The Blessed Virgin, Model of Purity vs. Astarte, Goddess of Lust.


The Blessed Virgin Mary is God's antidote for the moral poison destroying society today.

With the corruption of fatherhood and motherhood in today's society brought about by the almost absolute and universal abuse of the individual and the family, there is no where to turn but to God and the divine means for right order.

It is only the Church that has understood the true position of women in society and it is only the Church that has fought to re-establish the dignity of the woman. Let the calumniators of the Church continue their evil efforts to sully the good name of the Church. They can only mislead those whose inclinations follow the path to hell.

In the past, the Blessed Virgin Mary was the model for all of the feminine gender. Today, however, the prostitutes of Hollywood are forced upon the attention of the world as if they were the ideal of womanhood.

For this reason, iconoclasm necessarily appeared. This is the reason why devotion to the Blessed Virgin decreased as infatuation with the false promises of `freedom' and `woman's rights' increased.

This is also the reason why so many women have taken up with the devil and put themselves forward as "psychics". In reality, they are the deceptive instruments of Satan.

No one knows the future except God. He does not reveal the future except to holy individuals and for a specific purpose. Even devils do not know the future.

What appear to be "psychic predictions" of the future are nothing more than the concurrence of demonic elements to make things happen.

There is no more supernatural intervention in such things as there is in well-made plans that become a reality.

The anti-Christian attitudes so prevalent today are the work of those who worship the goddess Astarte. That is, the worshippers of this goddess of perversion whose symbol adorns their temples. These are the true daughters of Eve.

The greatest woman in all of creation is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Because of her humility, she was exalted above all other women. The true dignity of woman is to be found in emulating the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Amid the clamor for rights without obligations, the Blessed Mother stands before the world as the true model and protectress of women's rights.

During this month of May, traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Mother, the Church celebrates yet another prerogative of the Blessed Virgin. She is honored as the Mediatrix of All Graces.

It strikes one as very odd that those who pretend to fight for women's rights generally reduce such women to a level worthy only of scorn, whereas these same "defenders" of women's rights are the first to attack the prerogatives and rights of the Mother of God. These "defenders" are unable to see their own contradictions. Or, perhaps they do see them, and crassly ignore them.

This age has become so perverse that it overshadows all past ages. While the corrupters of good morals who control the entertainment industry seem to have an obsession to portray people of the past as semi-brutes, they appear to designedly gloss over the fact that the barbarism of these days had never reached such proportions in the past.

All areas of knowledge have been prostituted to worship Astarte! Natural science, philosophy and religion _ALL have been distorted to serve the mistress of the six-pointed star and her avid devotees. Where Astarte reigns, there the Mother of God is hated.

Our Catholics have been gradually conditioned to accept the false values of a demonic religion whose preoccupation with genitalia has been raised to the ludicrous level of mysticism. Thus, virginity and purity are almost unknown even among Catholics. And, for this reason alone, the organized enemies of God gloat and boast that there are no Christians left to speak of. They should know: They labored zealously to destroy them.

Indeed, this is the century of Mary! This truth is evident from every point of view. Negatively, the devil works intensely to ridicule genuine devotion to the Virgin Mother of God by means of false and spurious "apparitions" (such as Medjugorje, etc.) or superficial and vain devotions deprived of any supernatural fruit. These latter devotions are those practiced by individuals or groups outside the true Church. Thus, all those who go on pilgrimages to "shrines" condemned by the Church are serving not God, but Satan's plan. Certainly, there are many Rosaries recited and many hymns sung; but, alas, these prayers and hymns do not penetrate the heavens because God does not hear the lip-service of proud heretics.

No one who has separated himself from the true Church can be living the life of the Holy Spirit vivifying the Church. Fool's gold is not real gold even though it looks like genuine gold. So, too, fool's prayers are not true prayers even though they appear to be prayers. All the superficial piety in the world cannot squeeze a drop of grace from the Rosary beads of proud sinners until they repent and return to the true Church.

While trying to appease heretics and schismatics, those who have usurped the authority in the Church have necessarily displeased God and those whom He has placed to draw souls back to Him: Jesus and Mary and all the saints. No one comes to Jesus except through Mary. However simple and limited one's devotion to the Blessed Virgin may be in the beginning, it will necessarily blossom forth in those who are among the elect. Where this devotion does not bloom, there you may be sure that supernatural faith is dead. Consequently, all the external trappings of religion are nothing more than a sad, shameful sham.

During this year of our Lord 2000, let us rekindle our true devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In particular, let us meditate on the truth that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mediatrix of All Graces as willed by God and Her Son, Jesus.

Let us make the inspired thoughts of St. Louis de Monfort our own:

"The more we honor the Blessed Virgin, the more we honor Jesus Christ, because we honor Mary only that we may the more perfectly honor Jesus, since we go to her only as the way by which we are to find the end we are seeking, which is Jesus".

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