rest as "Roman Catholic".

Following the lead of Calvin and Luther the Protestant idea of private interpretation created a world of confusion. As many ways as you can group people you now have as many new religions. We have: "The Hell there is" group and "The Hell there isn't" group; the group that believes in infant baptism and the group that doesn't; those that celebrate the Lord's day on Sunday and those who celebrate on Saturday; we have churches for whites and churches for blacks; etc. All of these groups claim to believe and follow Jesus Christ, but they each have different and contradictory beliefs and ideas of who or what Jesus Christ is. Some say He is God, others say He is like God, and is a holy man but only a man or a great prophet, still others will tell you that He is God but, is not man. Now, when someone tells you that he is a Christian, you really don't know anymore about this person than you did before. His statement says that he believes in Jesus Christ, but you still don't know who or what his version of "Jesus Christ" is.

The true Church has always wept over these poor souls, and prayed to God that these people will receive the grace of the true faith. It has always been a great concern for Her. She has defined and published the revealed truth for all to see. She has refuted and condemned all the erroneous doctrines that have been put forth by these various sects. She has conscientiously held on to and preserved the truth and has called out to all men to come and receive the true faith. Much to Her dismay the world has continued to follow the lead of Satan, the Jews and history in dividing and seeking out new and different erroneous faiths.

Contrary to what most Protestants want us to believe, the Catholic Church is not filled with hate or animosity toward them, She only hates and detests their false beliefs because they are blasphemy to God and will lead these poor souls to an everlasting torment in Hell. She greatly desires their return to the true Faith and their eternal salvation. If we keep in mind the Catholic sentiment and desire for unity it will help us see how so many who call themselves Catholic have now been likewise led astray.

Satan and his coconspirators in this world have suggested and promoted the idea that unity can be had in compromise. "After all, differences in doctrine are not nearly as important as unity." "If you give a little and I give a little we can get along well and we will all be happy." How many times have you heard, "Let's emphasize what we have in common and learn to overlook our differences", or "We all believe in the same God"? I like to ask people who present such ideas to come to the church with me and kneel down before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and worship Him there in the Host. If they can do this then I will admit that we believe in the same God, otherwise they have a false God.

As true Catholics we cannot compromise the truth, for to do so would be to deny God who is the author of all truth. We cannot after 2,000 years now say that the truth doesn't matter and all that is important is "unity". Deceived by the modernist propaganda, leading up to the false Vatican II council and on to the present day, many have turned their backs on the truth in favor of a false unity.

Just as Henry VIII started a new "Catholic" religion, so too the false council of Vatican II started a new "Catholic" religion. Henry VIII retained many of the trappings of the true faith and gradually led many souls away from God and into Hell. Likewise, the Modernists using "Vatican II" led the biggest part of Catholicism away from God and into Hell. The so called spirit of "Vatican II" was supposed to be a "Charismatic" spirit or movement; one of love, compassion, tolerance, and understanding (as if the Catholic Church never had any of these things before!). With the emphasis on love, understanding and tolerance for other beliefs (as opposed to other souls) it wasn't long before many Catholics were led down the preverbal "prim rose path". Catholics were told that other faiths were just as good and valid as their own, and should be not only tolerated, but respected and loved.

I don't think that it should be necessary to point out what the consequences of embracing and loving heresy are. It should
be plainly obvious to all who realize that Satan is the father of all lies and the teacher of all heresy, that to embrace false doctrines is to turn away from God and turn to Satan.

Before "Vatican II" Catholics were not allowed to participate in any way in non-Catholic ceremonies. After "Vatican II" there were all kinds of "ecumenical" services in which Catholics were encouraged to attend. There was no longer the scandal associated with going to these places and participating in their heresies, because now we are no longer looking at their heresies but are only looking at the good things. Catholics have always recognized the truth and goodness that heretics have kept, but have also always condemned the heresy and errors. Now they are supposed to forget the heresy and errors, and focus on the good intentioned heretics.

In the name of love we are supposed to blind ourselves to our neighbor's heresies, and focus on his good points so that he can peaceably continue in his heresy all the way to Hell without any interference from us. Is this not a strange love, and a strange "Holy Spirit" that would encourage us to remain passive and give our tacit approval for Satan to led otherwise good people to Hell?

