Sacrificial Lamb


The sacrificial lamb. There is a drama evolving between good and evil taking place in a small corner of Miami, Florida. The object of this drama is a little six-year old boy, Elian Gonzalez.

It is very doubtful if this boy had received any encouragement or training in religion because his father is a member of the Communist Party. As such, the father knows he has sold his soul to organized evil. This is the fate he wants for his biological son.

The term "biological son" is just that: the boy is fathered by this man who later divorced his wife to live with another woman by whom he already has another child. In effect, then, if Elian were to be forcibly returned to Communist Cuba and a sub-standard living, he would have an even bigger problem: Adapting to a life-style that includes a "step-mother".

The relatives of Elian are Catholics; his father is an atheist and embraces the ideology of Jewish Marxism which advocates the overthrow of legitimate governments. Once legitimate government is overthrown by force or cunning manipulation, this new "government" then dictates its demonic ideology and makes laws that decent people cannot obey in conscience.

We see this happening in the drama before our very eyes. It should be clear to any intelligent and informed person that the decision to offer this little boy up to the god of atheism has been made. The people are told that "Clinton said on Thursday he wanted to see the boy returned to his father, saying a federal court ruling barring the boy from leaving the United States while his case is argued had removed the Miami family's main argument for keeping him."

But, what could anyone expect from this man and those surrounding him? Clinton fled to Communist Russia in order to avoid going to Vietnam. He has used the office of the President of the United States to further Communism. Communists (Zionists) already sit in Washington only they don't use this label anymore. The people have been sufficiently conditioned to respond appropriately because they have been "dumbed down" _ that is, "de-educated" to a condition where they do not reason soundly, but react to stimuli like any laboratory mouse. It's "Mickey Mouse" time!

The reasoning (or, better yet, the lack thereof) is based on the fallacy of absolute and qualified statements. The people have been subjected to absolute statements without qualification. For example: "The boy belongs with his father." This, generally speaking, is true. Children belong with their parents.

As it stands, there is truth in this statement because as a general statement it is true. It is a moral universal which is true in a widely accepted sense but it admits of exceptions.

A moral universal is valid under ordinary and normal conditions and circumstances, so that one is justified in making a general rule, with the understanding, however, that there may be limitations to its application.

All those involved in this tragic example of hypocrisy cloaked with this fallacy want the public to believe that "a boy's place is with his father". Of course, as a general rule, this is true. But, the circumstances surrounding this particular case are such that the general rule encounters the exception.

Although it is a general rule that "parents love their children" (ordinarily speaking). The statement is true, but with a qualifying limitation. The limitation is not always mentioned, but it is understood. And, it must be taken into account.

Here, in the case of Elian Gonzalez, those who wish to sacrifice this six-year old boy to a life of tyrannical despotism and atheism, keep beating on the brains of the American people that "the boy belongs with his father". But, their reasoning is faulty and their motives are certainly very suspect.

It cannot be legitimately concluded from what is true or good under certain circumstances of time, place, or condition to the truth or goodness of this same thing under all circumstances; this would involve the fallacy of jumping from a qualified to an absolute statement. This type of reasoning, unfortunately, is the `logic' of narrow-minded people, bigots and propagandists. This is the `logic' used to sway public opinion into sacrificing this little six-year old boy to the god of atheism.

This consideration, obviously, does not receive any public attention. The liberal bigots would never achieve their goal if logic and honesty were used. The claim that the "majority of American people want Elian reunited with his father" is another typical tactic of the propagandists. First of all, how many American citizens really know what is going on? How many even care? The only ones who really care and are "flooding" the offices of Reno and Clinton are those who thirst for the blood of Elian Gonzalez. This is a victory for the powers of darkness. It is a victory only because the decent people of this country have chosen to wallow in their threatened complacency. Evil men only succeed because good men do nothing!

Now, if all this appeal to the "rule of law" is so important to Clinton and his crowd, then perhaps we will see some action taken by these people to send back to Mexico the thousands and thousands of illegal Mexicans who are now living in the United States, being cared for not by their government, but by the taxpaying citizens of the United States.

The time has come, thanks to the "sacrificial lamb" Elian Gonzalez, to take a closer look at what has been taking place on American soil with the apparent blessing of a "government" which the American people never really elected. There are Cubans in the United States who have come illegally. They are kept in a "detention center". Why? Because Communist Castro does not want them back! If he does not want all those undesirable Cubans back, why does he want little Elian Gonzalez back? Think about it!

If these people belong in Cuba, they should be forcibly sent back _ machine gun wielding, helmeted and bulletproof-vested, goggled brave men shoul "escort" these Cubans to the seashore and help them into their rickety boats. Why should American taxpayers keep these people in detention centers when they are citizens of Communist Cuba. Castro owns them the same way he owns Elian Gonzalez. Eisenhower ordered Europeans fleeing from Communism to be forcibly sent back into the jaws of waiting Communist sadists at gun point. He is a great "hero".

Question: If we Americans are always fighting for the freedom of other peoples, how is it that we are always losing? How is it that we are always ending up by supporting our enemies, while being plunged into death and debt?

The words of St. Augustine bear consideration: "Among the many tragedies of life one of the most common is to mistake enemies for friends, and friends for enemies." We have destroyed our true friends, and we have supported our true enemies. We still do it! Will we ever learn? We can _ if we return to genuine moral values.

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