We have all seen the consequences of this Satanic mode of thinking. Since "Vatican II" all doctrine must now be thrown out the window, because it goes against "charity". Everyone now is welcome to be a member of the church regardless of his beliefs. In the spirit of "love" and "unity" we now have utter chaos. There is no uniformity in the ceremonies, nor is there any uniformity in the teachings. If you don't like what one "priest" says or does that's O.K., you can just find another who says the opposite. They are all "good", it just depends on your own subjective perspective.

There are "Clown Masses", "Children's Masses", "Gay and Lesbian Masses", etc. There are even "Masses of Resurrection" now instead of "Masses for the Dead". If you have ever been to one of these you should have no problem noticing that the minister is basically pronouncing words of canonization. He wears white denoting that the soul of the deceased is innocent. He says that the deceased is now in Heaven or he is now with Jesus, and sometimes that he is still with us. All of these things are an implicit denial of Purgatory and Hell. It is a mockery of all that the true Church goes through in the process of canonization. It is an insult to God, to the true Saints, and to any intelligent Catholic.

I am not saying that the deceased is not in Heaven, I am only saying it is very presumptuous and wrong for us to believe such things without the infallible investigation and pronouncement of the true Church. In the name of "love" and "compassion" ministers now tell the relatives and friends of the deceased not to worry about their loved one because he is safe and happy in Heaven. Think for a moment what kind of "love" this is. If this poor soul is in Purgatory and is in need of the prayers and sacrifices of his loved ones still on earth, it is very uncharitable to tell them not to pray for him. If he is in Hell it is wrong and very un-loving not to warn the relatives of the dangers that they too may be headed towards a similar fate.

Telling the truth may be painful sometimes but, it is never un-loving or un-kind. On the contrary telling the truth is the greatest act of love we can give to our fellow man. Cowardly denial of the truth is only an act of demonic self-love which can only end in more evil and destruction.

With "Vatican II" the "windows were opened up to let in the fresh air". Not only have the windows been open to let in the fresh air, but in this age of pollution we have found that the air was not so fresh, and we have let in the stinking stifling stench of evil heresy. Now when someone says that he is "Catholic", or even "Roman Catholic" we no longer know what he means by this statement.

Today a person can still call himself "Catholic" while holding any number of errors or outright heresies. He can deny: Hell, Purgatory, Heaven, the real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, the Divinity of Jesus and/or the Humanity of Jesus, the masculinity of Jesus, the Mother of God, need for baptism, the usefulness of the Sacrament of Confession, the sanctity of life, the primary purpose of Marriage, insolubility of Marriage, the natural laws of procreation, etc. In short he can believe anything no matter how absurd and evil and still call himself "Catholic".

We have therefore been forced to create another label to identify these many false Catholics. The label we now use for this new church of chaos is the "Novus Ordo" or the "New Order Church". This label was not invented by us but was first used in the false council "Vatican II" which began this new religion.

True Catholics now realize that this new church is not Catholic and those who are members of this new church are not Catholic. We should not allow them to use us in spreading their false identity. So let us begin by using proper terms and labels. This new church is not Catholic, let us not refer to it as such. Instead let us call it by what it is. They have given themselves the
label "Novus Ordo", let us use it to label them. Don't make the mistake of saying they are "Catholic" or "Novus Ordo Catholic". They are not Catholic in any way, shape or form. They constitute a new church founded on indifference, and lack of any true spirituality.

Remember we do not use this label, "Novus Ordo" out of any spirit of malice, but out of a true spirit of charity. Allowing them to remain in their darkness and evil is not charity, but cowardly demonic self-love. If you truly love a sinner you will rebuke him and try to get him to change his ways. If you love someone in error you will try to enlighten him and direct him to the truth. You should seek nothing less than his eternal salvation. If you have the truth it will set you free, and if you can give the truth to your relatives and neighbors it will set them free too. This is the true meaning of ecumenism, compassion, and charity.

If you are a true Catholic it is time to stand up and be counted.

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